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Use Code - SWCMD21 & Get 30% Reward $ on Every Purchase | Buy Now At Competitive Prices.. One Stop Shop For All Wound Care Products | Avail From Top Selling Brands | Ships Fast Dynarex White Petrolatum has a sensitive formula that is ideal for healing dry, damaged, or cracked skin- even on eczema and sensitive areas. Available in single use packets, tubes, and jars for ultimate convenience in a wide variety of long-term care facilities, homecare, tattoo parlors, first aid kits, and more 8009-03-8 - Petrolatum [USP] - Searchable synonyms, formulas, resource links, and other chemical information White Petrolatum »White Petrolatum is a purified mixture of semisolid hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum,and wholly or nearly decolorized.It may contain a suitable stabilizer

Petroleum jelly, petrolatum, white petrolatum, soft paraffin, or multi-hydrocarbon, CAS number 8009-03-8, is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons (with carbon numbers mainly higher than 25), originally promoted as a topical ointment for its healing properties. The Vaseline brand is a well known American brand of petroleum jelly since 1870.. After petroleum jelly became a medicine chest staple. Specification for Petrolatum, White, USP (PE125) Item Number PE125 Item Petrolatum, White, USP CAS Number 8009-03-8 Molecular Formula Molecular Weight MDL Number Synonyms Petroleum Jelly ; Soft Paraffin Test Specification Min Max STABILIZER BHT AS REPORTED TOCOPHEROLS AS REPORTED SPECIFIC GRAVITY @60 C 0.815 - 0.880 MELTING RANGE 38 - 60 C. Petrolatum; Petrolatum base; Petrolatum, white; Petrolatum,amber; Petrolatum,white; Petroleum jelly; Soft paraffin; White petrolatum; White, soft paraffin; Yellow soft paraffin; Pharmacology Indication. For use as an over the counter skin protectant Label. Commonly used to treat diaper rash and chapped lips Label 1

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  1. Some products (e.g., zinc oxide, white petrolatum) are used mostly to protect the skin against irritation (e.g., from wetness).Dry skin is caused by a loss of water in the upper layer of the skin.
  2. s A and D to create a protective layer, seal out wetness, and immediately soothe rash discomfort. The Desitin Multi-Purpose Ointment formula goes on clear. It protects chafed skin and seals out wetness, making Desitin Multi-Purpose Ointment your trusted partner for preventing.
  3. white petrolatum until blended well. 4. Transfer to appropriate container and label. 5. Suggested Quality assessments: a. color b. container c. Label ‐ auxiliary labels, storage, BUD, compounded medication Store in air‐tight container, at controlled room temperatur
  4. Product/Trade Name: White Petrolatum Production use: Used as an skin protectant Synonyms: Petroleum Jelly CAS Number.: 8009-03-8 Manufacturer's Name: Dynarex Corporation Manufacturer's Address: 10 Glenshaw Street Orangeburg, NY 10962 Information & Emerg. Phone No.: (888)-DYNAREX (Mon - Fri
  5. Snow White Petrolatum USP is a white petrolatum is of a softer consistency and slightly darker color with a viscosity of 64/75 SUS. It complies with USP requirements and FDA requirements as per 21 CFR 172.880. It is recognized by the FDA as an OTC Skin Protectant and non-comedogenic, bio-degradable and not animal tested

