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Before you fill in the holes with concrete, make sure that your gravel boards fit like a glove between the posts. Then, pour the contents of a bag of quick setting concrete mix (for each hole you'll need about 40 kg of concrete mix) into the dug-out holes (one at a time) around the base of the posts and add the appropriate amount of water Follow along as i show you the steps i take to build a new fence with concrete posts and gravel boards. The curve top trellis gardens in a hit and miss style.. Installing concrete gravel boards for closeboard fencing. Installing a concrete gravel board onto a concrete post for closeboard fencing is slightly more complex. The gravel board specifically for featherboard fencing is attached to the post with a galvanised steel cleat that pushes into the pre-drilled holes at the base of our concrete posts

Dig the holes the same way as you would to set posts in concrete. When setting fence posts in gravel, you should bury at least one-third of the fence post. Use crushed gravel to set the posts. Pour 5 in. of gravel in the hole around the posts and tamp it down Purchase 1 gravel board to fit between each fence post. The number of boards required depends on the length of your fence. Count the number of posts and subtract 1 from the total to figure out how many boards to get. Each board fits between 2 adjacent fence posts The quickest and easiest way of fixing gravel boards to timber fence posts is to use timber cleats. These are small pieces of pressure treated batten that are screwed to the fence post and the gravel board is then screwed to the cleat

This guide shows you how to easily erect your own fence. This guide might look like its from the 80s, but the advice is still sound and you can't beat those. Installing Our Own Fencing with Concrete Posts & Gravel Boards. October 1, 2017 by Vikkie Lee 2 Comments. I now know that installing fencing is incredibly hard work. Or at least ones with concrete posts and gravel boards. That said, I'd do it all over again as it's a very rewarding job that has saved us £650 compared to a quote we received STEP 4. Add six inches of gravel, such as Quikrete All-Purpose Gravel, to the bottom of the holes.Gravel provides a solid base for the fence post to sit on and prevents it from coming into direct.

How to Install Concrete Fence Posts and Gravel Board

The gravel board is then nailed onto the face of the cleat, completing the installation. Timber gravel boards for closeboard fence are installed using drilled cleats. Drilled cleats are a small block of wood measuring approximately 150mm x 50x25mm with two holes one above the other drilled through. The cleat is first bolted onto the concrete post Hi all, I have a question about building a fence on level ground using concrete posts, concrete gravel boards and wooden panels. The choice of materials reflects my concern for the longevity of the fence, and I'm wondering whether the gravel boards should be sunk into the ground or not (the ground is level) Incidentally, you can get these gravel boards in 6 or 12 sizes. The 12 ones are better, but, of course, twice as heavy. It is possible to paint the boards, and the concrete posts, with dark brown masonry paint. this makes it blend in with the stained wooden panels, and I think looks quite attractive. It is much easier to paint them before. If wooden posts I would suggest replacing gravel board with a wooden one as there's nothing to hold concrete ones in place. If they go in crooked or not level they will stick out like a sore thumb on an old fence. Maybe a timber one and repaint old fence and new gravel board will be ok and look good enough to sell Place the concrete gravel board on the ground first slotting it into the post, ensuring that it is firmly in place; ensure the gravel board is level. Place the panel on top of the gravel board and slot firmly into the post. Then getting the next concrete post put it into its hole ensuring that it is firmly fitting the panel and gravel board

How to Fit Concrete Gravel Boards. Concrete gravel boards are really easy to install. All you need do is slide them into the slots that run along the length of the concrete fence posts. Makes sure the concrete gravel boards lie solidly on the ground, and use a spirit level to ensure they are horizontal Concrete gravel boards. When combined with concrete gravel boards an even more robust structure can be achieved. As the bottom of the fence panel is kept off the ground, rotting of the wood is prevented, considerably prolonging its lifespan. We provide lightweight and heavy-duty slotted fence posts in a variety of lengths

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Step 3: Install the first fence post. 1. At the first post point, use a post hole digger to remove the soil. 2. Create a hole to a minimum depth of 60cm and three times the width of your fence post*. 3. Pour 10cm of gravel into the bottom of each post hole (this will help to create water drainage under the post) 4 Step 3: Fixing the gravel boards. For timber posts and gravel boards measure from the top of the post down 1.65 metres and nail the timber gravel board cleats in the centre of each post. Cut the length of the gravel board to fit between the posts and nail to the cleats. For concrete posts and gravel boards use the 2-pin cleat kit

