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LEFT SIDE WEIGHT ON DIRT. I run a Metric chassis on dirt circle track. The front upper control arms can be relocated, but everything else, (front and rear) must have stock suspension mounting points. I have recently been experimenting with higher than average Left Side weight percentages, in an effort to use ALL the contact patches on my car 4-link suspension information. 4 LINK DIRT SUSPENSION. TIGHTEN CAR ON CORNER ENTRY. • Raise left side frame mounted panhard bar on chassis. • Lower panhard bar on pinion mount. • Stiffen left front spring. • Raise left side ride heights (rock up) • Soften 6th coil spring. LOOSEN CAR ON CORNER ENTRY Apr 12, 2011. #3. well i would think rear percentage is much more a factor. 56-60 percent is great and since cross weight is more of a tuning option i would go with bite. Most times we ran negitive stagger to tighten up the car, although now a days they run emods. I remember having 56-60 rear, 100lbs if bite with P225 LR and P235 RR This Tuning Guideline can be used for Late Models, Modifieds or B‐Mods Problem: Car is tight on corner entry, when on the throttle: Take Wedge out of Car * * 1 Add 1/2 in. wheel Spacer to Right rear * * * 2 Lengthen Right Side WheelBase (1/4 in. ) * * * At Harris Auto Racing we manufacture our own chassis designs for the Modified divisions. *Over-rail cars set 14 1/2 from right side over rail bar to right side of the torque link bracket. d. Setting the Panhard (J) Bar (Depending on Bite #) RR: 14 6. Set front-end alignment (to the follow settings)

To decrease bite: Decrease nose Increase left side weight Increase cross Tight kart has more rear grip than front Loose kart has less rear grip than front Stiff chassis is tight Stiff chassis transfers more weight Flexible chassis is loose Flexible chassis transfers less weight No Goats Racing - Chassis Tuning - Page The big reason is that the Panhard/J-Bar was probably too high to begin with and side bite is lost. The car skates in this scenario so lowering the bar creates more grip. More grip allows the driver to feel more secure so he can simply turn the car to the bottom instead of skating up to the second groove While the ideal amount of camber will vary between front suspension layouts, most dirt suspensions need at least 3 degrees positive camber in the left front and at least 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 degrees negative camber in the right front. Camber helps your tires to make side bite. Try adding camber if you need to improve the ability of your race car to turn

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  1. Side Bite is an important tuning tool on any circle track race car. In this video Mike Nuchols from Warrior Race Cars gives an overview on side bite and discusses when it should be added or taken away and how to do this using a couple different methods. Brakes Chassis Dirt Late Model Dirt Modified Driver Technique Engine Fire Suit Fire.
  2. However, the right amount of loose roll steer can help a race car to turn the corner correctly. At best, any trailing arm arrangement is a compromise between forward bite and roll steer. The 4-Link Difference . A well designed 4-link provides good forward bite and the proper amount of roll steer
  3. tough to get too much side bite. Good dirt chassis tend to be relatively flexable. This means that when the driver is seated in the kart one of the wheels can be lifted a considerable distance before any of the other wheels leave the ground. The flexable chassis will allow the individua
  4. At Harris Auto Racing we facilitate our own chassis design and manufacture race cars and Trail the right side to free up if needed some cases have seen 1-1 ¼ right side back. b. Indexing the Birdcages - The birdcages need to be indexed at 2-3° on LR and 0° on RR (Depending on Bite #) RR: 12 ½ 6. Set front-end alignment (to the.
  5. D. Rear End Adjustment (side to side) 1. Left upper torque arm plate to left ride height tab-16 depends on LR bite and ride height 2. Panhard bar (plate mounted towards rear of car, j-bar mounted on front side of plate) a. R.S. of Rear Second hole on bottom b. Frame 5th hole from top inside row c. Center to center 21 5/
  6. searching for the balance of side bite and forward bite. with forward bite. Driving styles and tendencies also come into play especially in dirt track racing where conditions are constantly changing. In reality rarely will you feel like your car is 100% perfect during a night. In dirt track racing, track conditions change from hooked up and.