99 g white petrolatum amount of base 100 g* total quantity (1 g of active 99 g of the base) *It is important to be careful in determining the amount for thetotal quantity. If you do not add both the active and base quantitiesfor the total quantity, if not listed, the calculation will be set upincorrectly from the very start Answer: Petroleum jelly is made by the waxy petroleum material that formed on oil rigs and distilling it. The lighter and thinner oil-based products make up petroleum jelly, also known as white petrolatum or simply as petrolatum. Robert Chesebrough is the chemist who devised and patented this process (U.S. Patent 127,568) in 1872 Pertolatum does not have one single chemical formula. It is a mixture of many hydrocarbons obtained by distillation of petroleum. The hydrocarbons that make up petrolatum belong to the alkane family with general formula CnH2n+2. Examples of alkanes are methane (CH4), ethane C2H6), propane (C3H8), and so on and so forth Ultima White Petrolatum USP is white petrolatum is of a harder consistency and higher melting point with a viscosity of 60/70 SUS. It blends well with oil. It complies with USP requirements and FDA requirements as per 21 CFR 172.880. It is recognized by the FDA as an OTC Skin Protectant and non-comedogenic, bio-degradable and not animal. White Petrolatum USP 100%. White Petrolatum USP 100%. Close. Purpose: Skin Protectant. Skin Protectant. Close. INDICATIONS & USAGE. Uses: temporary protection of minor - cuts - scrapes - burns - sunburn - chafed or chapped skin - helps treat and prevent diaper rash - protects chafed skin due to diaper rash and helps protect from.

Melt the stearyl alcohol, white wax, and petrolatum together on a hot plate. Add the cholesterol to the mixture; stir until completely dissolved. Remove the mixture from the hot plate and stir until congealed Salicylic Acid 30% and Precipitated Sulfur 6% in White Petrolatum: Formula Number: 1520: Synonyms: Sulfur and Salicylic Acid Ointment; Wound Ointment: Components: Sulfur, Precipitated Salicylic Acid Mineral Oil Petrolatum, White: Document: Download/View PDF Fil The Physical Property fields include properties such as vapor pressure and boiling point, as well as explosive limits and toxic exposure thresholds The information in CAMEO Chemicals comes from a variety of data sources . Specific Gravity: 0.865 at 140 ° F Estimated. (USCG, 1999) Boiling Point: Very high. (USCG, 1999 Formula: C 15 H 15 N A white, yellow or light amber semisolid fatty substance. Transparent when thin-layered, slightly fluorescent. Insoluble in water, almost insoluble in cold or hot ethanol and cold anhydrous ethanol Coal Tar 5% in White Petrolatum, Human, Veterinary: Formula Number: 1683: Synonyms: Coal Tar 5% Ointment; Tar Ointment: Components: Coal Tar USP Polysorbate 80 Petrolatum, White: Document: Download/View PDF Fil

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  1. Petrolatum is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons derived from the distillation of petroleum. Hydrocarbons are compounds that contain only carbon and hydrogen. The hydrocarbons that make up petrolatum belong to the methane (saturated or alkane) family of hydrocarbons with the general formula C n H 2N+2
  2. Petrolatum (also known as petroleum jelly and white petrolatum) occurs as a colorless or pale yellow semisolid. It was originally promoted as a topical ointment for its healing properties. After petroleum jelly became a medicine cabinet staple, consumers began to use it for a myriad of ailments and cosmetic purposes, including toenail fungus.
  3. Highly refined (White Petrolatum) grades are used in pharmacy and cosmetics. Less refined grades (Yellow, amber or brown Petrolatum) are used industrially and may contain impurities such as carcinogenic polycyclic aromatics. Therefore, the European Union applies the risk phrase R 45 (May cause cancer) with Note N to petrolatum
  4. White petrolatum USP is a purified mixture of semi-solid hydrocarbons from petrolatum and is decolorized. It may contain a stabilizer. Synonyms: white soft paraffin, white petroleum jelly, Vaseline, White Ointment USP. Yellow-soft paraffin is often used in eye ointments, as it is not bleached and probably does not contain a stabilizer
  5. SEALS OUT WETNESS: The white petrolatum with lanolin in the formula serves to lock out wetness, protecting the skin and preventing rashes and discomfort. Safe for use on delicate and sensitive skin. EASY APPLICATION: No applicators needed; simply use a finger to apply to the affected area. Conveniently packaged in portable and on-the-go single.
  6. Ingredients Salicylic acid 60% (crystalline powder

