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  2. How to Use a Ceiling Track Hoist A ceiling track hoist differs from regular, bath and mobile hoists in that no floor space is required. Using a track installed on the ceiling, the sling hangs from the stable ceiling track. The specific safety checks to carry out with a ceiling hoist are as follows
  3. Benefits of using ceiling track hoist: The major benefit of using best sling hoist lifter is that it offers ease of moving highly disable patients from one place to another. Care taker do not need to push carpets, cables and rugs but they just need to make sure that the track way should be cleared like there would be no fridge or furniture.

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  1. https://dolphinlifts.co.uk/guide-ceiling-hoists/ This video explains the processes involved when installing a ceiling track hoist system
  2. This is very straightforward; just use the hoist as you would if it was lifting a patient. Use the handset to check the tapes go up and down, and you can pull the unit along the track to make sure that the trolleys are working fine and you won't have any problems
  3. I'll show how I mounted this super easy, and pretty cheap ceiling winch/hoist in my garage shop. I mounted two to my ceiling, about eight feet apart. Each wi..
  4. A video detailing the transfer of a patient from a bed to chair or bath with a Freeway Transactive Xtra Ceiling Track Hoist and track syste

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Ceiling lifts are easy to use but it does take practice to get used to setting up the sling the senior sits in. How to Use Sling (while senior is lying in bed): Have senior roll onto side Tuck sling under making sure it is oriented properly (ie. head of sling near head of senior Use of a Ceiling Hoist to Lift a Person from Bed to Chair Process begins with the procedure outlined in Rolling and repositioning a person. Describes safely moving a person from lying in bed to sitting in a chair, wheelchair or commode. 2 worker tas Use the screws to secure them. Step 4: Attach Hoist to Joists. One of the reasons to use the joists is to add some support for the extra weight. Another reason is to give the electric hoist another attaching point. Use the mounting bracket that comes with the hoist and mark the holes for the bolts Racor - PHL-1R, Garage Ceiling Storage Rack Lift. Adjustable - Mounts to any ceiling, adjust to angle ceilings with the built in nylon rings. Durable - High strength steel allows you to lift up to 250 pounds. Efficient - Raises and lowers by crank and includes all installation accessories Correct installation and use of portable ceiling hoists and hoist hooks and keeping accurate records can help reduce risks to health and safety. Follow the manufacturer's instructions or the instructions of a competent person for the installation, use, maintenance and cleaning of patient hoists, hoist hooks and components

The procedure described here involves using a mobile sling hoist to move a patient. It is important to receive training on how to use the hoist. For guidance on preparing for any manual-handling procedure, see part 1. Perform a risk assessment. Assess the patient for using a hoist - check their mobility care plan and consult colleagues A ceiling-mounted lift system also saves on time and resources, because everything you need to carry out a lift or a move is always close to hand. It is a well-documented fact that the use of ceiling lift systems reduces the amount of strain, over-exertion and injuries - and this means less sick leave and greater work satisfaction for carers Using a universal shaped sling and only attaching the shoulder sections will help to pull the patient up to a sitting position. Using a hoist for rehabilitation. Ceiling track hoists can also be used for rehabilitation purposes (particularly gait training). Hoists can help non-ambulant people build up muscle strength and balance Realistically, you can use a hoist by yourself, but if you're working for a company where there's a two-person policy, then you should make sure you do it in a pair. Always make sure to check the policy and the patient's care plan to see if it specifies two carers whenever you hoist If your ceiling can support it, a ceiling hoist is the way to go. Many inexpensive hoists are simple electric hoists that cost between $100 and $200. Electric hoists use a controller and an electric motor to lower, lift, and decelerate or accelerate its speeds. When choosing a garage hoist, consider the following