Difficulty: In order to properly install fencing there will need to be some sort of posts and possibly gravel boards. Usually posts will need to be dug into the earth with concrete or other methods of support. This is not an easy job so it is recommended to hire a professional 6' exe vat £28.74 £34.49. Don't forget to order postmix! Concrete Gravel Boards Recessed. We recommend using gravel board clips, when fixing concrete gravel boards to timber posts or wall plates. Semi-Dry. 6'' x 6' exe vat £11.67 £14.00. 12'' x 6' exe vat £14.16 £16.99. 6''x 9'6'' exe vat £22.08 £26.50. Precast Use a drill or electric screwdriver to fix an L bracket to each post. Secure the gravel boards through the L bracket with 20mm screws. Step 12 Mark out the positions of two U brackets to the inside of each post, one 150mm from the top, and one 150mm from the bottom of where the fence panel will be

Use gravel boards Our gravel boards are made from a specific class of timber and go through a different treatment process that makes them less susceptible to rot and insect attack, meaning they can be in contact with the ground. Gravel boards are particularly important when installing stepped fencing on a slope, because depending on the. Typically, this job would include 6ft high fence panels, concrete posts & gravel boards. You can choose from many different fence panel types and designs, the most popular include lap fence boards which start from £15 each, trellis panels £16, feather edge fence panels and slatted fence panels £32, concave £40, convex £45, and weaved £58.

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  2. Dig the holes the same way as you would to set posts in concrete. When setting fence posts in gravel, you should bury at least one-third of the fence post. Use crushed gravel to set the posts. Pour 5 in. of gravel in the hole around the posts and tamp it down. Add another 5 in. and tamp again
  3. Gravel board installation is complete Installing a concrete gravel board with concrete mortice post. When installing a concrete gravel board, we recommend you use a concrete fence post such as a mortice post to ensure your fencing still looks great. Concrete gravel boards and mortice posts can be used to erect closeboard fencing
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  5. Concrete posts and gravel boards. Closeboard panel fencing. Pressure treated timber fence and gate posts. Iron installation. Post and rail. Morticing. Stock/Rabbit fencing. Farm Gates. Ledged and braced/Framed tongue and groove gates made to order. All timber is pressure treated and tanalised. Examples of fencing types and styles are given below
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I have always used treated posts and crushed gravel to secure fence posts. I dig a little deeper and add maybe 6 of gravel to assist with drainage around the bottom of the post. The post is then set with the aid of a rock bar. If the gravel is properly compressed the post should never waver Easy to install, concrete gravel boards raise your fence panels off the ground, helping to reduce the risk of moisture damage such as rot and decay that would otherwise be caused by damp or wet ground. Concrete gravel boards can be used with both slotted concrete fence posts (by simply slotting them into place), and with traditional wooden.

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35% off. on all collection. Description. Reviews. Raise your fence off the ground and ensure you get even better weather protection, with our simple to use and install concrete gravel boards. Direct from CFP, these boards are easy and affordable to add to your order, and give your fence a solid look and feel, along with real-world protection 2885mm | 9ft 6in Concrete Gravel Board (for feather edge fencing) These high quality 2300m (7.5ft) long concrete gravel boards are used in conjunction with morticed concrete posts in the feather edge fencing system. Attached the gravel board to the morticed concrete gravel board using a two pin cleat and bolt fixings. If using centre stumps these can be fixed to the gravel board using a 90mm. The list of top tips on dry setting fence posts includes: Dig and prepare the holes in advance. Line the bottom with pea gravel. Set the post straight in the hole. Pour the dry setting cement. Give it time when dry setting fence posts. Let's take a closer look at each point Concrete posts and concrete gravel boards. Maintenance free, long lasting and ideal for use with treated fence panels to prevent water ingress and rot. Concrete gravel boards separate the fence panel from ground contact to protect against the risk of rot. Concrete repair spurs are an economical way to straighten and strengthen older wooden posts Raise your fence off the ground and ensure you get even better weather protection, with our simple to use and install concrete gravel boards. Direct from CFP, these boards are easy and affordable to add to your order, and give your fence a solid look and feel, along with real-world protection