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  1. Product Viscosity, Pa. s Yield Stress, Pa @shear rate: 20 s-1 @ shear rate 3300s-1 @ shear rate: 0.0025 s-1 Zovirax-USA 17 0.28 8360 50 Zovirax-UK N/A N/A 31000 300 Zovirax-AUT N/A N/A 30100 300.
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  3. PETROLATUM USP WHITE. Back. Item Number: 840000 CAS Number: 8009-03-8 Formula: N/A UPI Tradename: UNIPURE PET. Customer service (855) 874 4100 X. 851. Technical support (855) 874 4100 X. 854. Request a quote Request a sample. Appearance. Off-white semi-solid with faint mild odor/ Clear light yellow when melte
  4. or cuts. It is made with a guaranteed triple-purified petroleum jelly and is highly recommended by dermatologists all over the world. When applied to the skin, it can relieve dry, stressed, and sensitive skin. It can be easily spread against the skin and is.
  5. Formula: CAS No. Weight-% Petrolatum, white 8009-03-8 100 4. FIRST AID MEASURES First aid measures General Advice: National Capital Poison Center in the United States can provide assistance if you have a poison emergency and need to talk to a poison specialist. Call 1-800-222-1222

The Dynarex White Petrolatum Skin Protectant is a direct source into creating a barrier that helps stop chaffing when legs rub together or other causes such as rashes from fabrics rubbing on the skin. The jelly can also be used to treat rashes from diapers - another option instead of talcum powder which usually leaves a white residue in an unwanted area Other formulations include base containing sorbitan sesquioleate, water, aquaphor,cream, which contains hydrocortisone acetate 1% or 2.5% and white petrolatum.Hydrocortisone OintmentBill of MaterialsScale (mg/100 g) Item Material Name Quantity/kg (g) Hydrocortisone micronized 6% excess 10.60 1.00 1 White soft paraffin 91.50 2 Liquid paraffin. White Petrolatum, USP, is a purified mixture of semisolid hydrocarbons from petroleum that has been wholly or nearly decolorized. It is used for the same purpose as petrolatum, but because of its lighter color, it is considered more esthetically pleasing by some pharmacists and patients. White petrolatum is also known as white petroleum jelly

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Remedy Phytoplex Z-Guard Skin Protectant Paste. Indicated for the relief of discomfort associated with diaper rash caused by wetness, urine and/or stool and other macerated skin conditions. White petrolatum-based (57%) and zinc oxide (17%) formulation sticks on intact, irritated or denuded skin. Formulated without menthol or other analgesics. Petroleum jelly (also called petrolatum) is a mixture of mineral oils and waxes, which form a semisolid jelly-like substance. This product hasn't changed much since Robert Augustus Chesebrough.

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Helps seal out wetness and relieve chapped or cracked skin, minor cuts, scrapes and burns. White petrolatum-based ointment is enhanced with natural oils, 1.0% zinc oxide and Phytoplex formulation. Applies clear for ease of inspecting skin condition and adheres well to wet skin. Ideal for all ages. Hypoallergenic, nonirritating and nonsensitizing PE125, 8009-03-8. Spectrum™ Petrolatum, White, USP is used as a moisturizer to treat or prevent dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor skin irritations. All Spectrum Chemical USP products are manufactured, packaged and stored under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) per 21CFR part 211 in FDA registered and inspected facilities White petroleum jelly is a refined, purified extract of heavy waxes and paraffinic oils, and USP white petroleum jelly has passed the safety standards of the FDA for use in food and cosmetics. The problem is that not all manufacturers choose to use refined petrolatum or use low-grade refinement processing, and there is the potential for PAHs to. Compounding instructions: 600mg (300 x 2mg tabs) crushed into White Petrolatum base, to make 60gm total. When compounding, please run the compound though an ointment mill 3 or more times to improve texture of the ointment and patient tolerability. Please do not dissolve the tablets in alcohol as this increases burning Mineral Oil, White Petrolatum Base Ophthalmic ointment drug summary. Find medication information including related drug classes, side effects, patient statistics and answers to frequently asked questions. Visit cvs.com for more details