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The hoists are usually installed using a gantry system which allows the ceiling hoist to be moved via ceiling tracks. These portable hoists can also be detached and brought to another gantry track system meaning that you only have to purchase one to get the full benefits A ceiling lift is a stationary patient lifting device mounted on a rail system either permanently installed or as a freestanding lift that hydraulically lifts and transfers patients in a sling-seat between a bed and a chair, toilet or wheelchair. As an ergonomically alternative patient lifting solution, a ceiling lift also keeps floor space uncluttered, making it safer and quicker for. Ceiling track hoists. Traditional ceiling hoists run along permanently fixed tracks, so they offer less flexibility in use than a mobile system. On the other hand, they do not occupy floor space as a mobile hoist does, and they may be operated by the user independently - which is not possible with any floor standing system How to Use a Drywall & Panel Hoist. The drywall hoist is designed to hold a 4- by 8-foot or a 4- by 12-foot drywall sheet in position on the ceiling during fastening. While the drywall hoist does. Use appropriate sling for patient. Position commode at bedside (tilt commode preferred - tilt commode back approx 20 degrees). Brakes on commode. Undo closure tabs on brief and pull front section of brief forward. Lift patient up from bed or chair using ceiling lift Patient must be wearing open backed gown or adapted clothing

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Mobile hoists often require two people to assist a user, whereas many users can use a ceiling track hoist with one PA or carer. With a mobile hoist you need space under the bed for its legs - about 15cm which few hotel beds provide. A mobile hoist cannot be used to get into a bath unless it is specially designed with clearance underneath You can mount the hoist directly to the joists in your garage ceiling, or you can use 2 x 4 wood runners screwed into the ceiling as a mounting surface

Hold the ceiling hoist yoke to gently steer the cross rail towards or away from the person that you intend to lift. 3. charge anytime the hoist is not in use. When the batteries Use the left and right traversing buttons to manoeuvre the ceiling hoist along the cross rail. Use the LOWER button on the hand control to lower the spreader bar to a poin Ceiling lifts using Li-ion batteries (such as Savaria's Monarch portable ceiling lift) may be preferable due to the lighter weight of the lift and battery reliability. Call a certified dealer: A correctly installed and properly used ceiling lift will create a safer, more pleasant care environment for both the user and the caregiver. A. Ceiling track systems use slings similar to the slings used in conventional floor models but that's where the similarities end. Ceiling track systems arepermanently installed in homes and institutions and consist of lift motor which travels along a track mounted to the ceiling Ceiling lifts for patients offer a range of safe and easy mobility using a single-track system, traverse system, or multi-room system. Unlike a standard Hoyer lift, ceiling lifts require no floor space and can be operated by the patient alone or with the help of a caregiver

How to Use a Lift for Toileting One of the most frustrating problems presented by ALS is using the toilet. For men, finding someone strong enough to lift them is a problem. For females, this is a hassle faced several times a day. The most frequently recommended solution is a lift system such as a Hoyer lift or ceiling track lift 3. Bear in mind that if you have a ceiling hoist installed, this can be used by 1 carer, please investigate. Happy to be exchanging experiences whenever we can on our website to be launched soon, currently taking live care stories and lived experience stories to influence positive change in the care of the elderly/vulnerable in Essex Pulley hoists provide a way of greatly increasing the ability to lift heavy loads with the use of multiple pulleys rigged together. One popular type of pulley hoist is used by some outdoor enthusiasts to store canoes, kayaks, bikes and other gear in a garage or storage area Ceiling track hoists are one of the simplest and safest methods to safely transfer patients from a bed to a chair, to the bathroom or into a wheelchair. Patient Slings and track hoists reduce the risk of injury, free up space and save time. Ceiling track hoists can be mounted on the ceiling, from walls using direct into block brackets or floor.

The hoist unit stays at ceiling height, the user is not obstructed by the hoist unit at any time. Easily recharged by docking at the charging bay at the end of the track. Even on a manual traverse, the amount of bodily force required to propel the user is minimal thus reducing carer or user fatigue 440 Lift Electric Hoist Crane Remote Control Power System, Zinc-Plated Steel Wire Overhead Crane Garage Ceiling Pulley Winch w/Straps (w/Emergency Stop Switch) 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,080 $119.99 $ 119 . 99 $129.99 $129.9 1. Climb onto a ladder (if needed) to reach the ceiling. 2. Use a pencil to mark where the holes for the ceiling brackets will be placed. 3. Drill four (4) holes into the concrete ceiling using a 7/16″ drill bit. 4. Place two (2) extended bolts into each of the ceiling brackets. 5. Insert the extended bolts into the drilled holes on the ceiling Ceiling Lifts (E0640): Ceiling lifts are typically attached to tracks installed directly into the ceiling in the home allowing easier patient transfer. Most of these devices are motorized though some are manually operated. The tracks can be located in more than one room of the home, allowing some portability

