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  1. Prepare your Windows 10 device for a hardware change. First, follow these steps to find out if Windows 10 is already activated. Select the Start button, then select Settings > Update & Security > Activation . Open Activation settings. If you're not activated, complete the activation process with the steps you see on the Activation page
  2. Activate Windows 10 on new setup After freeing up the license key, you can use it to activate a new installation manually, or you can contact Microsoft support for assistance if the manual process.
  3. I installed Windows 10 a few weeks ago in NUC with mechanical hard drive and activated the Windows 10 license fine. Yesterday I reinstalled the Windows 10 in a new SSD. All the rest of hardware remained the same. When I tried to re-activate the Windows 10 license, I was told the 'License in invalid'. I ended up buying a new one
  4. While reinstalling Windows 10, if you see a prompt asking to enter the product key, simply click the Skip option. Windows 10 will automatically activate once you connect your PC to online after completing the installation. Before proceeding to reinstall Windows 10, we advise you to navigate to Settings > Update & security > Activation to check.
  5. Windows 10 Digital License. When you upgraded from a previous version of Windows or receive a new computer preinstalled with Windows 10, what happened is the hardware (your PC) will get a digital entitlement, where a unique signature of the computer will be stored on Microsoft Activation Servers
  6. 1. Insert the drive into the PC or laptop onto which you want to install Windows 10. Then turn on the computer and it should boot from the flash drive. If not, enter the BIOS and ensure the computer is set to boot from the USB drive (using the arrow keys to put it in the first place in the boot sequence). 2

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Any way to get the activation key for a computer that had a hard drive crash? Want to buy a new drive and do a fresh Windows 10 install but I guess I need the activation key for which I cannot find the sticker. Computer is a Dell that is 3 years old if that makes a difference Reactivate from Within Windows 10. First, click the Start button followed by the gear icon located along the Start Menu's left edge. This opens the Settings app. Click the Update & Security tile. You can also hit the Windows Isn't Activated. Activate Windows Now link at the bottom of the Settings app

I have an activated copy of Windows 10 running on my system. I am thinking of replacing my old HHD with a new SSD. I would want to do a clean install of Windows 10. My question is if Windows 10 will activate. Will it know its the same computer after I've replaced the disk drive? Thanks To reactivate Windows 10 after a hardware change, use these steps: Open Settings. Click on Update & Security. Click on Activation. Under the Windows section, click the Troubleshoot option. If you activated Windows 10 with a Microsoft account, you can install a new hard drive to your PC or laptop and it will remain activated. There are a number of ways to move Windows to a new drive.

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  1. If your new HDD or SSD is not showing up and you have them properly installed in to your motherboard follow the steps on this video.This tutorial will also w..
  2. 1) use the Change Product Key link at the bottom of the System Properties page. or. 2) Click on the Start button, then type in the Search box, SLUI 3 and hit the Enter Key. both will bring up the change key wizard which will take you through the process, and attempt to activate
  3. If Windows 10 will not activate after installing a new motherboard and you upgraded to Windows 10 via Windows 7 or 8/8.1, you can attempt to activate Windows 10 on the new hardware combination using your old product key. Press Windows Key + I, then head to Updates & Security > Activation. Under Update product key, select Change product key.

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  1. I plan to purchase a replacement HGST 5K1000 1TB hard Drive from the manufacturer; however, my warranty expired last month, and I'm unsure how to reinstall the OS, (factory installed with Windows 8.1 then upgraded to Windows 10), once the new hard drive is in place
  2. The new drive won't be usable until we activate it. Press/Click the windows key and type in 'partition' then press enter/click. This will make the 'create and format hard disk partitions' tool pop up. You'll see your new SSD in here but it will be coloured black to indicate it's not currently active. Right click on the black drive.
  3. You need to use a CD if not USB. Microsoft has an installer program that reaches to the internet to download and install. But you must have a way to get the installer.
  4. When searching for reinstall Windows 10 without CD, you might find some other users are also interested in Windows installation on a new hard drive. How to do this? One method is to use the Clone Disk feature of MiniTool ShadowMaker or Copy Disk of MiniTool Partition Wizard to clone Windows 10 to a new hard drive

Situation 1: In case if you have a new drive, you will see drive 0 unallocated space in the list. If you want to install windows on this new drive, select the drive and click next to start the installation. Situation 2: In case, if you have more than one hard drive, all would be listed in this section. The drives would be listed as drive 0. Page 1 of 2 - Reinstalling Windows 10 on New Hard Drive - posted in Windows 10 Support: Hey guys. Ive got an HP Pavilion laptop that seems to have a messed up hard drive. Automatic repair failed.