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There are five (5) classes or types of ointment bases which are differentiated on the basis of their physical composition. These are: oleaginous bases. absorption bases. water in oil emulsion bases. oil in water emulsion bases. water soluble or water miscible bases. Each ointment base type has different physical characteristics and therapeutic. If salicylic acid, urea, and white petrolatum ointment is swallowed, call a doctor or poison control center right away. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan on getting pregnant. You will need to talk about the benefits and risks of using salicylic acid, urea, and white petrolatum ointment while you are pregnant Nozzle Gel Petrolatum Formula 04/01/14 Safety Data Sheet Product: Nozzle Gel Petrolatum Formula Part 1: Identification of the Substance/Mixture and of the Company/Undertaking. Identification Nozzle Gel Product Use Description: Protects against weld spatter build up on M.I.G. gun nozzles and welding components Advanced film-forming gel formula vs spring thermal water and white petrolatum as primary dressings after full-face ablative fractional CO 2 laser resurfacing: a comparative split-face pilot study L. Marini

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Find Petrolatum, White, USP at SpectrumChemical.com now. Great deals on chemicals and chemical supplies Dynarex White Petrolatum Skin Protectant from HealthyKin.com protects skin from wind burn and chapping. Dynarex White Petrolatum Skin Protectant Features: Compares to Vaseline. Soothing protection for minor burns. Provides visible relief of dry skin. Part numbers: 1145, 1145, 1140

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Shop Petrolatum, white, pure, ACROS Organics™ at Fishersci.co b) White Petrolatum(USP) is a purified mixture of semisolid hydrocarbons from petroleum that has been wholly or nearly decolorized. 10. c)Yellow ointment (USP) is mixture (1000g) of yellow wax (50g) and petrolatum (950g). d)White ointment (USP) This ointment differs from yellow ointment by substituting white wax and white petrolatum in the formula Formulated with Vitamins A & D and white petrolatum to create a protective barrier and help seal out wetness. Temporarily soothes and moisturizes the skin; fragrance-free formula is ideal for sensitive skin. Applies easily and smoothly. Not made with natural rubber late 10) Light Mineral Oil: Similar to white petrolatum, mineral oil acts as a barrier between the skin and environmental pollutants. It also helps your lips hold on to moisture. 11) Octyldodecanol: Octyldodecanol is a synthetic fatty alcohol used — in this case — as a skin-conditioning agent. It can also help prevent the ChapStick formula from.

Nystatin Ointment USP, for topical use only, contains 100,000 USP Nystatin Units per gram, in an ointment base of light mineral oil and white petrolatum. The structural formula is as follows: Molecular Weight 926.1 Snow White Petrolatum USP is of a softer consistency and slightly darker colour with a viscosity of 64/75 SUS. It complies with USP requirements and FDA requirements as per 21 CFR 172.880. It is recognized by the FDA as an OTC Skin Protectant and non-comedogenic, bio-degradable and not animal tested. Petrolatum Vaseline Lip Therapy Advanced Formula. The famous Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly. Just like mineral oil, it is also a by-product of refining crude oil, aka petroleum, and it is also a mixture of hydrocarbons but with bigger (C18-90+) carbon chain length. The unique thing about petrolatum is that it is the most effective occlusive agent known today The white petrolatum, which is obtained from petroleum and is wholly or nearly decolorized, is a purified mixture of semisolid saturated hydrocarbons having the general chemical formula C n H 2n+2. The hydrocarbons consist mainly of branched and unbranched chains. White petrolatum contains butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) as stabilizer Hydrophor. Overview. Get an overview of HYDROPHOR (petrolatum ointment), including its generic name, formulation (i.e. pill, oral solution, injection, inhaled medicine) and why it's used. The medication in Hydrophor can be sold under different names. Refer to the Also Known As section to reference different products that include the.