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  1. The dirt car rear geometry layouts are varied and usually highly adjustable for both late models and modifieds. Each car needs to be evaluated for where it is to be raced and then set correctly. The trailing arm angles affect the rear steer and bite and the pull bar, or lift arm, can redistribute load upon acceleration and deceleration
  2. Car is a 05 Shaw,. Set up says 20-30lbs more on lft rear than right. What might be my new result with that much less weight on the lft rear,..???? Here is a link to my very first and only race ever so far on the dirt let alone a dirt modified,..the camara will follow on me after lap 7 when the 57 car falls off,..I am #19 red car starting at the back,.again one race only under my belt (newby
  3. Raise the moveable weight up and to the right side as much as possible for a 50-50 percent side-to-side weight distribution. Increase the Ackermann to 1 degree in 15 degrees of steering

Managing the wedge is also helpful if you're wondering how do you get a side bite out of a dirt car because it will affect the level of traction. Conclusion Currently, dirt car racing involves a left-hand weight measurement of 53.5-55, along with a wedge between 75-125 pounds Joined Aug 4, 2005. ·. 2,171 Posts. #7 · Mar 28, 2006. Flat carpet track , L4 based car , 63-64 % left side , much more than that and your not going to transfer the weight to the rt. side enough thru the corners. Perfect world --Car should be 50 / 50 thru the corner on oval Posts: 982. Re: reverse spring split. Reply #6 - 03/03/12 at 5:24pm. Try 1000 r/f, 1050 l/f, get 7 to 8 degrees pinion angle. Get sphereical bearings for the rears of the trailing arms so when it rolls it won't bind up. Maybe try a 100#, 16 spring for the l/r, it should give you foward bite. Back to top

Forward bite is the traction the car has coming off the corner. If you have good forward bite the car will look like it was shot out of a cannon when it comes off the corner. You definatly want it. How do you get it?? Thats the 64 dollar question. If the car is free thru the turn that will help alot with forward bite coming off In short what BSB feels is the most important part of the car for making forward traction and side bite is often turned in to a marketing tool for someone to sell as a product of profit. People seen an opportunity to get into a market because building birdcages appeared to get easier to do, but the truth of the fact is it got harder to build With dirt modifieds I don't believe anyone running upfront at top notch tracks is using a car more than a year old or so in the modified division. The thing we found with coilovers was that they gave the car good forward bite, but didn't have good side bite meaning the car would want to slide more than it should in the middle of the corner.

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Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube From what Wash posted, looks to me like you need to start with increasing your bite. I would up your bite to 60-70 lbs. Will loosen car on entry but should give you way more forward drive if every thing else is close. Works for me. JMO. sm44. Pit Crew. Posts: 5. Forward bite. Jan 27, 2013 at 10:25am

broken in will lack forward and side bite, until they get scuffed in. Generally speaking, on wet tracks, you want a tire with radial grooves and cross cuts in rear, and radial grooves in front. On dry tracks, we often run only radial grooves on all 4 tires. Radial grooves promote side bite by creating edges on the contac 2011 DMR Modified Setup Guide Left Side % 52.3% Cross % 49.5% Bite or Wedge 40 to 60 lbs Rear % 58.5% Modified Scale Summary Scaling Quick Reference Guide 1. Measure Engine Setback 2. Remove Right Rear Axle 3. Set Tire Pressure / Stagger 4. Check Fuel Level 5. Fill All Fluids 6. Add Ballast As Needed 7. Measure And Set Frame Heights 8. Set Four. BITE: 150 LBS LEFT SIDE 52.5% REAR 55% * Based on 20 gallons of fuel and a 200 pound driver. TORQUE ARM: 73-6 Shock with 325 pound spring Approximately 3 travel on 36 center to center. REAR END LEAD: Right rear back 1/4 to 3/8 FRONT END ALIGNMENT: CASTER: --- CAMBER: LF: 1.5+ --- LF: 2.5+ RF: 3+ --- RF: 3.5-Toe: 1/4 to 1/2 out. NEW STYLE. Dirt Modified Chassis - Dial Your Modified Setup. Dirt Modifieds Are A Great Entry-Level Class For Many Racers. Circle Track Provides Some Advice For Nailing The Setup On Your Dirt Mod To Help You.