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  1. The runways on these lifts go high enough to park most SUVs and pickup trucks underneath, but you need to make sure that you have enough ceiling height to raise the runways to the needed height and still have enough room to park a car on top
  2. A ceiling lift can be customized to install to any ceiling and to go anywhere in the house. You can lift yourself and travel anywhere your track is located, or you can use the ceiling lift with a caregiver and easily glide to your bed, your chair, your toilet, your tub or shower, your recliner, and anywhere else
  3. A chain hoist is a device used for lifting very heavy objects. It can be either mechanical or electric. It uses a pulley enclosed in a sealed chain. The chain is like a big loop and this renders it simple to work by hand. Learning how to use a chain hoist correctly can save you time and energy
  4. The winch and hoist have 2 hooks. They are both massive and made of stainless steel. The first is for hanging it from the ceiling or above and the second is for load hanging. They can rotate for 360 degrees and have an anti-falling indicator. Easy To Use And Control. This transportable ceiling winch and hoist are ideal for different situations

Background: Despite wide availability of patient lift equipment in hospitals to promote worker and patient safety, nursing staff do not consistently use equipment. Objective: To determine the influence of factors on the use or non-use of lift equipment during patient lifts/transfers. Design: Prospective observational cohort study The Pinnacle Ceiling Lift is one of the industry's few single-strap ceiling lifts that can handle 1000 lbs in the market. Unlike other units, it doesn't require the use of two motors, so significantly reduces the risk of injury to your patient. There's no chance of rebalancing that may be necessary with two lifts hoisting one patient. Building a block and tackle hoist involves the creation of a wooden or metal unit that contains one or more pulleys in combination with an assembly of ropes and blocks. The purpose of the hoist is to permit the multiplication of force so that heavy objects can be moved or lifted with less exertion. This is an amazingly straight forward and simple device to use and it has been a prime tool for. Step 4. Use the drywall lift to raise the sheetrock into place. To do this, place a board of sheetrock on the drywall lift face down. Crank the winch to lift the board. When the board is in position, climb a ladder and install drywall screws every 6 to 8 inches. Make sure the screws penetrate through to the underlying wood studs

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  1. Power Lifts are reliable and work with the push of a button. Powered Lifts using up-to-date technology and features make sense for any long-term care situation or other settings where the Lift is used throughout the day. In addition, using the hand pendant on a Powered Lift enables the caregiver to focus on the patient and not the hardware
  2. When used in Single Mode, Maxi Sky 2 Plus is completely compatible with the Maxi Sky 2 slings and spreader bar portfolio, including the powered dynamic positioning system (PDPS), allowing your care setting to maximise the use of this ceiling lift system in patients of various sizes
  3. RAD Cycle Products Ceiling Mount Bike Hoist Details. Hooks are designed with a rubber coating to protect your bicycle from scratches. Robust engineering allows you to lift heavy bikes-55lbs capacity. For ceilings up to 12ft. Safe locking mechanism prevents accidental release
  4. e here, then one option is to use a good quality lining paper. First I stripped back all the paper from the ceiling and the areas above the picture rail, with a scraper and then the remnants with my steam stripper

A light lift is easier for everyone Savaria ceiling lifts are one of the lightest on the market - up to 35% lighter than leading competitors. Fixed lift: Rated up to 600 lbs (Safe Working Load), manual unit weighs only 17 lbs. Portable lift: Rated up to 440 lbs (Safe Working Load), unit weighs only 11 lbs During this construction, extensive ceiling lift coverage was provided throughout the facility including in the operating room (OR). Given a lack of literature and research, around this important ergonomic engineering control in the OR environment, a staff survey was administered to capture information on the familiarity, usage, and perception. Unlike ceiling-mounted patient lifts, which are confined to a track installed in the ceiling, portable patient lifts have the freedom to transport patients nearly anywhere. With the patient secured in one of our slings, the caregiver can easily maneuver the lift nearly anywhere inside or outside a home

The CargoLoc Garage Hoist makes it easy to raise the Skybox off the floor and store it safely below the garage ceiling. The hardware that comes with it is of good quality. The 1/4 inch x 49 feet rope that comes with it tends to wear pretty quickly, and will probably require an early replacement Hoist it up high and store it out of the way with this ingenious bike lift! A unique rope locking mechanism prevents accidental release while the pulley design lightens the load for easy lifting. Bikes can be hoisted up to ceilings 14 feet high. Just secure the bike lift to the ceiling and you're set! everything is included for installation