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Procedure : Procedure Performed by Checked by Operated by Melt White wax in Casserole on water bath. Melt White petrolatum when whole white wax has melted. Put Chloramphenicol in Casserole and stir all the time by stirring rod. Put Casserole down and stir until it has room temperature. Put Vitamin E in Casserole then cool down. Transfer ointment to a packaging and fix the label Storage : Below. Vitamins and moisturizers repair and nourish lips while you sleep, while peptides and emollients help strengthen your lips. Neosporin Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy Lip Protectant contains no artificial flavors, parabens, or other preservatives. Store between 20° to 25°C (68°-77°F) With its original formula, Vaseline Lip Therapy is a lip balm you can rely on that provides long-lasting relief. This everyday essential for healthy-looking lips is made with triple-purified Vaseline Jelly, just like all Vaseline lip care products. Keeping skin amazing.</p> <br /> <p>Skin Protectant Unilever Active Ingredients:White Petrolatum.

white petrolatum: It's chemical name is Hydrocorstisone acetate. The chemical formula is CH2OCOCH3. The health effects of white petrolatum are that its not toxic but it can cause acne. It come from crude oil. The physical property are that its odorless and its a liquid that eventually turns solid if left out Usefulness of Diltiazem 2% ointment (petrolatum base) by just-someone » 05 Apr 2012, 02:18 . Hi, I just joined today. I've been suffering from AF for about 2.5 months now, and it has honestly kept me really depressed all this time. I went to a specialist yesterday, and he prescribed me Diltiazem. I read a lot of reviews on this stuff, and. Vet-recommended formula. Provides temporary relief from dry, burning and irritated eyes. Contains white petrolatum, mineral oil, and lanolin, which aids in absorption. Safe for daily use. Safe for overnight use. Precautions. Store at 20° to 25°C (68° to 77°F) [see USP Controlled Room Temperature]

alcohol, Ceatereth-20, white soft paraffin, liquid paraffin EP, phenoxyethanol and purified water. Pharmacy Medicines Helpline If you have any questions or concerns about your medicines, please speak to the staff caring for you or call our helpline, tel: 020 7188 8748, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, email: mymedicines@gstt.nhs.u The gel formula is easy to feed your feline and can even be given to her directly from the bottle. Malt Syrup, White Petrolatum, Glycerin, Vegetable Oil, Lecithin, Rice Protein, Guar Gum, Sorbic Acid (Preservative), Chicken Flavor (Artificial), Potassium Sorbate (Preservative), Zinc Sulfate, Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin D-3 Supplement. 90 g of white petrolatum was heated to melt in a water bath, and was maintained at about 50° C. A homogeneous dispersion formed by adding in advance 10 mg of the compound represented by formula (II) to 10 g of white petrolatum, was homogeneously mixed with the molten white petrolatum

The effect of petrolatum base on the drug release from the liposomes was determined in a flow-through diffusion cell system using a model silastic polymer membrane as barrier. A base containing white petrolatum 46.7% (w/w), stearyl alcohol 6.7% (w/w), cholesterol 13.3 (w/w), Tween 80 16.7% (w/w) and Span 16.7% (w/w) was selected for diffusion. Active ingredients Avobenzone 3% Octinoxate 7.5% Sunscreens White petrolatum 42.3% Skin protectant Inactive ingredients Aloe barbadensis leaf extract, carnauba wax, cetyl alcohol, fragrance, isocetyl stearate, isopropyl lanolate, lanolin, mineral oil, paraffin, saccharin, tocopheryl linoleate/oleate, vitamin E acetate, white wax

PETROLATUM WHITE PROTOPET USP. Back. Item Number: 840003 CAS Number: 8009-03-8 Formula: N/A. Customer service (855) 874 4100 X. 851. Technical support (855) 874 4100 X. 854. Request a quote Request a sample. Appearance. White semi-solid with faint mild odor/ Clear light yellow when melted Function A compound of 40% urea, 20% anhydrous lanolin, 5% white wax, and 35% white petrolatum, under occlusion, can be used for chemical avulsion of dystrophic nails. 125,139 The compound was subsequently modified to 40% urea, 5% white beeswax (or paraffin), 20% anhydrous lanolin, 25% white petrolatum, and 10% silica gel type H Chemical Name White Petrolatum. Other Names White Soft Paraffin. Melting Point 40-60 deg C. Molecular Formula C15H15N. Viscosity 5 - 30 mm2/s at. 100 deg C. Application Topical formulations. Color White. CAS No 8009-03-8. Oil Content % 80 % Product Details: Density ‎0.9 g/cm3 Gram per cubic meter (g/m3) Molecular Formula 4T6H12BN9U. Chemical Name White Petrolatum USP. Other Names White Soft Paraffin. CAS No 8009-03-8. Melting Point 48-60 deg C. Oil Content % 80 %. Supply Ability : 30000 Kilograms Per Year