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Concrete Posts and Concrete Fencing Materials. Although Concrete Posts and Concrete Fencing Materials may not be as nice to look at as wood, with a life expectancy of about 25 years, concrete posts and fencing materials are viable alternatives to traditional wooden fencing. We stock a range of Concrete Posts, Gravel boards & repair Spurs Concrete Posts and Gravel Boards. Our solid posts and gravel boards are the perfect solution if you're looking for something long-lasting and a little more robust for your fence installation. They look great and add a contemporary feel to any outdoor space Slotted Concrete Fence Posts and Gravel Boards for Wooden Panel Fences. We supply durable and long-lasting slotted fence posts, along with concrete gravel boards for wooden fences. We also stock: - Durable Concrete Repair Spurs: to fortify existing wooden fencing. - Scorpion Clips: an easy to install, anti-rattling fence panel security clip A gravel board is a wooden or concrete board usually around 140mm in height that slots under your fence panels and sits on top of the ground to help protect the fence from wet ground, insect attack and debris

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Jun 30, 2019 - Slotted Concrete Fence Posts. Fed up with rotting wooden fence posts. Here's your answer. Fit our Slotted Concrete Posts and wave goodbye to regular fence repairs. Posts from 1500 (5ft) to 3040mm (10ft) high and Gravel Boards 150mm to 300mm high. Super Low Prices. Easy as that! Select from the drop down menu above. Al (1.52m) and 6ft (1.8m). If gravel boards are to be utilised, you should make an allowance of 1ft (300mm) when choosing panel heights. Posts will be 2ft (600mm) longer than the actual fence height (including the gravel board if actually used). Composite fencing posts should be concreted into the ground to ensure that the fence is sturdy

Concrete posts and gravel boards - extra upfront cost compared to a timber only option but some may say money well spent as this fence will likley out live us all - We build them to last @ Newcastle Pro Fencing! Pro Fencing - What other services do we offer?:- All aspects & styles of Timber Fencing including: Styles include but not limited to - Space boarded fences, Closed boarded fences. Precast concrete fence posts offer a longer-lasting alternative to wooden posts. Our comprehensive range includes: slotted, recessed and morticed posts; plain, recessed and rock-faced gravel boards (commonly referred to as concrete fence panels), Fenn-Lite™ lightweight posts, deck posts, chain link and cranked top security posts, universal posts, repair spurs and bollards Fence installation 2020. SPECIAL OFFER 10 BAYS SUPPLIED & FITTED & £995.00 INCLUDES HEAVY DUTY FENCE PANELS GRAVEL BOARDS & CONCRETE POSTS. Here at Sheldon Fencing ltd we stock a variety of concrete fencing products including slotted & recessed fence posts, godfather repair posts and gravelboards I want to use rockfaced gravel boards 6ft x 1ft (see pic below) as edging. However I do not want to install concrete fence posts as I don't have the machinery to do that. I think the area will only need 2-3 gravel boards in a line to cover the edging Our concrete fence products range from 8ft concrete fence posts to concrete gravel boards, all made from high quality concrete. Concrete features are the perfect way to add style to your fencing as well as keep it secure and protected from water

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The composite gravel boards can be used to replace fence panels and fit into existing slotted concrete posts, creating a new look for your. Concrete Posts & Gravel Boards - Beesleys & Fildes Also available are Recessed, Rock/Brick Faced & Smooth Faced Gravel Boards together with a wide range of Concrete building and prestressed products Our Gravel Boards' come in both recessed and solid, all designed for timber panel fencing, Guard rails, 2 and 1 hole Barrel posts, Chain Link (Both straight and cranked arm) and Repair Spurs. Interlocking blocks for Easy stacking and building solutions, such as Material storage bays, Flood protection and retaining walls Even if you are installing a pressure treated fence panel it should be raised a minimum of 50mm above ground level to prevent rotting. If you are installing a fence onto a sloping area, keep the fence panels horizontal but fill the angled gap by cutting gravel board to size. Use a circular saw or jigsaw to make accurate angled cuts

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The concrete fence posts undergo a unique process, using a special semi-dry concrete, which is compacted by vibration to give high strength and durability. All posts and Gravel Boards are steel reinforced for extra strength and long life. STRONGCAST Original slotted posts are available in six lengths including the new 10 foot post and are. Concrete products & Gravel boards. All our concrete posts & gravel boards are manufactured on site, they all have 5.5mm steel reinforcing bars in. Concrete posts having 4 bars in & gravel boards having 2 bars in. We also produce coloured concrete posts & gravel boards

