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The Front Porch! People who scratch their head and sniff their fingers afterwards...in public. Thread starter Ms.Lena James. Start date Apr 24, 2015. Apr 24, 2015. #1. Ms.Lena James. Unruly. Joined Men Sniff Their Fingers After Scratching Their Balls Because It Makes Them Feel Alive Oh come on, we all do it Editor's Note: This article was first published on October 18, 2017 And as you remove your hands from your briefs, you're overcome with the irresistible urge to sniff the two (or three) fingers that just dug deeply in there. You might try to resist the urge, maintain some semblance of evolved human decency, but you fail: Of course you fail. This smell is like a drug to you

Some men or women have certain bad habits that they can't get rid of such as smelling their own armpits once a while to see how clean they are, smelling their fingers after scratching their own butthole, balls, vagina or their ears or nose Reasons Why Men Sniff Their Fingers After Touching Their Genitals Here's something every man will relate to, though few if any will admit to it: sniffing their fingers after touching their genitals. Be it ball scratching, penis fondling, sorry adjusting, etc, as you remove your hands, you are overcome with the irresistible urge to sniff

People who scratch their head and sniff their fingers

People sniff their hands much of the time and especially after a handshake, suggesting the greeting might convey chemical signals were smelling their hands, as opposed to scratching their nose. If your crotch/taint/starfish smells different than usual, it may be a sign of infection or other bad juju. People that mutated an attraction to funk stink probably stuck around to breed longer, because they were more likely to smell their fingergnarst, and thus less likely to die of ass-MRSA or something equally fissurey and terrible. 13 Germany national team head coach Jogi Löw was caught on TV putting his hands down his shorts and then smelling his fingers.Subscribe to http://po.st/Subsc.. Then you smell your finger to see if you have made your finger smell by scratching you butt-hole with it. It may or may not smell. If it smells, you might want to wash your hands. 9.9K view Just one of those Smells you gotta keep smelling. Whats bad is when you scratch your ass thru your undies and your finger still smells. My girl, whom i just asked do you scratch your ass and or cooter and smell it replied that 'Sure we dont do it...just like we dont poop, fart , or quiff'.....So in other words Gentleman girls do it too

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  1. Men Sniff Their Fingers After Scratching Their Balls Because It Makes Them Feel Alive Ian Lecklitner 1 year ago Oh come on, we all do it. Here's a situation every man will relate to, even if they don't admit it: You just got home from a long day of work, during which your balls were cramped between your underwear and your thigh
  2. Inside the capsules is a powder. I put 2 or 3 of these (twist the capsules with damp fingers to get them open, then pour powder) into an old water bottle. Add a few ounces of warm water (while you're still in shower or bath) and then shake, and pour over head, massaging into scalp
  3. For a while now, I have always thought of the smelling of my fingers after I touch myself to be weird and just disgusting. However, the more I research, the more I am finding it is rather normal. I still don't know why I smell them after I masturbate [before I wash my hands], but I just find the smell different and intriguing for some reason
  4. Funny clip from AFV. I just posted the music for fun

If you wanna experience ultimate pleasure, smell your fingers after scratching your butt. Reply. ellWatully says: April 20, 2020 at 6:15 a 3. Wiggling fingers in front of or to the side of face---most often in exactly the same spot. 4. Lining up toys and other objects. 5. Repeatedly stacking toys and knocking them down excessively. 6. Spinning wheels on toy cars/trucks. 7. Pushing toy trucks and cars while tilting head to watch wheels. 8 Men Sniff Their Fingers After Scratching Their Balls Because It Makes Them Feel Alive. Oh come on, we all do it Instead, he theorizes that men sniff their ball-sweat-smelling fingers to feel.

2007-09-17T13:45. Hi &. Smelling fingers could be just a passing interest, a tic or a compulsion. My advice in any case would be to wait and see if it passes or to address if it interferes in her day -- like can't, ummm, walk out the door without smelling them a certain # of time or something like that This article will discuss the meaning of head-related body language gestures such as scratching the head, scratching or rubbing the forehead, and clasping hands behind the head. Let's start with scratching the head or hair. When we scratch our head using one or more fingers anywhere on the top, back or the side of our head, it signals the. To apply this remedy, you need a cup of water, some drops of rosemary as well as one teaspoon of baking soda. Add the baking soda in warm water and then apply it directly on your scalp. Rosemary oil is added to add pleasant smell and to diminish stinking smell may be due to dandruff. Massage your scalp for 10 minutes and then rinse your scalp If you think your strands are too dry for frequent washing, flip your head into the sink and focus on the roots only. Scrub your scalp and roots with shampoo and be sure that it lathers well before rinsing in order to dissolve the excess oils and debris