The Hi-Lift Ladder Ceiling Hoist is the prefect solution to clear up floor space and store your ladder against the ceiling. Thanks to it's pulley system, a 4 to 1 mechanical advantage allows you to easily raise and lower your ladder with just one person. Heavy-duty straps and independent ceiling brackets mean you can adjust the setup to fit the. The main advantage of using a Wireless Remote Control for your Cable Hoist is that it eliminates the dependence on being tethered to the Hoist itself; Easy Operation: This 110V electric rope hoist features a compact and lightweight design and is ideal for intermittent load lifting. Simply assembled then ready to use Using the Harken Jeep Hardtop Hoist, your J eeps top (hardtop or soft top) is lifted and suspended securely from the ceiling. Better than other storage options because your jeep top hangs in often unused ceiling space. Mo unt it above your parking spot in your garage and easily remove, lift and store your canopy in seconds Using the Harken Truck Top Hoister, your hardtop is suspended securely from the ceiling. Better than other storage options because your truck cover hangs in often unused ceiling space. Mo unt it above your parking spot in your garage and easily remove, lift off and store your truck cap in seconds

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  1. Rise to the Next Level... Built on the proven technology of the Handicare C-Series, the new A-450 and A-625 ceiling lifts raise patient handling to the next level. Increase patient protection with antimicrobial materials. Simplify patient transfers with its tilting design. Easily access real-time data and diagnostics. Handicare's A-Series ceiling lifts give you the advantage in safe patient.
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  3. The EasyTrack Gantry System comes as a telescopic portable overhead system or a bespoke solution specially designed and fitted for the room. When used in apartments and holiday homes, hotels or when the ceiling hoist (or overhead track hoist) is not a permanent fixture, the OpeMed EasyTrack Gantry System is ideal
  4. I bought a direct lift 2 post 9,000lb (floorplate ) from them for 1,795 and it will fit under 10ft ceilings.Later on i plan on opening up the ceiling to raise the car higher. right now I use a seat .Night and day from rolling around on the floor If you call greg smith ask for Jeff. a very good guy, oh and they also have 4 post lifts Good Luc

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Easiest way to mount the hoist is by using a piece of Unistrut. Place the Unistrut with the open end down, in the provided brackets and use the holes in the back side of the Unistrut to bolt to a beam or joist. Easiest way to fix the short control cable (5 feet) is to cut the remote cable in the middle and wire in a piece of 16/4 soow cable. Maxi Sky 440 Portable Ceiling Lift The Maxi Sky 440 requires no manual lifting making it easy to operate by a single carer using a hand control. Weighing just 6.35kg (14lbs) the compact list cassette is very easy to manoeuvre and. £1372.61. View Product. Oxford Mini 140 Mobile Hoist. Canoe and Ladder Storage Tool : Garden & Outdoor,: Great Working Tools Kayak Hoist Lift, Hanging 2 Pulley System - 2-Pack Heavy Duty Garage Ceiling Mount 125 Pound Capacity Per Set - Bicycle, Paddleboard,Best Trade in Prices,Discount Shop,60% Off-Get it right now! Don't Miss The ceiling hoists can move the disabled from the bed to the bathtub for a more pleasurable and comfortable bathing experience. However, lifts can also improve leisure time. No one chooses to be confined to a bed or wheelchair all day. With ceiling mounted rails, moving the disabled to a favorite chair may be more comfortable, in addition to. The device's hoist is limited to back-and-forth linear movement along the track's path, which restricts the caregiver to using the ceiling-lift only within the space directly beneath the track. For example, if a patient needs to be transferred from a wheelchair or motorized scooter to a hospital bed, using a linear-track ceiling lift system.

advantages of ceiling hoists. However, disadvantages were noted in that ceiling hoists have coverage limitations and still require some manual handling to prepare for a transfer. In spite of the relatively expensive instalment cost, ceiling hoist systems were found to be more cost-effective in the long-run Photo 2: A lift makes wall work easier. Tip the sheet against the wall. Extend the support arms to suit 8 or 12-ft. sheets. A lift works on upper wall sheets just as well as it does on ceilings. After loading the drywall, push the lift to the wall, position the sheet, tip the top edge against the wall and crank it snugly against the ceiling The rack is attached to a trolley by a telescoping hoist that you raise or lower with a crank. With a drywall jack, a single worker can drywall a ceiling without a helper. use in order that the charger operates correctly to recharge a spent battery. In the case of ceiling tracked or gantry hoists it is likely that the hoist has a docking position for the equipment to recharge/retain charge and be ready for use

