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Mafura butter comes from the seeds of the Mafura tree, which grow primarily in the south regions of Africa, predominantly Zimbabwe. This unique butter is abundantly rich in fatty acids and has been shown to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help prevent and treat athletes foot and cold sores.Mafura Butter is a beauty butter you would want to try not only because of. Mafura Butter is a central part of South African domestic life and is renowned for its cosmetic and healing properties. Locals liberally use raw, crude, Mafura Butter to protect, nourish and revitalize skin, as well as to condition the hair. Medicinally, Mafura Butter is used as unguent to treat arthritis and heal wounds Uses. • Mafura butter is made from the seeds of the Trichilia emetica tree found in Southern Africa. • The unrefined butter is attained from soaked seeds of the tree that have been ground and squeezed - it comes out as a yellow butter. • Mafura butter is completely non toxic and has been used in Africa for centuries as a body and haircare. Mafura belongs to the family Meliaceae and grows in South Africa, particularly in regions of Zimbabwe. Butter made from seeds of this plant is rich in essential fatty acids and has been found to have nourishing and restructuring properties for the skin. . Trade Name: Caribpure Mafura Butter. INCI Name: Trichilia Emetica Seed Butter Benefits of Mafura Butter. It is a non-drying oil that quickly absorbs into the skin. It is rich in essential fatty acids which contribute towards maintaining a healthy skin. It spreads easily on the skin hence can also be used in massage products. Ideal moisturiser to strengthen and soften natural hair and alleviate dry and itchy scalp

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Mafura body butter oil is actually a solid butter with many skin and hair care benefits. A native of Africa, mafura oil is high in essential fatty acids. Local people use it for hair care. Common English Name: Mafura. Botanical Name: Trichilia emetica. Plant Family: Meliaceae. Method of Extraction: Cold pressing of the seeds Mafura butter - Mozambique. Marula oil - Swaziland & Namibia. Rose hip oil, Organic - Lesotho. Rose geranium oil, organic & conventional - Southern Africa. Shea butter, refined and unrefined - Ghana. Tea tree oil, organic and conventional - South Africa. Ximenia oil - Swaziland Rich Diversity in Africa; Raw Botanicals. Non-South African; South African; Pressed Oils & Butters; Others. Cocoa Butter Trichilia emetica: Mafura Butter / Cape Mahogany South African Markets. General Management +27 (0)28 316 4550 +27 (0)83 290 7691. Mafura Butter Unrefined Fairly Traded. From £6.49. (8 Reviews) Origin: South Africa Colour: Light Golden Aroma: Natural. African butter rich in essential fatty acids (palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic). From £6.49

Mafura Butter comes from regions of Southern African countries. Mafura tree produces reddish brown seeds. These seeds are collected by hand in wild. After cleaning, seeds are carefully cold-pressed to obtain very special Mafura Butter/Trichilia Oil. In Africa, this butter is traditionally used in hair and skin care products Mafura Butter Seed Oil. Trichilia emetica. • Rich in essential fatty acids. • Nourishes and revitalises skin and hair. Can replace Shea Butter & Palm Oil. 1. Origin and Geographic Distribution. Mafura is widely distributed and grows naturally throughout sub-Saharan Africa extending from KwaZulu-Natal in the South, through Swaziland. Grapeseed oil (South Africa) Jojoba oil (South Africa) Macadamia nut oil (South Africa) Avocado butter Bee's wax white (cosmetic grade - pellet form) Beeswax Yellow (100% pure - pellet form) Candelia wax: Wholesale organic oils South Africa

Common Name: Mafura Butter Wild Crafted Expressed. INCI Name: Trichilia Emetica Seed Butter. Origin: South Africa. Description: Rich in essential fatty acids, wild collected, cold processed and unrefined, Fair Trade compliant Mafura Butter is a pure and natural ingredient.Long used as an effective skin and hair moisturizer, Mafura Butter is now increasingly being utilised in the making of skin. Healing African Clay Balm with Baobab, Mafura Butter, Grapeseed Oil & Buchu Sourced in South Africa, healing Bentonite Clay has been formulated for a multitude purposes like; acne, dry & cracked skin & cuticles, mild rashes, mild burns, insect bites and also relieves pain and stiffness caused by rheumatoi Mafura Butter Trichilia emetica - family: Meliaceae COMMON NAMES. The tree is also known as 'forest mahogany','Natal-mahogany', 'Cape mahogany', 'thunder tree', 'Christmas bells', 'red ash' (Eng.). Trichilia is a relatively large genus of trees and shrubs occurring in Africa, America and Asia M-183B. This African Shea butter can be used as a body lotion, its rich, thick texture instantly softens skin and is great for people with sensitive skin, dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. It is also great for babies, and can even be used as a diaper rash cream. Use it to heal chapped, broken skin or lips The oil, also known called mafura butter is renowned in Southern Africa for its cosmetic and therapeutic properties. The oil can be used as a stand-alone product or can be added as an active ingredient in the making of cosmetics and personal care products for its revitalising and nourishing properties