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The utility will allow you to make a bootable W10 USB installation flash drive, or you can save an ISO file which you can later burn to a DVD using your DVD burning program's Burn ISO option. The software will work with the W10 product key in your notebook's BIOS and activate once you are reconnected to the internet Advanced startup (including reinstalling Windows using installation media) The Advanced startup section includes an option to reinstall Windows 10 from a thumb drive or DVD. The Restart now button will restart Windows, but rather than booting normally, the system will give you multiple startup options, including a full reinstall of the OS Power the computer off. Power the computer on. At the Dell logo screen, tap the F12 key several times until you see Preparing one time boot menu in the upper right corner of the screen. At the boot menu, select the device under UEFI BOOT that matches your media type (USB or DVD). Select your keyboard language

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Replacing Win10 on new hard drive after original failed. First timer so please be gentle. My hard drive failed on my Asus desktop and had to be replaced. This whole thing made me aware of how little I prepared for such a situation. I had a recovery usb but it was from the date of purchase (2012/13) so I created a new one using my HP laptop If you are unable to activate or getting an error, use the official Windows 10 Activation Troubleshooter. Note that above mentioned method is provided by Microsoft itself. Our how to activate Windows 10 after replacing hard drive or SSD guide might also interest you

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Yes and no, but most likely yes Installing Windows 10 alone shouldn't erase a hard drive, installing is just the process of unpacking (expanding) compressed files on the install media and transferring them to the hard drive/partition, this process.. Now, download this ultimate Windows 10/8/7 disk management tool and follow the simple steps below to resize and move your partitions.. Step 1. Shrink partition to free up space to extend partition. If the hard drive has enough unallocated space to extend the target partition, jump to Step 2, and continue My dad's HP Envy 15 x360 has had a catastrophic hard drive failure, so I have had to replace the hard drive completely. I tried to find the recovery disks in the box his laptop came in, but this laptop does not have an optical drive, and apparently that is no longer how recovery is done, and the Windows Key is now stored in the BIOS On Windows 10, a clean installation defines the process to wipe out the hard drive and start from scratch with a new setup when the device is having problems. For instance, this method can resolve memory, startup, shut down, apps, and performance issues

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  1. So, they are less likely to get damaged in laptops when you carry it around. If you are suffering slow boot process on HDD or always using a laptop for work, it is a wise move to reinstall Windows 10 to SSD. 2 Methods of reinstalling Windows 10 OS to SSD . Reinstalling Windows 10/8/7 onto SSD drives can give your computer a fresh start
  2. Figured it out - 10 years later - In order to activate Windows 10 with the digital license on a new hard drive, the hard drive has to be branded as the original brand. Example: The machine came with a Toshiba drive and you try to use a Seagate drive, it will not activate. Buy a Toshiba and it activates
  3. Press any key to boot from the device on prompt. Click on the 'Next' button on the 'Windows Setup'. Now, click on the Install now button. If this is your first time installing Windows 10, then type the product key, and in case you're reinstalling the OS, then click on 'I don't have a product key' option to continue. Click on the.
  4. Step 4: Open up This PC, and then open up the newly mounted drive (containing Windows 10 installation files) by right-clicking on the drive and then clicking Open in new window option. Step 5: Perform a double-click on the Setup.exe file to launch the Windows 10 Setup. Step 6: When you see the following screen, select the first option labeled.
  5. I recently reinstalled windows 10 on my Dell Inspiron 15 (it came with windows 10 pre-installed) using the Dell recovery tool. After installation and setting up, windows 10 says it cannot be activated. I have attached a screenshot below. I have run the activation troubleshooter and it failed to activate windows as well
  6. Re: Microsoft 8.1 not activated after installing a new hard drive and Windows Neena G, All OEM PCs that come with Windows 8/8.1 or Windows RT/RT 8.1 preinstalled will activate automatically when they are connected online to the internet
  7. In general, if you don't change the motherboard of your computer, transferring Windows 10 to new hard drive is possible. Here are two main reasons for this operation. ① Want a bigger capacity: If your original hard drive is too small, you may want to migrate Windows 10 to new hard drive and get more capacity. This may be a new life for you.