Please help, I know this may seem strange but, I am addicted to scratching the dandruff flakes from my head. I've had the dandruff for about 8 yrs now. I ve always used head and shoulders but this only seems to supress it alittle i still see smaller flakes after washing my hair. The next day i see slightly larger flakes. I brush my fingers through my hair hundreds of times a day often at my. Below are the best home remedies for the bad odor: 1. Lime Juice. Regular use of lime juice will help you to keep your head fungus-free, clean and you will also have reduced smell and hair loss. In addition, your hair will not be sticky and will gain wonderful natural shine besides doing away with the smell

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After handshakes, we sniff people's scent on our hand

Hi, I know it sounds trival but for the last two days my hands,fingers and wrist have been itching so bad I wake up scratching the crap out of them. I havent got into anything with thm or started new medicine, I did end a blood thinner after my knee replacement surgery 2 wks ago. I havent went anywhere to get into anything. My skin isnt dry Answer: Loss of taste and smell has been reported to be as high as 25 percent after traumatic brain injury. The loss of taste is generally due to loss of smell. Loss of smell has many possible causes including injury to the nose, nasal passages, sinuses, olfactory nerve, and the brain. The olfactory nerve brings the sensation of smell from your. Another woman experiencing the wear and tear of RA itching said, The joints in some of my fingers and toes are starting to show the damage, she said. A small percentage of people with severe, long-term RA may also be at risk for rheumatoid vasculitis , a related condition involving inflammation of blood vessels that causes itchy skin and. It causes patches of red, itchy, scaly skin. When it's severe, it also can lead to crusty, oozing sores. If you stay away from the thing that triggered the rash, it should go away in 2 to 4 weeks

Scratching doesn't help because the germs on your hands and under your fingernails get into the wound. If the smell is bad, and the wound is oozing, weeping, or has yellowish crusts, then most likely the sufferer has an infection. Immediately see a doctor to be prescribed antibiotics to deal with the infection Your itchy fingers may be the result of psoriasis — a chronic autoimmune condition that causes skin cells to build up too quickly, resulting in dry, red plaques that are sometimes itchy or painful

Like many others, I experienced severe itching and hives all over my body when I stopped taking it. One tablet would cover 36 hours free of symptoms. However, if I missed taking it right before the time limit, my skin started itching and hives would develop. I tried to wean off it three times, but failed due to unbelievable itching Hi Jane. I still get itching on and off after 2 years, sorry about that but shingles and its after effects can go on for a long time. I read somewhere that itching is a form of nerve pain so that's most likely what you have, pain from the damaged nerves. Try asking your doc for some pain relief, cream or drops which might help Itching (pruritus) is one symptom of chronic liver disease, though not everyone with liver disease develops it. Learn what causes this itching, why you should see a doctor, and how to find relief Its quite simple all you have to do is get your finger (I know this will sound gross but it works) and slide it on your butt hole. Then dont smell it or let it touch anything for 25 seconds. Then Sniff and I promise you it will smell similar to pussy. I do this all the time guys and it works These reactions, known as contact dermatitis, are due to various chemicals in different types of hair dye 2 5. Symptoms include scalp redness, flaking, itchiness, and burning or stinging. Contact dermatitis caused by hair dye can be due to direct chemical irritation of the scalp or an allergic reaction 3. Since irritant and allergic contact.

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Sporotrichosis is a fungal infection that can cause painless bumps on the fingers, hands, and arms. Nonallergic rhinitis. Non-allergic rhinitis causes congestion, sneezing, runny nose, or itchy red eyes for no apparent reason. Ocular migraine. Ocular migraine usually refers to a type of migraine that can cause temporary blindness in one eye It is always a good idea to practice proper hand washing techniques before and after handling your hedgehog. It is best to use an antibacterial soap that isn't fruity smelling. Hand washing protects you from having your hedgie take a sample bite of you! It is only critter nature to want a sample if your hands smell like food or something tasty 10. To deal with prickliness and rashes, try covering the area with a bandage to keep from scratching. You may also slather your hands with a moisturizing cream and wear cotton gloves at bedtime to prevent yourself from harming your skin. Sometimes applying an ice cube can also offer some temporary relief from itching

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  1. d from focusing on the perceived itching but it usually returns upon waking. Medication. Drugs used to ease itching like antihista
  2. An intracranial hematoma occurs after a head injury and causes headache, drowsiness, confusion, and more. Low blood pressure (hypotension) Low blood pressure, or hypotension, can make you feel lightheaded and dizzy. Cluster headache. Cluster headaches occur one to three times a day for several weeks, and cause severe pain behind the eye
  3. My scalp in the back of my head itches insanely, but only in the back of my head. It's in that dip right below the bump of the occipital bone, above the hairline, only there. No itching in the rest of my head. I can't feel any bumps or bites or anything. And this has been going on forever, seriously - probably a few years now, but has gotten.