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part of every white petrolatum lot via release testing using more stringent limits than USP limits to ensure product viscosity closely matching that of the RLD amber or white Odorless Floats on water. Petrolatum jelly Petroleum jelly Vaseline Yellow petrolatum 2.2 Formula: Not applicable 2.3 IMO/UN Designation: Not PETROLATUM PTL 9.20 SATURATED LIQUID DENSITY Temperature (degrees F) Pounds per cubic foot 136 138 140 142 144 146 148 150 152 154 156 158 160 162 164 166 168 170 172 53.060 53.060. Formulated with Vitamins A & D and white petrolatum to create a protective barrier and help seal out wetness. Temporarily soothes and moisturizes the skin; fragrance-free formula is ideal for sensitive skin. Applies easily and smoothly. Not made with natural rubber latex. Packaged: 144 Packets Per Box, 6 Boxes Per Case More Informatio Hydrophilic Petrolatum, USP: Hydrophilic petrolatum, USP has the following formula for the preparation of 1000 g: Cholesterol 30 g Stearyl alcohol 30 g White wax 80 g White petrolatum 860 g It is prepared by melting stearyl alcohol and the white wax on a steam bath, adding the cholesterol with stirring until dissolved, then adding the white

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White petrolatum (moisturizer) The original formula is slightly greasy. WHY WE LIKE IT: It's a classic multitasker that works from head (dewy eyelids and dark, shiny lashes) to toe (healing. Product Name: Petroleum Jelly White CAS : 8009-03-8 Tel: 0086-22-26418598 24595816 26428888 +86-13702 Email: xdchem@china-zncl2.co The authors examine the meaning of the term natural and assert that it applies to both petrolatum and petrolatum's vegetable-based alternatives. They further assert the advantages of petrolatum as a safe, well-established moisturizer Petrolatum is a release agent, lubricant, and defoaming agent that is a purified mixture of semisolid hydrocarbons obtained from petro- leum. it varies in color from white to yellow. it is used in bakery products, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, and egg white solids. Production Methods Petrolatum is manufactured from the semisolid residue.

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Mineral oil (baby oil) or liquid petrolatum is a by-product in the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline. It is a chemically inert, transparent, colorless oil composed mainly of alkanes and cyclic paraffins, related to white petrolatum. Mineral oil is a substance of relatively low value, and it is produced in very large quantities CheapGlycerin.com. Is an excellent source for ingredients in consumer products. Nearly all products manufactured in the USA. arrow left. arrow left. Everyday Lowest Prices. Top Quality/No Off-Quality. arrow left. arrow left Thus we have white, blond, and red vaselines. This mode of manufacture constitutes the American process. (Fougera, 1884) Although Chesebrough's method of making petrolatum is no longer used, distillation and filtering still form the basis of the refining process today. Vaseline. Once Vaseline was established it was widely copied McKesson Skin Protectant Ointment. Active Ingredient: White Petrolatum 93.5%. Uses: temporarily relieves minor cuts, scrapes, burns; temporarily protects and helps relieve chapped or cracked skin and lips; helps protects from the effects of wind and cold weather. Formulated with Vitamins A & D and white petrolatum to create a protective barrier.