There are two types of lifting hoists, a free-standing lifting hoist, and a ceiling lifting hoist. Example of a free-standing lifting hoist . Example of a ceiling lifting hoist . Standing Machine: A standing machine is used for residents who has reduced lower limb strength, but is able to stand with physical assistance. This equipment. Lift the sheet of drywall and place one 4-foot side on top of the 3-foot horizontal span of the drywall lift. Holding up one end of the drywall with one arm, reach out with your other arm, grab the vertical span of the drywall lift, and pull it toward you. Jam the lift under the drywall to hold it to the ceiling, moving it toward the middle of. When you need to lift a heavy weight, a pulley can make the job easier. A pulley is one of the physic's six non-motorized simple machines—in this case, one that reduces either the effort necessary to lift a load or the direction in which the force needs to be applied in order to move the load—or it may do both things: reduce the force needed, as well as the direction

Hold your bike from the center tube and lift it upwards. Rotate the equipment by 180 degrees, bringing both wheels up to the hooks. Place 1 wheel onto a ceiling hook at a time, making sure that the metal rim is resting over the rubber hook. Remove your hands gradually to make sure that the bike is in place • Size - check that the hoist and sling is suitable for the user's size and weight. • Confidence - is the carer confident in the use of specialist equipment such as hoists? • Physical strength - consider the size and strength of the carer. It requires quite a lot of effort to turn and move a mobile hoist Find out how ceiling hoists help to safely move people, including people with injuries or disability. What is a ceiling hoist? A ceiling hoist is a device that consists of a track attached to the ceiling, a manual or battery-powered lifting unit attached to the track, a sling that is attached to the lifting unit, and is used to transfer people between two locations (e.g. wheelchair and bed) Installed Ceiling Lifts. Ceiling lifts are mounted directly into your home's ceiling beams. The railing can be installed for transportation in a set pathway from room to room. The lifting unit glides effortlessly along the railings to transport patients via interchangeable slings, enabling safe and simple transfers. Request a Consultation Ceiling hoist (overhead hoist, ceiling lift, mechanical lift, gantry hoist) A hoist attached to permanently mounted ceiling track that moves a client inside a sling. Gantry hoists have overhead tracks mounted on wheeled frames Sling A fabric support used for carrying a client while being moved with a hoist - there are multiple types of slin

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The optimal patient ceiling hoist solution For intensive care or for use at home, our patient lift units, rail options and rail systems are always the best solution. The design of our hoisting solutions are based on reliability and an eye for detail The Voyager Portable ceiling lift coupled with a variety of Easytrack ceiling systems capable of being installed or taken down and moved in a matter of minutes without the use of tools! Easy Track comes in two-, three- or four-post configurations to accommodate a variety of lift placement needs. A two-post setup allows for lifting in and out of.

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How to Operate a Drywall Lift. A sheet of 1/2-inch drywall weighs over 50 pounds, and 5/8-inch drywall weighs even more, so holding a sheet against the ceiling while fastening it presents a real. Ceiling Track Hoist. A ceiling track hoist is fitted onto the ceiling and is a track with a motor and hanger. This is a permanent fixture for as long as the person requires it. It can be removed when no longer in use. If the ceiling is not suitable, it can be fitted to the walls, or a gantry hoist can be used Making use of ceiling storage lift is the most efficient way to manage garage space and organize luggage better. That makes this adjustable ceiling storage lift great because you will have a hoist that can carry 200 lbs of goods at a time. You can also store your long-handled tools, kayaks, lumber, and lots more (The diagram above is a hydraulic lift; other lift options include ceiling lifts. Both units are compatable with various patient lift slings.) In case the terminology is a bit confusing, the cradle of a lift is the claw-like end of the crane to which the sling is attached lifts is designed to integrate with your. care environment, helping to ensure a. comfortable and dignified experience for. everyone involved. The Arjo ceiling lifts allow. caregivers to transfer patients or residents. without manual lifting, thereby helping to. reduce the risk of injury for themselves and