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Your baby's head should NOT be smelling like sweaty feet or, as some describe, dirty socks. This means something is wrong. Any foul odor from your baby's head or scalp is never normal. When hair follicles are clogged or infected they release a strong odor, says Joel Gator Warsh, MD, of Integrative Pediatrics and Medicine, Studio City. So if you are itching after surgery, I feel your itch and your pain. Itching is no laughing matter. Itching sensation is carried by the same nerve fibers (so called c-fibers) that cause pain. I personally, on any given day, rather hurt than itch. Post-operative itching of incisions is absolutely normal Ever had an itchy skin with rash, here you will find information on itchy skin no rash, that is worse at night, after sun exposure, stress, bumps, pregnancy and the pictures. Itchy Skin no Rash worse at Night An itch is usually brought about by a condition that is affecting the skin, but it may [ weird smell in nose covid 19; weird smell in nose and mouth; weird smell in nose covid symptom; cause of weird smell in nose; weird smell in nose covid treatment; weird smell in nose when sick; weird smell in nose covid test; weird smell in nose and throat; Recent Search. quiet bpd male symptoms chart for women; quiet bpd male symptoms chart. Both smell and taste disorders are treated by an otolaryngologist, a doctor who specializes in diseases of the ear, nose, throat, head, and neck (sometimes called an ENT). An accurate assessment of a smell disorder will include, among other things, a physical examination of the ears, nose, and throat; a review of your health history, such as.

Smelling disorders, including phantom smells and a lack of smell, can be a sign of serious health problems. In a 2009 episode of Mad Men, a character with some major health issues — stroke. This could be making your scalp itchy and scratching it with your hands or nails could further exacerbate the condition. It is best to visit a trichologist and let them examine your scalp for any.

Men Sniff Their Fingers After Scratching Their Balls

After noticing your fingers constantly making their way to your head, your mother, an aunt, or grandmother may have commented, Oh, that means your hair is growing! Well, it's true that your hair was growing, but an itchy scalp is not a sign of hair growth Most people associate itchy skin with a rash, but many factors can cause itchy skin without creating a visible rash or skin changes. In this article, we discuss the possible causes and treatments. Prior to her diagnosis, Yasmin Clapp, 26, wrote off the imaginary smells — medically known as phantosmia — as well as other symptoms such as chronic fatigue

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back of head (occiput) bleeding after scratching. burning. crusts, scabs. dry. eczema. eczema; from ear to ear along margin of hair around back of head. wearing away skin. itching. moist. Burning in soles and hands at night. Sweat in armpits, smelling like Garlic. Drawing and tearing in arms and hands. Stiffness of knees and ankles. Cannot. Itching following exercise can be uncomfortable or even painful, especially if the symptoms linger long after your workout ends. Often easy to prevent, itching can also arise from serious medical conditions. If itching persists, or if other symptoms develop, consult your doctor

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Itching can be caused by a number of different conditions, including: skin conditions - such as eczema. allergies or skin reactions. parasitic infestations - such as scabies. insect bites and stings. fungal infections - such as athlete's foot or vaginal thrush. hormonal changes during pregnancy or the menopause But for many others, a serious scratching is desired because there is a genuine and persistent itch on the head, specifically an itchy scalp. Often, we assume it must be dandruff , a common problem, but there are many conditions that can cause a dry, itchy scalp — or scalp pruritus — in addition to dandruff, such as ringworm or even a.

If you have itchy skin, nothing is more frustrating than trying not to scratch—particularly if you have eczema. Here are some expert-approved strategies for keeping your hands off 1. Squeeze toothpaste onto your hands to tackle the smell. Squeeze a little section of toothpaste — the kind that has baking soda in it is best — onto your hands and rub them together. After you've been rubbing them together for a couple of minutes, wash your hands off with clean water 5 4. Seconds. Head lice is a common cause of head sores. Dry scalp or dandruff is a common cause of head sores. Some head sores can turn into a whitehead, a pus-filled raised area. Head sores can be caused by chicken pox. There are a number of cleansing products on the market to help reduce the occurrence of pimples

The German men's national soccer team coach was caught on camera Sunday reaching down his pants twice during his squad's European Championship match against Ukraine. Then, on both occasions, in an. Causes of a smell behind the ear include poor hygiene and infected ear piercings. Treatment depends on the cause. In this article, learn more about what makes the area behind the ears smell, as.