Hi, I have done a clean install of Windows 10 Home (did an in place upgrade first, activated, then did a fresh install re-formatting the C Drive before the install). My computer came with Win 8.1 Home. Specs: Intel i3 1.70GHz, 4 GB RAM, 500Gb.. Microsoft has enabled the use of Windows 7/8/8.1 product key to activate Windows 10 build 10586. So now you can clean install Windows 10 build 10586 and then activate it using your Windows 7/8/8.1 product key as mentioned in following tutorial: Now You can Activate Windows 10 Using Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 Product Ke

☞ Step by step guide to move hard drive with Windows 10 to a new PC. Part 1. Create a disk backup image of the old PC. To transfer hard drive to new computer without reinstalling Windows, you need to create a disk backup containing OS and all the data on the old computer, and then save the backup image to a place where the new computer can access. AOMEI Backupper supports backing up Windows. Hi, you can clean install Win 10 directly. Windows 7 is not needed. This would be your best course as you've already reinstalled Win 7 recently, so keeping programs and data isn't now an issue. If you completed the Win 10 install previously, you already have digital activation rights registered on MS's servers - no key needed. See

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03 Nov 2015 #7. NavyLCDR said: If you are doing a clean install on a computer that has been upgraded to Windows 10 before, then you can either skip entering the product key, or enter the generic key, either way. Replacing a hard drive does not make it a new computer, so it isn't supposed to affect activation Windows activation is alive and well in Windows 10. Microsoft doesn't like to talk about the inner workings of its anti-piracy software, but it's clear from testing that Windows 10 included a. Main purposes of replacing hard drive in Windows 10. Actually, there are many users looking to replace the hard drive in Windows 10 computer for one or more reasons such as: 1. Replace bad/broken hard drive in Windows 10. Your current hard drive may have experienced a hardware failure and need to be replaced with a new one. Here is a case Microsoft Windows activation with a new installation and motherboard change. If you are concerned with Windows 10 activation when doing a fresh installation with a new motherboard, you can rest easy. As long as you have your product key, you will be fine. One of the other activation methods is by having your Microsoft account linked with your. Posts : 31,582 Win 10 Pro (1903) New. 14 Nov 2016 #2. Hi, as the drive is faulty, unless you have already have created an image of your drive (which we very strongly recommend e.g. Macrium Reflect (free)), you will need to reinstall Windows. Normally replacing a drive - even other parts- does not cause an activation issue

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On the General tab, click Change and select Windows Explorer for the program you would like to use to open ISO files and select Apply. Right-click the ISO file and select Mount. Double-click the ISO file to view the files within. Double-click setup.exe to start Windows 10 setup. More download options The initial step is to right-click on This PC and click on Manage option. Now, on Computer Management wizard, select Disk Management. Navigate the new hard drive and right-click on it and select Change Drive Letter and Paths option. Then, go to Change and select the letter for the partition and click OK. Now, close all the Windows and restart.

Whether you want to install a clean copy of Windows 10 on a new PC or need to reinstall Windows 10 to repair system errors, you would need a bootable USB installation drive. Windows 10 provides a facility to create bootable installation media using a USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file How to activate and format a second hard drive in windows 10 for additional storage.Comment any questions below! THIS ALSO WORKS EXACTLY THE SAME FOR SSDs I have both USB and DVD (external drive). I want my laptop to run Windows 10 clean, without the DELL bloated software this time. I need a clean efficient computer. It is over a year old now. Time for a cleanup. There seems to be no way at all for the laptop to accept Microsoft's install of genuine Windows 10 Step 4: Once you are done with the clean installation of Windows 10, utilize your previous activation key to activate the currently copied version of Windows 10. Summary. Well, installing Windows 10 on new SSD is simple by following the above steps. Hopefully, the above details will guide to from scratch to do a clean installation of Windows 10.

If you can boot into Windows 10, open the new Settings app (the cog icon in the Start menu), then click on Update & Security. Click on Recovery, and then you can use the 'Reset this PC' option. This will give you the choice of whether to keep your files and programs or not. Check out the tutorials of how to reinstall genuine Windows 10 My Dell hard drive failed - this is the third Dell hard drive which had crashed in six years. I installed a new hard drive ordered from Dell. When it boots up, it goes to 'Install Windows 8' which is the original OS. It will not accept the product key printed on the card which came with my computer. I called Microsoft Still works in 2021 ! If your SSD's don't show up or your HDD's and you have them properly installed in to your motherboard follow the steps on this video.Wi.. Step 1: In the Update & Security window, go to the Recovery tab. Here, you will see an option to Go Back To The Previous Version Of Windows 10. Click the Get Started button and wait. Mark Coppock.