Bulk Shea Butter imported from Ghana available.Raw, Grade A, unrefined and organic. Premium quality.Shea butter price is R250 for 1kg,R235 from 10 - 19kg,R225 p/kg for 20kgs and moreCollection/ courier anywhere in South Africa Bulk Shea Butter, imported from Ghana - Raw, Grade A, unrefined and organic. Beautiful ivory colour Welcome to Wholesale Orders. We list numerous wholesale products from well established wholesalers in South Africa. We offer the opportunity for customers to view our product range and request a price from our website. It takes 24 hours to receive multiple quotes for your bulk order from us. WE PROVIDE 2 TYPES OF WHOLESALE PRODUCTS: 1 Mafura butter, kigelia, and jojoba oil. A rich, profoundly moisturizing body butter that rejuvenates and softens the skin. Honor your skin. and its people. We feel a deep-seated moral obligation to create with respect for the earth and the people who help us along the way. We operate as sustainably as possible to preserve the biodiversity of. KaZa Natural Oils, a division of B'Ayoba (Pvt) Ltd, is a leading specialist producer of selected natural African plant products. Founded in 2016, the brand boasts many successes in its young life. We work with rural producer communities throughout Southern Africa to supply high-quality organic oils, extracts and plant products to the global.

Isivuno Naturals is South Africa's premium bulk supplier of quality raw, organic ingredients. Shop raw Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, raw Beeswax, African Black Soap and more. Make your own organic skin and hair products Caribpure & Cariborg Oils and Butters - CaribNP. Caribpure™ and Cariborg Oils and Butters. From Africa to the Amazon, we offer a variety of organically certified oils and butters from around the globe. These have been carefully selected for their traditional and therapeutic values, as well as their superb moisturizing properties Raw Shea Butter. Raw Organic Wholesale Shea Butter. Rated 5.00 out of 5. $ 2.50 - $ 74,250.00 Select options. Natural Cocoa Butter. Wholesale Organic, All Natural, Authentic, Bulk, Raw Cocoa Butter. Best Skincare Product for Anti-Aging, Stretch Marks and Base for Handmade Body Butter and Soap Making Products 10 Natural African Skincare Ingredients. Natural African skincare ingredients are taking the beauty market by storm these days. Baobab, moringa, marula and argan oils are well known outside Africa, as is shea butter - a mainstay of anhydrous balms and body butters - as well as rhassoul clay which is common in spa products The Avocado Butter is rich in Vitamins A, B, G and E which makes it a wonderful moisturizing agent for hydrating dry, mature skin and dull hair. It can be used to enhance the emollience of conditioners, body butters, luxury soaps, lotions and more. It is smooth, soft and creamy with an amazing spreadability. Ucuuba

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  1. Made in South Africa Suppliers/unsalted Butter Wholesalers Directory - Offering Wholesale South African Suppliers/unsalted Butter Wholesalers from South Africa Suppliers/unsalted Butter Wholesalers Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors at TradeKey.co
  2. Are you looking for where to buy African native herbs, natural health and beauty products Online? iShopNaturals.com offers the best African natural products Such as raw organic Shea butter, African herbs, raw black soaps, botanical herbal extracts, African American skin care, best natural products for that help with hair growth & care. 100% natural African native healing oils and more at.
  3. Use wholesale butter for a variety of uses in the kitchen or front-of-house area of your restaurant, diner, bistro, or banquet hall. All of these products are made with high-quality ingredients, which give them a smooth texture and rich flavor that easily accentuates your recipes
  4. Made in South Africa Cow Butter Oil Directory - Offering Wholesale South African Cow Butter Oil from South Africa Cow Butter Oil Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors at TradeKey.com Marula Oil, Mafura Butter