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A few decades ago, my husband and I used T-gel religiously for dandruff. Worked beautifully (better than other brands like Head & Shoulders). Was recommended by our dermatologist. Fast fwd, I decided to let my gray hair grow in (2020) Ever since, I have been telling everyone that my hair smells like wet dog, or musty, wet woolen mittens Cat-scratch disease is an infection you can get after a cat scratches, bites, or licks you. It is caused by bacteria in cat saliva. Cats likely get the bacteria from fleas. Cat-scratch disease is also called cat-scratch fever. It is not a severe illness in healthy people. But it can be a problem for young children or people with weak immune. Trying to constantly resist the urge to scratch at your head day-in and day-out can feel so taxing and draining to your energy. Worse for most people is how it impacts their sleep - in fact, many clients have shared that they experience the worst itchy scalp at night. No, it's likely not just in your head Most likely, the smell this woman is talking about is NOT BV. I know exactly what she's talking about. After sex, it smells different down there. My husband doesn't really seem to notice. I do. It lasts for a couple of days after sex. And I 100% know for a fact that I do not have BV. I'm assuming it's like the person said above

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Remind kids to wash their hands often, especially after using the toilet, after playing outside, and before eating. Make sure your kids shower or bathe every day and change underwear and swimsuits daily. Keep kids' fingernails short and clean. Tell kids not to scratch around their bottom or bite their nails. Wash your kids' pajamas every few days It's kind of normal for a dog to occasionally scratch his ear and to shake his entire body after going in for a swim, but if your dog is frequently scratching his ear and shaking his head for no apparent reason at all, you need to step in and try to assess the situation by figuring out the cause behind his actions An infection occurs when the amount of gardnerella bacteria increases, causing symptoms such as a gray or yellow, fishy-smelling, creamy discharge and mild itching and burning. The smell may actually become worse after washing since soap reduces acidity and bacteria grow better in a less acidic environment If your dog has smelly ears, an ear infection is the most likely culprit. Often caused by an overgrowth of yeast, a dog ear infection must be treated as it won't go away on its own. Luckily, there are effective at-home remedies for treating smelly dog ears, in addition to prescription treatments

Apply apple cider vinegar directly to the itchy area of the forehead. After a few minutes, rinse it off with cool water. It has anti-itching, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic components to combat a dry itch. 2. Lemon. Lemons have citric and acetic acids with anti-irritating and antiseptic components to calm an itchy forehead Due to sweating in humid conditions,der is itching in certain areas in legs and hands resulting in burning sensation. White heads and black heads gets formed in d affected areas. As a result d area turns into blackish. Again during winter or rainy season it disappears. Slowly its spreading into more areas Vinegar smelling urine can make you worried as you get the pungent smell of urine, and you might start wondering what the hell is wrong with you. Vinegar smelling urine can be caused by many conditions. If you are aware of the conditions that make urine smell like vinegar, then you can take prompt action in terms of getting proper treatment or visiting a doctor

Scratching at the ears. Shaking the head excessively. Tilting the head. Turning in circles. Acting off-balance. If you have more than one dog, another dog may pay more attention to the ears of their housemate if there is a problem My problem is that no matter where I touch, penis or scrotum, and when I smell my finger it smells. Sometimes I can even smell the odour even when I'm wearing pants! I wash frequently, two times a day. I wash my private part with lots of soap, however, it still smells. I wonder if this is about smegma. Oh, I'm circumcised. I sweat in that area too Itchy feet can prompt you to scratch the area. Scratching can cause complications such as wounds, irritations, abrasions, and bruises. When there is a break in the skin, an infection to the open lesion can occur. At this point, antibiotics and topical treatment of the wound might be necessary. Sometimes, wounds on the feet take a long time to heal Doctors from the Cleveland Clinic say that the common symptoms of BV include gray-colored vaginal discharge that smells fishy. Bacterial vaginosis is also a reason for fishy-smelling discharge after sexual intercourse. 2 Although bacterial vaginosis doesn't cause serious health problems, it's important to treat BV so that it doesn't recur Use warm water and spend 15 minutes or less in the shower or bath. 2. Use Mild Soaps. Use unscented soaps, especially at night. Antibacterial and perfume-infused soaps can draw the moisture from your skin and cause itchiness. 3. Moisturize the Skin. Use a moisturizer created for dry skin conditions

The cause can be as innocuous as sweat or more serious, like an infection, says Dr. Minkin, so it's worth taking a deeper whiff (yes, really), especially if the unusual aroma is accompanied by. Dealing with itching. Itching can be a side effect of cancer treatment or the cancer itself. Find out more about what can cause itching and how to treat and manage it Just watched Gemma Collins scratch her foof and make poor Lucas smell her fingers. What is life. #DivaForever — Miranda (@mirandaroo84) August 14, 2019 'I can't believe Gemma Collins has. 3. Dental bones. There are many dental fresh breath products to help your Boston's mouth smell great while also cleaning their teeth. 4. Doggy wipes. Yes, there is such a thing as doggy wipes. You can use these wipes to clean your Boston any time you think it is necessary. 5