The Independent Lifter for Handicare Medical Ceiling Lifts allows patients to take control over their own mobility without giving up the safety and support that comes with a patient lift. This attachment is designed to be used with the C-Series Handicare Medical Ceiling Lifts to provide patients with freedom of movement that is still. Refer to any user guides supplied with the accessories and reference them while reviewing this lift guide. C-450 and C-625 Ceiling Lifts The C-450/C-625 is designed to raise and transfer an individual along a track from one surface to another surface. The lift remains on the lift track when in use or charging

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Ceiling Lifts for Patients. Ceiling lifts for patients offer a range of safe and easy mobility using a single-track system, traverse system, or multi-room system. Unlike a standard Hoyer lift, ceiling lifts require no floor space and can be operated by the patient alone or with the help of a caregiver This ceiling-mounted kayak hoist system allows you the freedom to load and lift various items and keep them out of the way, giving you more space while also keeping your products safe. The issue for some kayakers, is that they frequently use their kayaks for a large chunk of the year To use the hoist, lower the frame to the level of your camper shell. Lash the shell securely to the frame and detach it from the vehicle. Lift the shell off the vehicle and raise the frame and shell to ceiling height. Cover your shell in blankets when using the hoist to avoid scratches and rope abrasion

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I guess the disadvantage of the fixed ceiling hoist if there is one is that they occupy less space. I've only ever used either of them with 2 people using them. At home with dad I used a stand aid which is a kind of cross between the rotastand and a hoist. I managed to use that on my own but at the time Dad could could weight bear to some extent Patient Lifts Designed to lift and transfer patients from one place to another (e.g., from bed to bath, chair to stretcher). Not stairway chair lifts or elevators

4. Tie a double knot on rope end and feed the rope through the square hole on front lift (FIG.1). Knot on rope will be between the lift and ceiling. 5. Locate ceiling joists and mark bike measurement where lifts will be installed. Drill 1/8 inch pilot holes and mount lifts using wood screws. 6. Feed the rope through the lifts and hooks (FIG.2) Ceiling; A true ceiling lift is installed on the ceiling. If your ceiling is not up the task - for example, you live in a rental in which you cannot install the track, or the ceiling is not strong enough to do so - you you will need to use a portable lift with an overhead stand (a track and 2 posts) instead Our transformative bike ceiling hoist will change your relationship to cycling. You'll never have to waste time moving things around in your garage, basement, apartment or storage unit just to get to your bike. The Kradl is a revolutionary bike ceiling hoist that gets your bike up off the floor and securely and easily suspends it from the. A Guide to the Provisions for Safe Use of Hoists 8 under the Construction Sites (Safety) Regulations Operators and Signallers — Reg. 20 11. A hoist shall be operated by a workman who is - (a) 18 years of age or above; and (b) trained and competent to operate it. 12. A hoist may be operated by a workman not so qualified if the operation is. Gantry hoists are usually completely portable to allow for easy transportation between rooms or for use when travelling. Occasionally a gantry hoist may be permanently installed. This is usually done when its not possible to fix overhead tracking to the ceiling or walls. Some gantry hoists are completely freestanding

The winch and hoist have 2 hooks. They are both massive and made of stainless steel. The first is for hanging it from the ceiling or above and the second is for load hanging. They can rotate for 360 degrees and have an anti-falling indicator. Easy To Use And Control. This transportable ceiling winch and hoist are ideal for different situations CHuC (the Ceiling Hoist user Community) was set up by the late Sue Maynard Campbell MBE, M.D. of Equal Ability CIC, to promote the interests of those disabled people who need to use hoists and particularly those who need, or prefer, ceiling track hoists (also caller tracker and tracking hoists). The lack of ceiling track hoists in away from.

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Ceiling lift systems from Arjo enable patients/residents to be transferred in a safe, comfortable, and dignified way. They also provide an easy-to-operate system that eliminates the need for manual lifting, thereby reducing the risk of injuries to caregivers. Patient transfer solutions - Arj Overhead ceiling lifts come in a few basic styles, and the quality and ease-of-use of these devices have improved dramatically over the years. So, we've selected our preferred ceiling lifts, and ceiling track lifts to assist you or your caregiver in moving up and into places like beds and chairs Whether you have a ceiling lift or floor lift, neither do you much good without a sling. A sling is the peanut butter to your lift's jelly; the mac to its cheese. But nothing is worse than picking the wrong peanut butter (ahem, smooth) to go with your lift