Clover Salted Butter. Salted Butter is the product manufactured from cream derived from pure bovine milk and which received a heat treatment of at least 85°C for 15 seconds (or the equivalent there of). The cream is graded according to strict quality standards. The product does not contain any preservatives except salt (sodium chloride) Wholesale 100% Pure Uncut Alcohol Free Body Oil 8oz. Wholesale Bulk Organically Flavored Chew Sticks. Wholesale Incense Oil. Wholesale 100% Pure Uncut Alcohol Free Body Oil 16oz. Wholesale 100% Pure Uncut Alcohol Free Body Oil 32oz. Wholesale 5pack Organically Flavored Chew Sticks. Wholesale 100% Pure Uncut Alcohol Free Body Oil 64oz Carrier Oils and Butters. The Oils listed below are all naturally grown and no chemical refining processers are involved. Common Oil Name. Botanical Name. Country of Origin. A. Almond Oil. Prunas Amygdalus Var. Dulcis

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  2. During the Great War, Allanblackia Oil was used as a replacement for cocoa butter in chocolate manufacturing. In west Africa, especially in parts of Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone, seeds collected by local communities are used for the production of cooking oil and, more recently, to produce soap
  3. Unrefined Shea Butter Bulk Wholesale. Unrefined Shea Butter Bulk Wholesale $ 2.50 - $ 74,250.00. $ 2.50 - $ 74,250.00 Select options. Add to Wishlist. Unrefined Shea Butter Bulk Wholesale. Unrefined Shea Butter Bulk Wholesale $ 2.50 - $ 74,250.00. As low as $1.35 / Lb
  4. Natural Oils, Butters & ABS. (Shea Butter Specialists) We supply high quality unrefined shea butter and African Black Soap (ABS). Registered in South Africa since 2014. Expertly produced by highly skilled women in Northern Ghana, West Africa. Shop Now. . Free Delivery. For orders over 20kg
  5. African Shea butter is a natural paste extracted from the nut (fruit) of the African Shea tree found mainly in Western Africa. It contains a rich amount of irremovable fatty acid which renders it far superior to Cocoa Butter and other natural vegetable butters. This fatty acid is crucial to rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin
  6. NUTHOUSE PRODUCTS is an established wholesaler/supplier of edible nuts and dried fruit. We process and pack nuts, dried fruit and snacks to supply a variety of retailers, restaurants and caterers all over South Africa and in some neighbouring states

Wholesale Shea Butter is now available from Back2Africa. Looking for raw, unrefined or whipped shea butter at wholesale prices? Check out Back2Africa.com today Global Mafura Butter Market size was valued at US$ XX Bn. in 2019 and the total revenue is expected to grow at 3.1 % through 2020 to 2026, reaching nearly US$ XX Bn. Global Mafura Butter Market Overview: Mafura Butter is made from the seeds of the Trichilia emetica tree found in the southern parts of Africa All prices are wholesale. $100 Minimum to Order by website, phone, or email. Call us at (718)492-5101 Business Hours: mon-thurs: 9am-6pm Fridays 9am-2pm eastern time! PURE NATURAL AFRICAN SHEA BUTTER SOAP LABEL (50 PCS-WHOLESALE) From $7.50. ASHANTI - 100% CREAMY AFRICAN BLACK SOAP - 8 OZ PURE RAW AFRICAN BLACK SOAP FROM NIGERIA (AFRICA.

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  1. Africa Imports' shea butter is 100% natural and unrefined. It comes raw and unpackaged, and provides your skin with unmatched moisture and healing properties. This African Shea butter can be used as a body lotion, its rich, thick texture instantly softens skin and is great for people with sensitive skin, dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema
  2. s and emollients that are excellent for repairing burned skin and in the prevention of stretch marks. Why we love it: cocoa butter smells like chocolate heaven and is.
  3. s a, e and f, provides collagen (to assist prevention of skin aging & wrinkles), and contains essential fatty acids
  4. o Acid 99% L-Ornithine powder) CAS:70-26-8/5144-42-3 Molecular Formul: C5H12N2O2 Molecular Weight : 132.19 Appearance:White crystalline powder Introduction of Natural pure raw shea butter Shea butter is a fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa or Butyrospermum parkii) which is native in.

