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Blue Cohosh is a native erect perennial forb growing from one to over two feet high on smooth mostly cylindrical stems, unbranched below the inflorescence.. The leaves differ between plants that flower and those that do not. Non-flowering plants produce a single compound leaf at the top of the stem. Flowering plants produce a second leaf from the middle of the stem that is usually somewhat. Caulophyllum thalictroides (Blue Cohosh) is a beautiful woodland plant with a preference for rich moist conditions, typcial of a woodland floor. Compound leaves fill out the single leaf stalk with a lacy effect similar to Meadow Rues. New foliage can show a tint of blue or purple pigment Caulophyllum thalictroides, commonly called blue cohosh, is a Missouri native perennial which grows 1-3' tall on strong, upright stems. It is valued not for its flowers but for its lacy, ternately-compound, blue-green foliage and its erect clusters of blue, fruit-like seeds. Foliage is suggestive of meadow rue ( Thalictrum ), hence the species. Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) Description: This herbaceous perennial wildflower is 3-7' tall. The stems are light green and hairless, while the large compound leaves are bipinnate or tripinnate with 10 or more leaflets. Usually 3 or 5 leaflets are grouped together in the ultimate partitions of each compound leaf Blue Cohosh. This woodland plant has beautifully dissected foliage that stays showy all summer long and a nice clumping habit. In spring Blue Cohosh leaves emerge from the ground in a deep dark brown before turning to a fresh green color. Small yellow flowers appear early when the leaves are still brown and last for a while when leaves turn green

Blue Cohosh; Scientific Name: Caulophyllum thalictroides: Native: Commonly found in northern Illinois, central Illinois and Shawnee Hills of southern Illinois. It is uncommon in other areas of southern Illinois. Its habitats are bluffs, rich mesic woodlands and wooded slopes of large ravines. Common/English Nam Blue Cohosh Caulophyllum thalictroides. Blue False Indigo Baptisia australis . Blue Flag Iris virginica. Blue Lobelia Lobelia siphilitica. Blue Vervain Verbena hastata . Boneset Eupatorium perfoliatum. Bristly Buttercup Ranunculus hispidus. University of Illinois Extension. White oak, red oak, basswood and sugar maple are the predominate trees, with both red and white baneberry, blue cohosh and shinleaf in the herbaceous layer. The forest has experienced logging and other disturbances in the past, but the previous owners, the Philip Keister family of Freeport, protected the area and enabled it to recover.

Blue Cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides) - Wildflower

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  2. Valued for its attractive foliage and ornamental blue berries, Caulophyllum thalictroides (Blue Cohosh) is an elegant, rhizomatous perennial with lacy, refine, blue-green leaves divided into three leaflets. The emerging stems and leaves boast purplish highlights. In mid to late spring, sprays of inconspicuous, green or yellow-brown, star-shaped flowers, 1/2 in. (1 cm), appear above the foliage
  3. Cohosh: Blue Cohosh Caulophyllum thalictroides* (Native) Family: Berberidaceae - Barberry family: Columbine: Eastern Red Columbine, Wild Columbine Aquilegia canadensis* (Native) Family: Ranunculaceae - Buttercup family: Cottongrass: Virginia Cottongrass, Tawny Cottongrass, Rusty Cotton Grass Eriophorum virginicum

Blue Cohosh was Formerly Known as Papoose Root. Blue cohosh is a woodland plant with greenish-yellow flowers. It was traditionally employed by Native Americans and herbalists for short-term use. The herb is a powerful uterine stimulant which was traditionally employed to strengthen contractions during labor Blue Cohosh needs shaded areas and rich, moist soil. It is found almost entirely in the southern portions of the Eastern Hardwood Forest. Ability to Withstand Disturbance and Overharvest: Blue Cohosh requires moist soils and deep shade, which means logging in forestlands is a threat to Blue Cohosh populations BLUE COHOSH SPRING BEAUTY. Claytonia virginica. Arabis laevigata. SMOOTH ROCK CRESSWILD COLUMBINE. Aquilegia canadensis Arisaema dracontium. Arisaema triphyllum. GREEN DRAGON WILD GINGER. JACK -INTHEPULPIT Amsonia tabernaemontana. BLUE STAR. Actaea pachypoda. DOLL'S EYES. Anemonella thalictroides. Antennaria parlinii. RUE ANEMONE PUSSYTOES.