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Although Microsoft says the activation is tied to your computer (understand Motherboard) as Kazkoks Biesas stated here. However, in the real world people have encountered issues with windows activation after changing hard disks or any other compon.. You will need to use a computer that already has a Windows Operating System and then go to Download Windows 10. Once you download the Media Creation Tool you can then. The following step is to choose where you want to put Windows 10. In this case, we created a new hard drive partition on unallocated space and directed the setup to put Windows 10 on it. Windows 7 was preserved on its current partition. The setup will start installing Windows 10 on the chosen partition. This step will take a while

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Hard Drive Failed. Installed a new hard drive. Will Windows 10 be activated - posted in Windows 10 Support: It is my understanding that Windows 10 activation key is stored on the motherboard Find the How Reinstall Windows 10 On A New Hard Drive, including hundreds of ways to cook meals to eat. Remember me when you're famous! Video about How Reinstall Windows 10 On A New Hard Drive. Follow to get the latest 2021 recipes, articles and more

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Here's how to install a second internal hard drive on a Windows 10 computer: Turn off your PC. Crack open the case, put in the new hard drive, attach the cables, and secure the drive, probably with screws. Close the case. Turn on the power, and log in to Windows. If you need help, the manufacturer's website has instructions Before you reinstall Windows 10, make sure the system has indeed been activated by going to the Start menu to Settings, then to Update & Security and on to Activation. Later, if you are asked for. However, you won't need it, because Windows 10 will activate automatically with your digital license when it recognizes that it's the same computer that was activated previously. Use the Media Creation Tool to create new installation media. Reinstall the same version (Home / Pro) and it will reactivate on its own. Share

Now my hard drive started ticking so i've bought a new ssd and i want to move the windows installation to the new hard drive, which has been just download the windows 10.iso and when prompted for a product key, skip it that step, once installed windows 10 will automatically activate Install windows 10 to a new hard drive use a media creation tool to create a bootable usb flash drive.upgrade to windows 10 on ssds or upgrade their old hard drive and install windows 10 to. But installing the windows 10 on an external hard drive can be a tricky business therefore in this article, we will teach you the easiest Step 7. It takes some time to reinstall Windows. After successfully reinstalled restart the computer, Windows installation starts up and you have to complete all the installation steps. Follow these simple steps, you can move Windows 10 to a new hard disk drive with free Windows deployment tool WinToHDD easily As you can see, Windows 10 provides for a much easier and smoother re-installation and activation procedure than Windows 7. In a nutshell, all you have to do is use the Windows 10 installation media you have already created to reinstall Windows from scratch on your computer's new SSD and the new Windows installation will be activated.

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Depending on how short the connectors are, you may have to slide the drive into the bay first. A small flashlight can be helpful for seeing into the small space of the bay as you work. Replace the screws that hold the drive into the case, replace the computer case door, and you're now ready to set up a new drive. 5. Reinstall the operating. Step 3 - Install Windows to the new PC. Connect the USB flash drive to a new PC. Turn on the PC and press the key that opens the boot-device selection menu for the computer, such as the Esc/F10/F12 keys. Select the option that boots the PC from the USB flash drive. Windows Setup starts. Follow the instructions to install Windows

Select the USB flash drive, Windows 10 will start to be installed, then the next boot things will return to normal and allow Windows 10 to continue installing. If not, check to see which button. The simplest way to reinstall Windows 10 is through Windows itself. Click 'Start > Settings > Update & security > Recovery' and then choose 'Get started' under 'Reset this PC'. A full reinstall.

The most notable being that Windows 10 is free for existing Windows 7, 8/8.1 users for the first year. Regardless of this, product activation remains a part of Windows 10 RAM: At least 1 GB for the 32-bit version of Windows 10. or 2 GB for the 64-bit version. Storage: 16 GB or more free space on your hard drive for the 32-bit version of Windows 10. You'll need 20. Then, go to the 'advanced BIOS' configuration options and navigate to the boot options. Set the Windows 10 installer (could be a bootable flash drive or CD) as the first boot, and the Hard Disk Drive as the second boot. Press F10 to save changes and reboot. As the computer restarts, make sure to press any keys to load the installer Click the Format button. (If the Format button is grayed out, click Delete, then click New.) Press Next to install Windows on that drive. Allow the installation wizard to guide.