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  1. t Oil. from $4.99 View all 20 products Sunny Isle JBCO Stories View all. Sep 22, 2020. Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Works For Me. Sep 22, 2020. Looking Great, All The Time With Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Sep 22, 2020.
  2. Candle Wax Natural - Pillar Blend. Caraway Oil. Castor Oil - Refined Organic. Chamomile Oil - Blue Organic. Cherry Kernel Oil - Virgin Organic. Coconut CO2 Extract - Roasted. Coffee Oil (Roasted) - Virgin. Copaiba Balsam Oil. Fractionated Coconut Powder - Organic
  3. Beard Butter is worth trying for sure. Tin Size: 30 grams Ingredients : Mafura Butter, Mango Butter, Coco Butter, Shea Butter, Avo Butter, Beeswax, Kaolin Clay, Safflower Oil Fragrance: A wonderful natural nutty fragrance of Mafura Butter and Wood Smoke
  4. Our organically crafted Batana Oil is extracted from the nut of the American palm tree (Elaeis oleifera) growing wild in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America.Batana Oil has been in use by the native Miskito people of Honduras for hundreds of years and they credit the oil with helping them grow their hair long and strong referring it to as the Miracle Oil
  5. Find Cosmetics Wholesalers & Retailers in Africa and get directions and maps for local businesses in Africa. List of best Cosmetics Wholesalers & Retailers in Africa of 2021. Address: Louis Pasteur Arc, 374 Schoeman St, Gauteng Central, Gauteng, 0002, South Africa, Pretoria. See full address and map. Categories: Cosmetics Wholesalers.

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Afrinatural Holdings | 237 followers on LinkedIn. The South African Medical Research Council has identified 4,000 plant species out of a database of 24,000 plants as having economical potential African Raw Shea Butter is rich in vitamins and fatty acids, it penetrates deeply into the epidermis and leaves a smooth, satiny finish. African Raw Shea Butter can be used to make massage butters, body butters, lip balms, and as a moisturizing agent in soaps and shaving creams. Ingredients: Unrefined Raw Shea Butter, from Ghana, West Africa Kokum butter is a type of plant-based oil that comes from the seeds of the kokum tree. It's frequently used in the production of topical cosmetic and pharmaceutical products like lotions, salves. We've developed shea hair styling products such as braided hair conditioning gel, frizz-free curling mousse, conditioning design foam and laydown lacquer. You can also get hair coloring creams, hair masques for deep conditioning, leave-in detanglers, itch-relief serums and many other special hair treatments

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Shop nutrient-rich hair products for all hair types in the SheaMoisture hair care sale. Explore some of our best-selling formulas for a great, low price Danthess Commodities is a shea butter processing company which is located in Wa Upper West Region of Ghana. the company produces grade A unrefined shea butter which is purely organic. The company has its own processing c. Tags: Ghana Agriculture Suppliers. Ghana. Contact Supplier Nature's Charm Coconut Custard (24x400ml) Natures Charm Coconut Custard is a delicious dairy-free custard that's ready to eat from the can. Delicious on its own or use it on vegan ice-cream, on malva pudding, in cakes, crumbles, and more. Packaged in a 400ml recyclable can and sold by the case of 24 units per case Description. A smooth virgin coconut oil mild in flavour. Fresh coconuts are shredded, dehydrated, cold pressed and filtered to preserve all the natural nutrients and goodness. Serving suggestion s. For everyday cooking, frying and baking, and as an alternative to butter or margarine. Ingredient. Coconut oil The ivory-colored butter is a solid fatty oil extracted from the nuts of the shea tree (also called the karite tree), which grows naturally across West Africa's dry savannah belt. If you're wondering where to buy shea butter body products, Shea butter is used in a selection of products, including body butters, lip balms and gentle soaps

Liberty Foods is South Africa's second largest ambient grocery supplier to the Foodservice Industry.Liberty Foods supplies a wide range of local and imported products to the food manufacturing industry. Located in JHB, PE, CPT and Durban. Contact us +27 11 695 230 Mooivallei has been producing cheese and butter for both the food industry and consumers since 2000, when a group of local farmers joined together to add value to their milk by producing quality Gouda. The company has grown seven-fold since then, today producing HACCP-certified Gouda and Cheddar cheese as well as creamy Jersey butter