When Forestry is mentioned, many think of men chopping down trees. But that is merely a cliche. Modern forestry takes into account the vast array of benefits derived from the forest, and attempts to manage the forest resources to maximize some mix of the following benefits dependent upon the landowner's objectives Blue cohosh has been used in alternative medicine as an aid in stimulating the uterus in pregnant women to induce labor, or in non-pregnant women to cause a menstrual period. However, these uses have not been proven with research and blue cohosh may not be effective when used for these conditions consider transplants first. We suggest propagating woodland plants from seed only if you have experience germinating native seeds. Many of these species are difficult to start and slow to grow from seed. Bare-root and potted plants, on the other hand, offer an opportunity to transplant a native woodland plant that is already 1-2 years old. read. Illinois Natives. Native plants are frequently favorites of local birds and pollinators, who have evolved to depend on them at certain times of the year. These species also tend to be extremely well adapted to our climate — practice makes perfect! — which can mean less work for you. (Blue Cohosh) Ceanothus americanus (New Jersey Tea. Black Cohosh (Actaea racemosa): An Annotated Bibliography Mary L. Predny, Patricia De Angelis, and James L. Chamberlain Abstract Black cohosh (Actaea racemosa, Syn.: Cimicifuga racemosa), a member of the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae), is an erect perennial found in rich cove forests of Eastern North America from Georgia to Ontario

Search for plant name: Scientific Name Common Name; Abutilon theophrasti: Velvet-leaf: Acalypha gracilen Blue Cohosh. Blue Cohosh is a powerful women's ally, who's main action is on the uterus. It has a wide variety of uses, dating from when Native American Chippewa wise-women used a strong decoction for contraceptive purposes. Blue Cohosh is often used alone or in combination with other herbs for regulation the menstrual cycle and to ease painful. Blue Cohosh Also known as squaw-root and papoose-root, blue cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides) is a perennial native to Pennsylvania and to the eastern half of North America. The plant belongs to the Berberidaceae family, grows to 3 feet tall and produces yellow or green blossoms in midsummer and true-blue berry clusters from spring to summer

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Blue cohosh is a plant also known as Actée à Grappes Bleu, Blue Ginseng, Caulophylle, Caulophyllum, Cohosh Azul, Cohosh Bleu, Graines à Chapelet, Léontice Faux-Pigamon, Papoose Root, Squaw Root, or Yellow Ginseng. Blue cohosh has been used in alternative medicine as an aid in stimulating the uterus in pregnant women to.. Blue Cohosh, Papooseroot Caulophyllum thalictroides. 0 more photos VIEW GALLERY. View gallery. Illinois. Calvert City, Kentucky. Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Panama, New York. Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) Thanks to efforts to preserve this species on the Chesapeake. Blue Cohosh. A cluster of 6 pointed flowers that range in color from yellow-green to brown turn into blue berries as they mature. Each leaf segment has the shape of a tulip. The violet is the Illinois state flower. The legend of the violet is that the goddess Io was loved by Zeus, to hide his love from his jealous wife, Zeus transformed Io.

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Edited by Irene Miles, Hope Charters, Kara Salazar and Joel Davenport, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, Chris Enroth and Erin Garrett, University of Illinois Extension, Heidi Leuszler, Parkland College, and Karen Folk, East Central Illinois Master Naturalists. IISG20-RCE-BRC-032. TUFTED HAIRGRASS. GREAT BLUE LOBELIA WILD GINGER. CHRISTMAS FERN. TALL. The box measures 2 1/8 x 2 1/8 x 1 (5.5 x 5.5 x 2.54 cm). A recent study cautions against herbal supplements - one form of Cohosh included Boil the Blue Cohosh in a quart of water (if the tincture is used, skip this step, just boil the water) for 5 minutes. Place the pennyroyal and tansy in a glass quart canning jar (or equivalent). Pour the boiled water (with the blue cohosh - if you used the dried herb) into the jar, cap and allow to steep for 30 minutes Below is a list of some the Ohio Prairie, Woodland and Wetland Species grown at Natives In Harmony. To find out whether these species are currently in stock, feel free to give us a call before your visit 07-31-2014 Matthiessen State Park, Starved Rock, French Canyon. Many of Starved Rock State Park's trails are still closed due to the major storm we had on June 30th. The Walker's Club went to Matthiessen State Park and hiked the Upper and Lower Dells. Some walked around Lake Matthiessen. After the Walker's Hike I also hiked with a group that.

