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Entirely in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote, proverb...) Entirely in a sentence 1. No artist of performer can entirely escape the lure of fame and its promise of endless admiration and respect, but there is a heavy price one must pay for it Entirely In A Sentence How To Use Entirely In A Sentence? My advice is to let them alone tonight and they will think we have run entirely away. Upon investigation he found to his surprise that it was a man, and entirely nude Entirely in a sentence | entirely example sentences. It was entirely out of. Or it falls off entirely. He read entirely too much. I couldn't say I entirely. It was entirely my fault. He could see entirely new. I am entirely yours, count. That will ruin us entirely. Neil was not entirely human

1. Entirely definition is - to the full or entire extent : completely 2. How to use Entirely in a sentence English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word Entirely in Example Sentences Page 1. 2057776 I'm entirely to blame. CK 1 42628 It's entirely up to you. CK 1 2953928 We're not entirely sure. CK 1 3024014 That's entirely up to Tom. CK 1 3023893 Tom didn't look entirely convinced Sentences for entirely. The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. They use entirely in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for entirely. It was entirely empty. (4) We ceased reading entirely. (2) That entirely passed belief. (10) Courtier, I entirely sympathize. (8) In fact, I entirely. Example sentences with Entirely. Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise. Sigmund Freud. Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance. Jane Austen. I know my own heart to be entirely English. Princess Anne. Love is an ocean of emotions entirely surrounded by expenses. Thomas Robert Dewar 257+39 sentence examples: 1. True, local business is not entirely absent but on the whole, foreign operators have been the first to benefit. 2. I had a natural ability to entirely forget the theatre when at home, and viceversa, which was extremely u

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It's difficult to see entirely in a sentence. Even the videos MTV does broadcast aren't entirely intact. Not all blacks were entirely happy with this change, apparently. The Burnett resignation, though unusual, was not entirely unexpected These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. bab.la is not responsible for their content. English It is entirely unsatisfactory. volume_up more_vert open_in_new Link to sourc Where do you put entirely in a sentence? 1. My line of work is entirely unrelated to politics. 2. The mountain area is covered entirely in dense jungle. What is the significance of word entirely? wholly or fully; completely or unreservedly: I am not entirely satisfied with the architect's design. solely or exclusively. Is entirely and. Sometimes the limbs drop off, piecemeal or in their entirety. The Hypo Reorganisation Act is unconstitutional and is repealed in its entirety, the Vienna-based court said in a statement

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Entirely On in a sentence. Entirely On sentence. sentence with Entirely On. Entirely On used in a sentence. Entirely On make sentence. make sentence with Entirely On. make sentence of Entirely On. Entirely On sentence in english. If you think we can improve, please write us at Email To Searchsentence entirely accurate in a sentence 1) The translations below are not entirely accurate. 2) The above statement is not entirely accurate. 3) The numbers may not be entirely accurate. entirely accurate example sentences 4) However that solution is not entirely accurate. 5) Nor are his comments about secrecy entirely accurate. 6) It 's still an entirely accurate description

What does entirely mean? Wholly; completely; totally; fully. (adverb almost entirely in a sentence - Use almost entirely in a sentence and its meaning 1. Mars today has a thin atmosphere composed almost entirely of carbon dioxide. 2. Market participants said they are focusing almost entirely on the budget negotiations. click for more sentences of almost entirely.. How to use entirely in a sentence Even so, brands trafficking in rice cakes didn't entirely die out. THE RISE AND FALL OF THE RICE CAKE, AMERICA'S ONE-TIME FAVORITE HEALTH SNACK BRENNA HOUCKSEPTEMBER 17, 2020 EATER We have an entirely remote company in North Carolina, Grammarly in Europe it's more and more the norm

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  1. entirely meaning: 1. completely: 2. completely: . Learn more
  2. completely: I admit it was entirely my fault. The company is run almost entirely by middle-aged men
  3. Entirely definition, wholly or fully; completely or unreservedly: I am not entirely satisfied with the architect's design. See more
  4. Almost definition is - very nearly but not exactly or entirely. How to use almost in a sentence