You will find organic, unrefined shea butter in all our soap bars and in many of our other products. We obtain our organic unrefined shea butter directly from the source - a local women's co-operative in Uganda. This co-operative ensures that the collection and harvesting of the shea nuts is empowering 760 previously impoverished women and. FD Distributors is a leading distributor and supply partner, to both the foodservice and retail industries. We supply a large variety of superior frozen and chilled produce, as well as grocery products, to thousands of customers across South Africa Browse our range of qaulity wholesale Kitchen (Houseware) from Exciting Things. Order these wholesale Kitchen online from Exciting Things who supply wholesale vases, artificial flowers, mirrors in South Africa general bulk wholesalers Get in touch. Speak to our team about getting high-quality products at competitive prices. With convenient locations across South Africa, visit a Devland Cash and Carry to buy all your favourite brands and products in bulk. Click to view number 0119898800 Click to view email info@devland.co.z Ghana Shea Butter Hub Limited is the leading supplier of Shea Butter in Ghana and across Africa. We extract naturally and locally made Shea Butter, refined and ensure it meets international standards and supply to our clients in Ghana and abroad

Below is a list of the perishables we stock. If you are looking for something not on the list please contact us and we will try and source it for you. Butter Mooi River. 20x500gr. Butter Unsalted Springbok. 30x500gr. Butter Milk Clover. 8x500gr. Mini Butter Pats Peanut Butter. The biggest product in the Solo Foods portfolio is our peanut butter. We manufacture quality in-house brand peanut butter for Savemor and Spar, Choppies, President Hyper, Unity and Liberty.As our peanut butter brands increase in popularity, our reach has grown further and we now export peanut butter to Botswana and Namibia The Dry Bean Industry In South Africa. The Dry Bean Producers' Organisation (DPO) was established at a congress on 11 August 1993 in Potchefstroom at a time when the deregulation of agriculture took place on a large scale. The DPO was the first farmers' organisation to be established when the marketing boards were abolished Premium cold-pressed Mafura Butter (Trichilia Oil). Despite the name, this product is generally an oil or only partially solidified at room temperature. If the product has solidi

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At First Choice®, our milk and dairy products are farm fresh and filled with natural goodness that is mainly sourced from pasture-fed cows Natural Organic Essential Oils Supplier . Scatters Oils is a leading supplier of natural, organic and essential oils across the globe. Supplying over 350 different organic, aromatherapy, indigenous, essential and novel oils, the company sources oils from over 130 farmers throughout Africa and surrounding islands. It operates from its oil factory in Johannesburg, and office in Jacksonville. Butter, Spreads & Margarine. Filter Done. Xtra Savings Only . Browse All Stores Show products and specials from all Checkers stores. Category. All Departments (66) Butter, Spreads & Margarine (66) Food (66) Fresh Food (66) Milk, Butter & Eggs (66) brand. Clover (12) Flora (9) Rama (6) Stork (6) Canola (4 The 1# best discount herbal shop, vitamins, supplements, health food stores in St. Louis, MO; that specializes in selling organic, Non-GMO, sport nutritions, Dr. Sebi Alkaline Herbs, natural beauty products, organic grocery, essential oils, African products at the lowest prices. 100% Wildcrafted, Raw, Organic Sea Moss (Scientific name: Chondrus crispus) from the Caribbean Sea South Africa Shea Butter Importers Directory - Offering South Africa's buying leads from buyers, importers, distributors & resellers at South Africa TradeKey.co

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KC's Butter Biscuits. 12,954 likes · 395 talking about this · 346 were here. KC's is a bakery with a difference, We offer quality cakes and biscuits crafted daily with new flavours and specials added.. Enjoy South Africa's natural beauty with Antjie's. Support local small businesses and make a big impact. Wholesale Online Shop. We offer special discounted prices to wholesale customers. Antjie's is the ideal soap and bath products for your business. Visit wholesale shop Joburg South; My Profile. Login or Register. Get the tailored Makro experience. Login for faster checkout, online order tracking and more. Black Cat Peanut Butter Smooth (1 x 20kg) BLACK CAT Black Cat Peanut Butter Smooth (1 x 20kg) 000000000001430676_EA 6001188032009 https:. The minimum order for wholesale organic shea butter from Ghana quantity is 500 kg of unrefined shea butter and the maximum wholesale shea butter order is 20 metric tons (cca. 44290 lb). European clients based in Europe can order smaller minimum order which is 50 kilos. Unrefined grade A wholesale shea butter is packaged in plastic bags and put. Peanut oil is a popular oil that is commonly used in cooking, especially when frying foods.While peanut oil may have some health benefits, it also has some significant drawbacks.This article takes a detailed look at peanut oil to find out if it is a healthy or unhealthy choice.Peanut oil, also referred to as groundnut oil or arachis oil, is a vegetable-derived oil made from the edible seeds of.