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The wildflower blue cohosh produces unique green flowers that will be replaced by blue berries. The berries are not edible to humans, but birds will eat them and spread the seeds, Garrett. A longtime online prescription drug service, drug shop best deal generic viagra is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. One can only imagine that events being promoted as kinky Ren Fairs will include a lot of erectile dysfunction among veterans with PTSD was 85 percent, sharply higher than the 22 percent of the control group members who suffered from ED Blue Cohosh,Caulophyllum Thalictroides is a member of the barberry family of plants, which proliferate in the eastern region of the United States where rainfall is plentiful, and dense hardwood forests can give it slight shade from the hot sun. Blue Cohosh gets its name from the pretty blue fruit that it grows Ottawa, Kaskaskia and Illinois Canyons 05-03-2018. My favorite pic of the day! We started our hike today in the Starved Rock Lodge's Lobby. We carpooled to Ottawa/Kaskaskia Canyon parking lot. There were 33 walkers today

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To assure optimal extraction of Blue Cohosh's bioactive compounds, the rhizome & roots are hand-harvested only in autumn or winter, are carefully shade-dried, and are then thoroughly extracted. Caution: Seek expert medical advice before taking during pregnancy Welcome to Root Buyer. We are looking for Experienced Root Buyers. to supply our increasing demand. For over 45 years we have been buying Herbs and Roots from diggers and cultivators. To help you with questions and such about cultivating, finding and harvesting Herbs and Roots we have included may categories of interesting facts

Blue cohosh, Forbe's saxifrage, doll's eyes, dwarf phacelia, and wild leeks are uncommon plants that call this area home. Flowering shrubs include pawpaw, redbud, and flowering dogwood. At least one orchid has been seen along the trail and venomous snakes are known to inhabit the area Blue Cohosh berries. When they ripen they will be the plant's namesake blue. Click on the photo for a larger image. Site: The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain, Walker County, GA Date: 2009-March-18: Photographer: Gerald C Williamson Nikon D60 1/125f5.6 ISO100 Nikon Nikkor AF-S 55-200mm 4-5.6G E Blue Cohosh Seeds Caulophyllum thalictroides Quick View. x Blue Cohosh Seeds. More Info. Caulophyllum thalictroides. Size Price QUANTITY; XL Mylar Packet (~5 Seeds) $2.75 -+ 1/4 Oz Mylar (7.09g) $9.60 -+ 1 Oz Mylar (28.4g) $20.00 Notify Me: Add to Wishlist. IN-STOCK ORDERS SHIP THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY VIA THE US POST OFFICE.. black haw,black and blue cohosh,and red raspberry leaves. Although evening primrose oil is the remedy most com- monly used by midwives, 5 it is unclear whether this sub

Blue Cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides) Blue False Indigo (Baptisia australis) Blue Flag (Iris virginica) Blue Lobelia (Lobelia siphilitica) Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata) Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum) Bristly Buttercup (Ranunculus hispidus) Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa) Canada Anemone (Anemone canadensis) Canada Goldenrod (Solidago. Wildflowers in wide array of shapes and colors offer the best sources of nectar and pollen for butterflies and bees. Local and migrating birds rely on these native perennials as well, for both the seeds and the insects they harbor. Their refreshing natural beauty, and their ability to increase biodiversity, add ecological value to our gardens. Blue cohosh is a traditional Native American herb native to eastern North America that contains a class of phytochemicals known as saponins, believed to the source of its health benefits. Today, blue cohosh is thought to have phytoestrogen properties and is often taken to help support healthy menstruation and a woman's overall health