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Mineral oil is any of various colorless, odorless, light mixtures of higher alkanes from a mineral source, particularly a distillate of petroleum, as distinct from usually edible vegetable oils.. The name 'mineral oil' by itself is imprecise, having been used for many specific oils over the past few centuries. Other names, similarly imprecise, include 'white oil', 'paraffin oil', 'liquid. Aquaphor and Vaseline are two brand names for petroleum jelly-based products. Both brands offer a myriad of products, from Aquaphor's baby creams and ointments to Vaseline's body lotions Hydrophilic Petrolatum, USP, has the following formula for the preparation of 1000 g: Cholesterol 30 g Stearyl alcohol 30 g White wax 80 g White petrolatum 860 g It is prepared by melting the stearyl alcohol and white wax on a steam bath, adding the cholesterol with stirring until dissolved, adding the white petrolatum, and allowing the mixture. An example of a suitable vehicle is white petrolatum (USP), also known as white soft paraffin (BP). Other suitable vehicles include zinc oxide, Vaseline ™, Aquaphor (a combination of mineral oil, petrolatum ceresin and lanolin), lanolin or a petroleum-based carrier. The composition may consist essentially of metronidazole and the vehicle White Petrolatum 250 g Purified Water, to make 1000 g From the following formula, calculate the quantities required to make 9 kg of ointment. Solve for methylparaben and white petrolatum only (in grams) 2.25 g Methylparaben 2250 g White petrolatum. Erythromycin Lactobionate 500 m

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Advanced film-forming gel formula vs spring thermal water and white petrolatum as primary dressings after full-face ablative fractional CO 2 laser resurfacing: a comparative split-face pilot stud Clotrimazole is an odorless, white crystalline powder, insoluble in water and soluble in ethanol. Betamethasone dipropionate has 9-fluoro-11β,17,21-trihydroxy-16β-methylpregna-1,4-diene-3,20-dione 17,21dipropionate, with the empirical formula C 28 H 37 FO 7, a molecular weight of 504.59, and the following structural formula Petroleum jelly, also called Petrolatum, translucent, yellowish to amber or white, unctuous substance having almost no odour or taste, derived from petroleum and used principally in medicine and pharmacy as a protective dressing and as a substitute for fats in ointments and cosmetics. It is also used in many types of polishes and in lubricating greases, rust preventives, and modeling clay A formulator is required to formulate an o/w emulsion of the basic formula: Liquid paraffin 50 g Emulsifying agents (required HLB 10.5) 5 Water / Mineral Oil / White Petrolatum: Application: Hand and Body Moisturizer: Container Type: Jar: Form: Cream: NDC Number: 10356-0090-01: Scent: Unscented: UNSPSC Code: 53131607: Volume: 16 oz. Features. Offers a rich, long lasting formula to moisturize, protect and heal very dry, sensitive skin Rich emollient formula soothes and moisturizes.

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Zinc oxide: 6 parts. Glycerin: 3 parts. White petrolatum: 8 parts. How many grams of white petrolatum are needed to make 500 grams of the above prescription? Rx: Coal tar: 2 parts. Zinc oxide: 6 parts. Glycerin: 3 parts. White petrolatum: 8 parts Uses: White petrolatum which is a purified mixture of semisolid hydrocarbons used as ointment base in cosmetics. Leather grease and shoe polish component. May cause hyperpigmentation White Petrolatum 25.0% Purified Water 37.0% INCORPORATION OF DRUGS INTO OINTMENT BASES Oleaginous Bases / Hydrocarbon Bases Oleaginous bases are immiscible in water. Examples are petroleum jelly (petrolatum) which varies from yellow to light amber, yellow ointment, and white ointment The petroleum jelly works as a lubricant on the digestive tract and will make it easier for the cat to cough up or vomit the fur ball. You can add petroleum jelly to your pet's food. Add ½ tbsp of petroleum jelly to the cat's food, once per day until the cat eliminates the hairball. Vaseline in excess may cause diarrhea White petrolatum : 250 g : Purified water, to make : 1000 g : 2 : For the following formula for 100 capsules, calculate the quantity of each ingredient needed to prepare 400 capsules. ℞: (for 100 capsules) Ingridient : Ketoprofen : 1.25 g: Riboflavin : 10 g: Caffeine : 3 g: Sodium bicarbonate.