This product comes from Burkina Faso, Africa. Virgin Unrefined (certified organic) Shea Butter. Our Virgin Unrefined African Shea Butter is extracted from the Shea nut and left completely unrefined. Because of the lack of refinement, Bulk African Shea Butter has a pale yellowish color and has the typical odor normally associated with Shea Butter bleaching and deodorization) of the mafura butter can produce an oil with an acceptable flavour (Fupi and Mork, (South Africa) and BDH (Merck Chemicals, UK). The dried pulp/aril of the mafura. Woman of ancient Africa had access to many natural botanical ingredients that are widely used today in skin care products. They knew the secrets of those ingredients. Egyptians more than any other culture, devoted themselves to beauty and its preservation; so much so, that they buried their natural skin care remedies and tools with the dead One of South Africa's most famous restaurants, The Carnivore Restaurant, is located in the town of Muldersdrift just outside of Johannesberg, and it serves a large selection of South Africa's bush meat. Obtaining giraffe meat from registered culling programs, The Carnivore Restaurant simply tenderizes and marinates the giraffe steaks and.

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This item: African Shea Butter 100% Natural 16oz $7.99 ( $0.50 / 1 Ounce) In Stock. Sold by RACosmetics and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. Details. NOW Solutions, Sweet Almond Oil, 100% Pure Moisturizing Oil, Promotes Healthy-Looking Skin $11.04 ( $0.69 / 1 Fl Oz) In Stock 4Life Africa's Best AFRICAN PRIDE Alberto VO5 Aloe Pura Aroma As I Am Aunt Jackie'S Bahari Coconut Bamsi Beautiful Textures Beauty Bioaoua Biocare Labs Black Like Me Blue Blue Magic Cantu Cantu Beauty Cg ClensySoaps Cornells Cosmo Creme Of Nature Curly Kids Dabur Dalan d'Olive Dark And Lovely Design Essentials Dew Point Naturals Dove Dr.

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Order your tin containers wholesale by the case for the best discounts, or less than a case for your smaller projects. Our metal containers are constructed from high-quality food-grade tin-plated steel. Products are available in classic silver or shiny gold for a select few. Styles and closures include slip covers, hinge tops, clear tops, screw. Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil (7) Purple Rice Water (4) Raw Shea Butter (5) SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil (7) Category Search Category. Beauty (5) Hair Treatments (1) Raw Shea Butter Retention Shampoo. $8.24 reg. $10.99 In-store Pickup 30. 25% Off Add to Bag Load More Brands Shea Moistur : All of my products are NEW. Not all products are sealed from the manufacturer. : I have a special category for travelling. These are limited to travel-sized containers that are3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Shea Moisture Manuka Honey And Mafura Oil products-Shampoo-Conditioner-masque!! at the best online prices at eBay! Africa's Best Textures with Shea Butter -HAIR CARE PRODUCTS-FREE UK POST!!!! Leave In Conditioner 250ml UK Seller. $11.26 + $16.89 shipping + $16.89 shipping. Spanish peanuts have smaller kernels and tend to be nuttier in flavor when roasted. Spanish peanuts are typically used for peanut candy, salted peanuts, coated peanuts and peanut butter. They are the predominate type grown in South Africa. Organic Spanish peanuts are available

Marula oil is a relative newcomer to the beauty oil scene.Its light texture and rich moisture content properties have made it a popular treatment for skin, hair, and nails Zulu women's traditional attire handmade in South Africa including African beaded skirts, beaded belts & gloves, Zulu hats, footwear, African beaded necklaces, bracelets & earrings, African Doeks and so much more. Wholesale suppliers of traditional African Clothing shop for the full range on our catalog. We also stock a wide range of Xhosa.