Following decades of dedicated volunteer stewardship led by the North Branch Restoration Project, Harms Woods Nature Preserve boasts an incredibly varied display of spring wildflowers including wild geranium, trout lilies, blue cohosh, hepatica, rue anemone and false rue anemone. But the showstopper here is the display of red trillium and large. Blue Cohosh Live Root (Caulophyllum thalictroides), organic $ 7.00 - $ 36.00 Select options. Rated 5.00 out of 5. Black Cohosh Live Root (Cimicifuga racemosa), organic $ 7.00 - $ 36.00 Select options. Rated 5.00 out of 5. Oca, Mixed Colors (Oxalis tuberosa) potted plant, organic $ 8.50 Add to cart Clusters of lavender-blue flowers and rough-textured foliage keep deer at bay. Available in shades of blue, pink, purple, and white. For a floss flower that doesn't require deadheading and is better suited for hot climates, try Artist® Blue (pictured). Zones: 10-11, grown as an annual elsewhere Exposure: Full sun to partial shad

467 records in 47 pages. Adisseo USA Inc. [ONE] OneCert, Inc. Certified. Hampshire. Illinois. United States of America. HANDLING: Other: Dry Organic Anise Flavor... , Dry Organic Apex-Calf, Dry Organic Apex-Poultry, Dry Organic Apex-Swine You may be familiar with black cohosh, Cimicifuga racemosa. But do you know blue cohosh, Caulophyllum thalictroides? Both are woodland plants which have been used for centuries by Native Americans and herbalists for women's health and more Northern Research Station One Gifford Pinchot Drive Madison, WI 53726 (608) 231-9318 (608) 231-9544 TTY/TD Illinois Biodiversity Basics 97 Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Chicago Wilderness, World Wildlife Fund Cimicifuga racemosa (black cohosh) Circaea alpina (small enchanter's nightshade) Cladrastis lutea (yellowwood) Clematis crispa (blue jasmine) Clematis occidentalis (mountain clematis) Clematis viorna (leatherflower Blue cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides) is an herbaceous perennial native to the eastern United States with a long history of medicinal use by Native American tribes. Here in Maine, blue cohosh has been historically documented in Somerset, Penobscot, Aroostook, Kennebec, Waldo, Oxford, and Franklin counties

The Edna W. Spurgeon Woodland Reserve is pleasant all year round, but in spring, it's like a certain type of magic happens. Brilliant green grass sprouts from the ground and the trees pack their foliage back on day by day during the spring. The fresh growth on the branches is fragrant and attractive, contributing to a tranquil atmosphere L A NATURALS Blue Cohosh, 0.02 Poun

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US Wildflower's Database of Blue Wildflowers for Ohio. Click on thumbnail for larger version of image, scientific name for detail page. *=Multiple images on detail page. Search Our Database: Enter any portion of the Scientific, Common Name, or both. Example: Enter lob in the common name field and you'll get all our species that have lobelia. Blue cohosh treatment suppressed the elevation of LPS-induced iNOS expression in a concentration-dependent manner in microglia cells. Blue cohosh constituents also suppressed the expression of TNF-α, IL-1β, and IL-6. In addition, blue cohosh extract suppressed the expression of COX-2, iNOS, and proinflammatory cytokines in adrenal glands of mice Cimicifuga racemosa [BLACK COHOSH (bareroot)] $2.00 - $4.00 : Temporarily out of stock. Please check back soon. Cimicifuga racemosa [BLACK COHOSH (Bugbane)] $5.00 Cunila origanoides [STONE MINT] $5.00 Datura stramonium (Seed) [JIMSONWEED (seed)] $3.50 Desmanthus illinoensis [ILLINOIS BUNDLEFLOWER] $5.0

How the herb responds to receptors and what part of the molecular structure of black cohosh reacts to these receptors is still unknown. Research is still underway at the University of Illinois into black cohosh's effect on the human body. Now that the way in black cohosh works has been discussed BLUE COHOSH. Caulophyllum thalictroides. General Characteristics: Smooth perennial, 12-36 . inches tall. Leaves: A single, three-ternately compound leaf above the . middle of the stem, with one smaller but similar compound leaf just below the flower. Flowers: Yellow-green, ½ inch wide with one to three flower . clusters. Found Are you looking to add a certain native wildflower to a current restoration? Or, a custom mix of a few species? MNL has many individual species of native flower seed available. Listed below are species MNL commonly has available. Contact us at: info@mnlcorp.com for more information! Forbs: American Vetch Vicia americana American Water Plantain Alisma subcordatum Angelica Angelica atropurpurea. 9 Impressive Benefits of Black Cohosh. The most important health benefits of black cohosh include its ability to reduce inflammation, ease menstrual and menopausal symptoms, eliminate spasms, lower blood pressure, regulate menstrual periods, improve the health of the immune system, promote restful sleep, prevent mood swings, and act as an. blue cohosh from East Woods, The Morton Arboretum, Dupage County, IL, USA on July 02, 2019 at 06:04 AM by andrewhip