Side Bite Motorsports. 289 likes · 20 talking about this. Just a bunch of dudes that love racing and iRacing High bite - high air. Big track - big air as a general rule. When you're up on air, make sure you have enough bite in the tires.-----Thanks and God bless, Brian Carlson Carlson Racing Engines Vector Cutz www.CarlsonMotorsports.com 28 years of service to the karting industry Linden, IN 765-339-4407 bcarlson@CarlsonMotorsports.co For road racing and autocrossing, the ideal left weight percentage is 50 percent. This makes the cornering force balanced from left to right and offers the best performance overall. However, many cars cannot make the 50 percent left-side weight percentage due to driver offset. Still, it is a worthwhile goal to strive for 50 percent left-side.

That forces the left rear control arm downwards and shortens the wheel base on the left side yielding rear steer during cornering plus maintains weight on the left rear tire tread for grip. 2 or 3 years after I found this works awesome on dirt, I seen dirt modifieds and late models going to light right side springs First I will say I have only been racing for about a year now, so I am still a beginner and any help would be appreciated. Most people are running clay tracks with probably lots of grip, well I am running on a small DIRT track that is usually dry slick with only one groove and that is on the bottom because all the loose dirt is in the upper groove Such a chassis can probably be made to work well on dirt where it's really tough to get too much side bite. Good dirt chassis tend to be relatively flexable. This means that when the driver is seated in the kart one of the wheels can be lifted a considerable distance before any of the other wheels leave the ground 2009 MODIFIED SETUP SHEET (3-LINK & 4-BAR) (Feel Free to Print Out) RIDE HEIGHTS-(NEW CHEVELLE FRONT CLIP): LF: 7 7/8 to 8 from ground to center line of lower A-Frame bolt RF: 7 7/8 to 8 from ground to center line of lower A-Frame bolt LR: Will be set by amount of wedge RR: 2 3/4 top of lower underslung to bottom of axle tube for under rai This term is widely used when describing a 4-link dirt modified right front shock or asphalt cars front shocks. An easy-up shock is a common term used to describe a shock with stiff compression and soft rebound. This term is widely used when describing a 4-link dirt modified left rear or left front shock

To help the car turn through rear steer you can run the RR trailing arm uphill a 1/2- 1 at the front. As the car rolls the RR trailing arm will push the rear end housing back on that side. The uphill RR trailing arm adds anti-squat to the car which helps forward bite under acceleration so I like to run some uphill angle in the RR trailing. Side Bite Setup 162/781 162/55 LF RF LR RR 162/1001 230/721 Asphalt Modified (NASCAR Type). NOTE: These recommended combinations can use BILSTEIN SZ, SL, SN2, AS2 , XVA or XVS Series Take-Apart shocks. A custom valve charge will be incurred when ordering sealed SZ or SL Series shocks not listed on pages 11 to 12 of this guide. High Speed.

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  1. Inclined panhard bars also produce vertical forces that act on the car's chassis and the rear axle at the bar's attachment points. This is the second fundamental reason that panhard bars affect a car's handling. When a panhard bar is level, the rear tires' entire lateral grip is transferred into the chassis at the bar's end horizontally
  2. The East KY Racing Pit Stop. The Break Room. The Trading Post. Video Room. The Good Old Days. East KY Drag Racing. Dirt Track Racing Technical Support. NASCAR. Computer Dirt Track Racing Games (DTR & DTR2) Message Board Technical Support. Regional Track Information. Southern Ohio Speedway. Bluegrass Speedway
  3. imize traction rolling and will also give the car a snappier feel—good for smooth, high-bite tracks
  4. Hot Lap is probably one of the best selling products at any Speed Shop. It's used from go-karts to drag racing. And it's probably one of the single best products for racing. Because with some of the tires some divisions are made to run, it's the only thing letting guys actually get a bite of the track

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As the car rolls, several things happen. 1) The rear end is pulled to the left, tucking the right rear in, compared to the front. This helps to plant the right rear. 2) A force is generated thru the J-bar, and this force has 2 components, 1 of which forces the rear tires into the ground, generating more side bite Dirt Late Model Racing-Illinois Side Bites Get Racing Products! Get Racing Products! Click Here! Tuesday, December 6, 2011. Flatland Flash-25 Years Later. He runs the B12. He is from Gibson City and in my opinion is probably one of the top 5 drivers, maybe top 3 drivers to come from the state of IL. He wound up with the name of the, Flatland. For the 600cc chassis, 61-68% works best. Typically we are at 63-65%. Calculate the cross bite by adding the RF and LR and dividing by the total weight of the chassis. Look for about 42%-48% in the 600cc. For a normal track we will start at about 45%. Increasing cross bite will tighten the chassis coming off the turn on small tracks Race car suspension Class. . In order to understand the complexity of a Formula Cars suspension, a basic knowledge of the stock car suspension should first be mastered. When designing a (front) suspension , geometry layout is critical. spindle choice and dimensions, kingpin and steering inclination, wheel offset, frame height, car track.