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Examples of Meaningless in a sentence. Trying to empty the ocean by using a bucket to take water out of it is an entirely meaningless task that will never accomplish anything. . Since I already own the newest smartphone model, it would be meaningless to buy another one. . Trying to stay awake indefinitely is a meaningless objective. Examples of Selfless in a sentence. A selfless individual often donates a fair sum of their money to charity even though they could use that money for themselves. . My best friend is totally selfless, dropping everything to be there for me when I need them. . Someone that is always worried about themselves and never about others is not. Entirely sentence examples:1.his life was Entirely given up to the educational work.2.some of his ideas about democracy are Entirely his own.3.so that's a way of not Entirely alienating the gay voters while is also trying to hold on to the religious one.4.she claimed the unemployment figures were not Entirely unexpecte

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Entirely sentence exampleFor which I feel entirely responsible. I've broken several already, but this one is entirely out of my ability to influence. He'd gone away for a few months and returned to an entirely new world. For the first time this week, she didn't feel entirely doomed. What is a whole sentence Examples of Entirely in a sentence No Structures Entirely or Partially Over Water - New construction, substantial improvements and repair to structures that have sustained substantial damage cannot be constructed or located entirely or partially over water unless it is a functionally dependent use or facility Lot of example sentences with the word entirely in. bab.la arrow_drop_down bab.la - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation shar

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When used incorrectly, passive voice easily detracts from the overall clarity of the sentence. As we saw with the sentence about slamming the door, the passive voice version removed the subject 'Mom' entirely. In many scenarios, it could be difficult to determine who slammed the door. Let's give that particular sentence more context. Some words and phrases can be hard to use, especially if you haven't seen copious examples. For instance, you might have seen the expression even more so once or twice before, yet you might not be entirely clear on how you should use it in a sentence. Luckily, we are here for you, and we will remedy this situation Fixing run-on sentences. There are five basic ways to fix a run-on sentence. 1) Add a comma and conjunction between the two clauses. 2) Add a semicolon between the two clauses. 3) Separate the clauses into two sentences. 4) Restructure sentence entirely. 5) Delete words that may be tangling your sentence. Let's go through these corrections.

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An object is usually the who or whom in a sentence. That is why we reminisce about a place, a time, a person, an event, a memory. These all act as the object, the buddy, so reminiscing can be used correctly. Intransitive verbs are the independent ones in the family of verbs, the lone sheep. While to reminisce we need an object to. Can you have too many commas in a sentence? Although we often hear about run-on sentences and people who neglect commas, it's also entirely possible to use far too many commas. Luckily, there's a perfect and grammatically correct way to include commas in any piece of writing. Using our list of comma rules, it's time to say goodbye to your.

Entirely Meaning in Urdu. Entirely translation is Tamam and Entirely synonym words All, Alone, Altogether, Completely and Only. Pronunciation roman Urdu is Tamam and Translation of Entirely in Urdu writing script is تمام.Entirely is an English language word that is well described on this page with all the important details i.e Entirely meaning, Entirely word synonyms, and its similar. Partially definition is - to some extent : in some degree. How to use partially in a sentence Knowing when to capitalize a word and sticking to its lowercase version is a basic rule of English. However, this grammar tenet is not entirely understood by all, and there are errors made in this regard by more than a handful of English language writers, including the ones who call themselves native speakers 6 Ways to Write Really Freakin' Good Sentences. The best way to develop an ear for good sentences is to read good writing. A lot of it. Take the advice of one of the best writers of our times: If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.. — Stephen King An entirely rigid system is impractical. But he is rigid over his decision. The prospect of failure scares me rigid. They all went rigid, not moving a muscle. His face looked rigid with distress. Adjective. Know Rigid in a Sentence in English & other usage. What is rigid ? - unable to bend or be forced out of shape; not flexible

Top sentence structure tips · Copy and paste a section of your work into a new document. Edit your section without fear of making it worse then add it back into your work when you're happy with it. · Each sentence should contain one idea so you may need to split some to aid clarity · Play around with sentence length so longer, detail-filled sentences are interspersed with shorter. What is the sentence of resemble? Examples of resemble in a Sentence He strongly resembles his father in appearance and in temperament. Terrier dogs closely resemble each other. It is useful to divide bifurcations into two principal classes: Local bifurcations, which can be analysed entirely through changes in the local stability properties.