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Blue Cohosh, Squaw Root. Botanical name: Caulophyllum thalictroides. Pappoose Root, Blueberry. Lowe, M. D., of Sandwich, Illinois, tells me its antispasmodic virtues may be used to much advantage in asthma, especially in combination with diaphoretic relaxants. It is a good addition to hydrastis and myrica, as a wash to aphthous ulcers; to. Blue Cohosh. Many-stemmed perennial, spreading and bushy when mature. leaves and stems tinted purple in spring. Inconspicuous purplish-green to yellow-green flowers are followed by brilliant berries. Height: 24-36 in. Width: 18-24 in. Soil Conditions: Moist. Flower Color: Green

Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) - Illinois Wildflower

Blue cohosh is a hardy perennial plant 3 feet in height; the round, simple, erect stem grows from a knotty rootstock and bears a large, sessile, tri-pinnate leaf whose leaflets are oval, petioled, and irregularly lobed. Smooth-stemmed, stem and leaves covered with bluish film. The 6-petaled, yellow-green flowers are borne in a raceme or panicle SMOOTH BLUE ASTER. 5 - TUFTED HAIRGRASS. 2 - CINNAMON FERN. 1 - BLACK COHOSH. 3 - SMOOTH BLUE ASTER. 7 - JACK-IN-THE-PULPIT. 6' WIDTH. 25' LENGTH. BLACK COHOSH Actaea racemosa. GOATSBEARD. Aruncus dioicus. CINNAMON FERN. Osmunda cinnamomea. SMOOTH BLUE ASTER. Symphyotrichum laeve. TUFTED HAIRGRASS. Deschampsia caespitosa. CHRISTMAS FERN. Plants of Nachusa Grasslands. The preserve is home to over 700 native plant species. Our plant inventory includes not only the scientific and common names, but also a plant's coefficient of conservatism value. The nomenclature and coefficient of conservatism (C value) follow: Wilhelm & Rericha 2016. Flora of Chicago Caulophyllum thalictroides blue cohosh 6.42 ounce $35.00 Chamaecrista fasciculata partridge pea 1.22 ounce $2.50 Chamaecrista fasciculata partridge pea 399.2 ounce $2.50 Chelone glabra turtlehead 1.9 ounce $90.00 Comandra umbellata false toadflax 4.86 ounce $200.00 Conoclinium coelestinum mistflower 17.12 ounce $60.0 Blue cohosh, goldenseal are blooming. Solomon's seal is growing taller with tightly closed flower buds dangling underneath starting to arch forms. The ginseng flower stem and buds are still tight as well, but I didn't get a good picture of that today. I'll try to take one soon and post it

There were no deaths from herbs. This means no deaths at all from blue cohosh, echinacea, ginkgo biloba, citrus aurantium, ginseng, kava kava, St. John's wort, valerian, yohimbe, ma huang/ephedra, guarana, kola nut, or yerba mate. On page 1508, a single death is attributed to an unspecified Other Single Ingredient Botanical Blue cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides) 37 • Canada mayflower (Maianthemum canadense) 33 • Wild ginger (Asarum canadense) 33 • Lindley's aster (Aster ciliolatus) 32 • Erect, Smooth, or Illinois carrion-flower * 31 • Pointed-leaved tick trefoil (Desmodium glutinosum) 30 • Dwarf raspberry (Rubus pubescens) 29 •• Common. A comprehensive database that lists the flora of Illinois including plants native to the Prairie State as well as those that have recently found a home in Illinois natural areas. Occurrence records, taxonomy, phenology, and plant traits are described for all Illinois plants

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Black cohosh has a similar mechanism of action, while blue cohosh may stimulate uterine contractions. Red raspberry leaves are used to enhance uterine contractions once labor is initiated Spring ephemerals include hepaticas (Anenome sp.), blue cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides), bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis), red columbine (Aquilegia canadensis), early saxifrage (Micranthes virginiensis), two-leaved toothwort (Cardamine diphylla), and Dutchman's breeches (Dicentra cucullaria). The state of New Hampshire's Critical.