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Forward bite is slightly reduced to a degree (from Option #1), but the axle diameters here still remain much thinner than standard axles sold which will allow for axle wrap-up and increased forward bite over any standard diameter axles. Best Suited Track Type: Heavy or tack The focus is mainly the dirt late model and dirt modified race cars, but the general principles I illustrate can be easily supplied to any type of dirt race car or any race car in general. Here is just a little hint of what is inside: Why softening the right front spring will add side bite as well as forward bite to your car. (Chapter 23, page 84 This options best captures a bit of axle wrap (Forward Bite) with the thinner overall axle diameters & throttle turn (the tire stagger effect) that comes with different left-to-right axle diameters. It is our most commonly used axle combination. Best Suited Track Type: Starts heavy or tacky and gets more dry-slick through the night

The focus is mainly the dirt late model and dirt modified race cars, but the general principles I illustrate can be easily supplied to any type of dirt race car or any race car in general.Here is just a little hint of what is inside:Why softening the right front spring will add side bite as well as forward bite to your car PONTOON BEACH, Ill. — After 25 long, hard-fought laps around the Tri-City Speedway, the streak has officially come to an end. Mike Harrison has dethroned rival Nick Hoffman from atop the DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals podium and ended his dominant stretch of 15 wins in 15 starts

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Side Bite Motorsports. June 28 at 4:36 PM. Tonight the SRG Summer Series does battle at Michigan International Speedway! Side Bite Motorsports. June 27 at 10:46 AM. Congratulations to Side Bite Motorsports team member and Maconi Setu p Shop LLC sponsored driver, Kyler Bruce for winning his 100th iRacing Official race on dirt! Great work Kyler Dirt Racing Tire Prep: Altering tires by grooving and siping can maximize the amount of traction and enhance the performance of the tire. (side bite) as the driver turns their car. Again, grooving helps reduce heat in the tire. It allows heat to escape from the block or the rib of the tire as the air flows across the tread The EX is a complete gummy-spec tire with a very soft tread and a fairly soft sidewall. We tested this in a 110/100-18. The traction is on par with the stickiest tires in the test. Large granite rocks or small rolling rocks were greeted with an unreal chew-and-stick pattern If lowering blocks drop either or both spring eye positions relative to the axle then the rear roll center height will be lowered and chassis roll, along with rear side bite, will increase. Too much lowering block* can cause the forward thrust of the rear axle to prevent the leafs (or torque arm) from wrapping up and absorbing engine torque

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RaceKnowHow.com is an educational website that focuses on teaching and showing racers and race car enthusiasts how to work on and how to improve their cars and racing program. Industry professionals, top companies, and racing legends pass their knowledge onto you with instructional informative videos and tech columns. Topics include safety, suspension, brakes, engines, fuel systems, driving. Steve Norris, crewman and tire prep for dirt late model driver Billy Moyer for over 20 years: Siping makes a tire 'fire' quicker—get up to temperature faster. Say there's a D55 tire rule and the track is muddy for the heats. You'll want a tread that's all cut up so it can move around, build heat fast, and give you some bite I race a winged 360 sprint car on a ½-mile dirt track. According to your #S282 Sprint Car Chassis Technology book, there are multiple ways to adjust a chassis to make it looser or tighten it up. For example, spring or torsion bar rates, crossweight, chassis tilt, wheel tracking/spacing, wing position and angle, can all be used