In Windows 10, press Windows key + X and click Disk Management. You will see an unallocated space created for you. You can recover this space using the Extend volume wizard. Right-click the system. At the desktop, click the Search the web and Windows box and type reset. Select Reset this PC (System Setting). Under Advanced Startup, select Restart now. At the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot. Select Factory Image Restore. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset process Click on a particular drive or location and then hit Start button. This will start the scanning process for the lost files on that drive. Step 3. Recover Files after Reinstalling Windows 10. When the scanning is over, preview the files found on the location. Then hit the Recover button to recover that file

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Clicking the link above will take you to the starting page for creating the Windows 10 installation media. Once there, ignore the first box, scroll down the page a bit, and click the Download. Clicking on the Browser for Folder option. Select the edition of Windows 10 that you want to install and click on Next . Click on the Dropdown and select your External Hard Drive. Selecting the External Hard Drive from the drop down. Select your Hard Drive in both System Partition and Boot Partition Options, make. To set up a new hard drive with raw space on Windows 10, use these steps: Open Start. Search for Create and format hard disk partitions and click the top result to open the Disk Management console All one has to do is download the Windows 10 ISO & upgrade existing Windows 7 or 8.1 and will activate. If signed in, with a digital license. Then (if desired) clean install Windows 10, no need to purchase new key for existing Win 7 or 8.1 if a legit license. The correct version of Windows 10 (Home or Pro) will be installed

Alternatively, if your new PC takes a different kind of drive than your old PC—say, you're migrating from a PC with a 2.5-inch drive to one with an M.2 slot—you can clone the old drive to a. 6. Select Remove files and clean the drive fully 7. Select Reset This method indeed can reset Windows 10. But the new Windows is actually NOT the original Acer factory default. For example, if you have installed some Windows language packs before, you can see the new Windows still keeps some language settings made before

Reinstalling Windows Without Media. Options include: Make a recovery drive that includes system files. Make a backup image when you get the machine to restore, instead of reinstalling. Download a retail copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft. Purchase a retail copy. Or you could abandon ship and install Linux instead My laptop (daughter's) hard drive is fried; it won't boot at all, not even with an Windows ISO file on USB. I need to replace the hard drive - bought a new Samsung SSD 850 EVO - and install a brand new copy of Windows 10 at the same time. The laptop was a gift from her uncle and we don't have the old Windows CD or USB copy. Here's my plan: 1 Before cleaning install Windows 10, we need to create a Windows 10 installation disk, back up the important data and save it to the safe place like external USB drive or the cloud. Especially check out the product keys of your Office or other software that you need to reinstall on your Windows 10 again

After this, we recommend following our article to activate your Windows 10 freely. Activate the Windows 10 is important. Activation can increase the speed of Windows 10. Here you will enter your Key: If your Windows 10 is new and you had never installed Windows 10 from USB on this PC, enter your Windows 10 key here Install Windows many times on a mechanical hard drive: problems. Install Windows on a normal hard drive, the only thing that will cause us is a waste of time. We will have to dedicate (depending on the hardware) about an hour to install the operating system and leave it ready. Conventional hard drives are much slower than SSDs

To upgrade to Windows 10, you need enough space on your hard drive for the installation to take place. To view how much hard drive space is available on your computer, select the Start button, then in the search box on the taskbar, type File Explorer (known as Windows Explorer in Windows 7).. Then select Computer or This PC and look under Hard Disk Drives or under Devices and drives Sony Vaio new hard drive install, Windows 7 USB won't boot. New SSD not being recognized by laptop BIOS or Windows 10 installer: Solved! Hard Drive Crashing after Windows 10 instalation: unable to install windows or do anything: An operating system wasn't found after installing Windows 10 to M.2 SS How to open Disk Management Windows 10, 8, and 7. From the Windows desktop, press Windows key, type Create and format hard disk partitions, and then press Enter.. Windows XP and 2000. Click Start, then click Run.; In the Run text field, type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter.; How to set up a new drive. The Windows Disk Management tool should look similar to the image above

Activation in Windows 10. Just reinstall Windows and hopefully you don't need to resort to getting the licence info from them. So, i ended up pulling the hard drive and connecting it as an external to another PC. This is also letting me copy personal files to a larger external for backup We changed it to 10 as we are installing Windows 10 just for testing. Select Split virtual disk into multiple files and simply click on Next and then Finish. The moment drive is ready to use, Virtual machine starts automatically, if not click Windows 10 from left side menu and Installation of Windows 10 begins My former hard drive with my MBR on it failed. This hard drive was/is 750GB and when I purchased my 'main' 2TB hard drive I made another fresh install of Windows. In other words, I had two installations of Windows on two separate hard drives. However, the MBR is located on the now-failed 750GB hard.. UEFI is supported only on 64-bit Windows 7, 8/8.1 or 10 Editions and since the Windows 10 version 1607 you cannot use the UEFI advantages (if your mainboard supports it), without having to reinstall Windows from scratch, because the UEFI uses the GUID Partition table (GPT), instead of the Legacy BIOS which uses the MBR Partition Table You can turn off the options to hide these files or extensions via these steps: Open Windows Explorer, click View, go to Options then click the View tab. Select Show hidden files, folders and.