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Common Blue Cohosh, Caulophyllum thalictroides Fruits are dark blue, poisonous, and berry-like, per Wildflowers of Tennessee, the Ohio Valley, and the Southern Appalachians. May-apple, Podophyllum peltatu Find Misty Blue White Baneberry (Actaea pachypoda 'Misty Blue') in Crystal Lake Cary McHenry Lake In The Hills Illinois IL at Countryside Flower Shop & Nursery (Doll's Eye, White Cohosh) Call Now 815.459.8130 | 800.339.813 Caulophyllum thalictroides - Blue Cohosh 99. Hydrastis canadensis - Goldenseal 100. Dentaria laciniata - Cut-leaved Toothwort 101. Dicentra cucullaria - Dutchman's Breeches 102. Dicentra canadensis - Squirrel Corn 103. Corydalis flavula - Pale Corydalis 104. Hepatica nobilis - Liverleaf 105

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Standard Process, Your Health Care Practitioner, and You. Standard Process is a third generation, family-owned company that partners with health care practitioners to effectively and holistically address issues related to health conditions. We've dedicated ourselves to changing lives through whole food-based nutritional supplements that. Cave-in-Rock State Park is a neat little place that contains a very short trail to the cave itself and a nice upland woods walk over the Ohio River.The place is a sort of a pilgrimage center to earth scientists and the day I visited I met a professor from Southern Illinois University who was exploring with his young son, although the boy was much more interested in the large Cliff Swallow. Woodland phlox is easy to propagate by seed, division in spring or early fall, or take stem cuttings in spring, or root cuttings in early fall. It rarely grows as a potted plant because it's more of a ground cover. Remove lower leaves from cuttings. Dip ends into hormone powder for faster growth The Illinois Wildflowers site provides a more detailed botanical desription of the foliage and flowers. The bushy foliage of black cohosh appears weeks before the much taller stem emerges. Here you can see black cohosh leaves near the top of the frame; below, pink flowers have appeared on a wild geranium plant

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Dietary herbal supplements, such as black cohosh, have shown mixed and inconclusive results in placebo-controlled studies of menopausal symptoms. Researchers from Northwestern University, in Chicago, Illinois compared black cohosh and red clover to hormone therapy for their effects on cognition (reasoning). (more The primary constituents of blue cohosh are its alkaloids and saponins. The structures of the alkaloids magnoflorine, Baptifoline, anagyrine, and N-methylcytisine have been known for many years. The last 10 years have seen a great increase in isolation and identification of the large number of saponins present in blue cohosh Summer Solstice 2021. At about 10:32 central time on June 20, the earth aimed its axis up over the sun, like a kid on a summer afternoon holding a fishing pole over a pool of unseen perch. For the earth as a body, this annual moment is unexceptional. It has happened about 4.5 billion times. After the 100th or so it must have seemed old hat Black cohosh is sometimes used with blue cohosh to stimulate labor, but this therapy has caused adverse effects in newborns, which appear to be due to blue cohosh. It is important to inform your health care providers about any herb or dietary supplement you are using, including black cohosh

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These companion plants include trillium (Trillium spp.), bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis), cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides -blue, Actaea racemosa-black), jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum ), wild yam (Dioscorea villosa), goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis), and Solomon's seal (Polygonatum biflorum) Northeast Wild Seed Collectors is a group of passionate native plant advocates and volunteers who utilize this website to coordinate efforts in collecting local ecotype seeds from New England and New York states of plants that are of special value to pollinators and other wildlife.. We are very excited to be getting this ball rolling or, should we say, seed germinating! Jacob's Herb Shop 10310 Lincoln Trail Fairview Heights, IL 62208 618-398-7675 Mon-Sat: 10am-5p