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Concrete Posts and Gravel Boards Our range of concrete posts and gravel boards are manufactured by Supreme Concrete and conform to BS EN 12839:2012 specification. These high-quality, steel reinforced posts and boards provide superior strength compared to wet cast alternatives and retain their structural integrity in extreme conditions fence installation 2020 special offer 10 bays supplied & fitted & £995.00 includes heavy duty fence panels gravel boards & concrete posts. new fence installation 2020. all types of fencing ! truf ! gravel boards ! concrete posts ! wooden posts ! sheds! playhouse ! workshops ! sand Concrete gravel boards are too heavy to lift into place after the posts have been laid. You will need to lay these in place between the posts as you are putting the posts up. They don't need fixing in place they just sit in the groove of the fence post Fence boards or panels must be securely fixed to their posts to withstand the weather, for which you need a variety of special fencing accessories. Concrete or timber gravel boards are used give longer life to the fencing timber. The fencing is fitted above the gravel board, so the timber avoids contact with the damp ground

Strongcast Original Slotted Posts. This is a unique process, using a special semi-dry concrete, which is compacted by vibration to give high strength and durability. All posts and Gravel Boards are steel reinforced for extra strength and long life. STRONGCAST Original slotted posts are available in six lengths including the new 10 foot post and. Please take a look at our products page to take a closer look at all our Wooden fence Posts, Concrete fence Posts, Gravel Boards, Postcrete and Cements. We offer a fantastic trade discount & bulk discount get in touch today to see what great prices you can get Here at B&Q, we stock a wide range of gravel boards for your garden fence. Visit us online today to shop the selection, with free in-store Click & Collect They are also normally supported by gravel boards and concrete or timber posts which help the fence last longer. A problem with installing an overlapping fence style such as lap boards is that they can be hard to maintain, and any damage can go undetected if regular checks and maintenance are not followed through

Timber Posts & Gravel Boards. At Walford Timber, we are pleased to offer a range of posts and gravel boards to complement and enhance any home. From traditional wooden timber posts and gravel boards, to more contemporary concrete board solutions, we have every style you will need. View All Timber Posts & Gravel Boards Timber gravel boards help protect your timber closeboard fencing from the risk of moisture damage and our range of timber for path edging is ideal when you want to create a new path or re-define its boundaries to smarten the look of your garden. If you are looking for a more contemporary finish then consider our concrete posts. A complete range comprising pre-slotted posts, corner posts, end.

Gravel boards are a great way to protect wooden fences from moisture. Jewson's concrete gravel boards & slotted posts are easy to install & long-lasting Loosen the upper layer of soil around the outer edge of the concrete footing using a digging bar. Ive just done this - fence paint works a treat. How to remove a fence post Step 1. Remove all of the loose debris and gravel from the hole. Everybody always want to completely remove the post

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Fence panels £20.00 each (although prices range depending on style) Wooden or concrete posts £5-£10.00 each. Concrete gravel boards £10.00 each. Wooden gravel boards £5.00 each. Post mix £5.00 each. Looking at the above information, you should expect to pay approximately £35.00 - £45.00 per panel and post providing that gravel boards. A well-constructed fence can protect privacy, define your property, and enhance curb appeal. But before you decide to put one up yourself, learn how to set your fence posts properly to ensure that. Gravel is one of the main ingredients in concrete, helping to bind the cement material, but gravel actually makes a strong, sturdy base for posts if properly compacted 3. Pour the concrete into the hole until it's 2-3 in (5.1-7.6 cm) below ground level. Use a shovel or hoe to transfer your concrete into the hole. Make sure to evenly pour the concrete on all sides of your post so the hole fills in completely. Leave at least 2 inches (5.1 cm) between your cement and ground level so you can cover it later Present LITECRETE concrete fence posts and panels. Stockport Fencing Ltd are pleased to offer a pioneering concept to the concrete Post and Panel perimeter fencing sector. Weighing up to 60% less than traditional dense concrete posts LITECRETE posts and gravel boards are superior in quality to any other lightweight product on the market today