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Pinion angle simply refers to the angle of the differential's pinion shaft and yoke in relation to the driveshaft. If you're running a leaf-spring car, the pinion angle is set by the welded perches on the axle housing. The universal joint is the part of this equation that allows the pinion angle to change as needed The team at JConcepts are always innovating and adding to an arsenal of fine racing tread patterns and compounds. The carpet and turf racing scene are hotter than ever, and with more courses, the team works harder than ever to deliver more options to a hungry crowd of racers. Introducing the Fuzz Bite, the pin tire designed with radius positioning to enhance the drive on a range of surfaces The home of the Jet Mod and Jet Phantom, the championship dirt track modified and stock chassis. Offering a full inventory of high performance racing parts, racing safety equipment, racing components and more. 9 LR Shock Hold Car on RF for side bite. Custom Valved Shock Package choose from... Sales price: $169.96. Sales price without tax. Panhard bar (plate mounted towards front of car, j-bar mounted on back side of plate) a. The more bite a dirt track has, generally the more air pressure you need to run to keep the kart free. lr. Guaranteed lowest price! Save off 9, off 9, off 9, 0 off ,899 Orders Raise the hot rear tire pressures Dirt Bikes: These bikes garnered the name 'dirt bike' from their use on dirt roads with mud, gravel, and bumpy hills and slopes - all of which they handle with ease. Often used in racing, they are typically lightweight and easy to control, and continue to be popular for recreation

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I just lost my side bite there, McCreadie said. Once the brown went away, I couldn't get around the cushion because I was so flat getting in, and the car had no scotch. To run low was the only way to get my car up in the air to get it in attitude to try and get off the corner. McCreadie earned a $20,000 paycheck for second The Dirt Webs, the ultimate Bar-Tire, relies heavily on the Web-treatment for massive forward acceleration; however, the design does not stop there. Inside the supported bar portion rests horizontal and vertical alternating bars which help balance side-bite and backs up the Web-Bars to help minimize wear Dirt Track Chassis Set-up At The Rear For Cornering. We are allowed to run a nine inch rear-end, with the top mounting points no higher than 7 3/ At the RaceWise Dirt Track Chassis School, students learn how suspensions actually work and how tires make side and forward bite. This foundation of knowledge enables students to learn not only WHAT to do to improve handling and tire performance, but, more importantly, they come to understand WHY

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Grooves can also be cut at angles. Angled grooves will result in a combination of increased side bite as well as increased forward bite. Unlike siping in which you should go no deeper than 1/2 the depth of the tread block, grooving can and generally is the full depth of the tread block These dirt tires have a block-shaped pattern, both to bite into the dirt and evacuate it so the cars have grip. The size of the left-side tire also has some differences

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Left Side % Note: Based on a driver- scaled driver in the can Crass % Bite or Wedge lbs Rear Stagger camber -5k Degrees Note: If driver weighs more than 200 put lead in drivers seat to make up the difference ( Example: If driver weight is 245 - put 45 of lead in the seat when scaling Modified Frame Heights - Il I Read More Best Cheap Dirt Bikes. 1. KTM 450 sx-f Dirt Bike: Why we love it: This latest dirt bike is a high-level Dirt Bike with remarkable improvements. This KTM dirt bike is a pro-level dirt bike with a robust motor. The dirt bike offers fast speed and a vast range of improvements and Special Features. PROS The tread has blocks designed to bite into the dirt, and the grooves in the tread help evacuate the dirt. The right-side tire is similar to what teams typically run, and the left-side tire is. Dirt - 1 downhill to the right. Asphalt - level. -- A high panhard bar works best on fast heavy race tracks & on heavy race cars. -- If your panhard bar is mounted too high you can expect: Loose corner handling (usually) Little chassis roll. The chassis to be unforgiving and overly sensitive to the driver The ULTIMATE Racing Car Chassis Setup Guide and Tutorial. The Most Complete Racing Car Chassis Setup Tutorial Guide Available presented by Shown above is a gaming expo fair in Europe that held a contest for the best gamer team in a newly released 1st shooter game competition

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Dirt Track Racing Dictionary A A-Frame: The upper or lower connecting suspension piece (in the shape of an A) locking the frame to the spindle. Air dam: A metal strip that hangs beneath the front grill of a stock car, often just inches from the ground. The air dam helps provide aerodynamic downforce at the front of the car. Air Pressure: Force exerted by air within a tire, expressed in pounds. Step 2: Chop some of the Oreos. Remove eight Oreos (or more if you bought a family-sized bag) from the package and chop them into ¼ to ½ pieces. This simple step makes this dirt cake recipe extra special. My absolute favorite bites of this dirt pudding are the ones that contain big chunks of soft Oreos Since the early 2000s pit bike racing, a sport similar to motocross, has become popular in the United States, especially in Southern California. The name pit bike originated from the use of a Honda Z50 to ride around the pit areas of dirt bike races and race events across the United States