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They just have to be marked on different verbs, if not being in entirely different clauses. E.g., I was, am, and always will be your friend. There you go, three tenses (or two tenses and two moods, depending on how're feeling) all in one sentence The Momentarily thrown refers to the Thrown that Royalty sit on Here is the Queen sitting on the Thrown momentarily It is a formality and she only sits on it momentarily just to show that it is hers and that no one else can sit on it, though it is.. Think about the type of writing or speaking you are doing. A term paper built entirely of simple declarative sentences will appear childish and be boring to read, but a quick email to your friend can benefit from concise sentences. Think about your audience. If you are an advanced ESL student giving an oral presentation, your teacher will want.

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  1. Not always! Lincoln's Government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from this earth use the people three times in a row. And imagine how much worse it would sound if he had been told to avoid repetition and had g..
  2. ds me of every idiot who years ago prefaced sentences with basically as if something illu
  3. What is a sentence? At its core, a sentence is a string of words used to express a complete thought. There's a lot of flexibility about what constitutes a sentence, but the central rule is that it must contain both a subject and a verb —and even that rule is bendable for imperative sentences, as you'll see below.. Let's start with the four main types of sentences

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  1. Usually they are led about by little watchers and attendants, and often there are small and active-looking creatures, small females usually, that I am inclined to think are a sort of wife to them; but some of the profounder scholars are altogether too great for locomotion, and are carried from place to place in a sort of sedan tub, wabbling jellies of knowledge that enlist my respectful.
  2. Spammerbot is an application written entirely in VBScript. The bot itself allows you to choose what text you want to flood, how many times it should repeat this sentence and in what intervals (e.g. 1000 - per sec)
  3. Tags: 3 Syllable Words in Sentences I love to eat spaghetti. I make popcorn in the microwave Lollipops are yummy! An elephant has a trunk. I eat baked potatoes with cheese. I am good at basketball. Gorillas live in Africa. A hexagon has six sides. My cat is eleven years old. My Dad plays the saxophone
  4. In the first, second, and fourth sample sentences, you already have a subject, the password, a boarding pass and the food, and therefore don't need to include an it.Although it may be more common to use in other languages, the it part is left out in English (I'm not sure if leaving it in is incorrect grammar, or just not done in practice).. However, if you add a comma after the subject, you.
  5. In terms of proper grammar, just what is a predicate? The concept may be confusing to some, and that's fair! Learn what it is and what it looks like here
  6. This Old Grammar Trick Still Works! How To Diagram A Sentence. Back in ye olden days (okay, about thirty years ago) elementary school students were taught how to diagram sentences. The theory was that it would be easier to learn the parts of a sentence by seeing the underlying structure. However, as educators moved in the direction of free.

A program that finds the word count and letters in a sentence. Write a program that will read in a line of text and output the number of words in the line and the number of occurrences of each letter. Define a word to be any string of letters that is delimited at each end by either whitespace, a period, a comma, or the beginning or end of the line To Dangle or Not to Dangle: On Ending a Sentence with a Preposition. by Susan Doose. Somewhere along the line, I was taught not to end a sentence with a preposition. I was taught, in other words, not to dangle my prepositions—maybe you were, too. I'm not sure when, or from whom, I first learned this apparently incontrovertible truth, but it. Winner's sentence was the harshest sentence ever issued against a former government employee or contractor. To act like it was fair and should be a base line for leak prosecutions going forward. Russian court hands suspended sentence to US investor. A court in Moscow has convicted a prominent U_S_ investor on charges of embezzlement and handed him a suspended sentence, a verdict he.

Sentence fragments: as a minimum, a sentence must contain a subject and a verb. If the sentence is missing either or even both of these then it is a fragment. Passive sentences: you should always seek to write using the active voice. In the active voice, the subject will come before the verb while the passive voice reverses this Melville could have written the sentence that way. You can write compound sentences in three different ways, or break them apart into two simple sentences. You can avoid compound sentences entirely by ending every thought with a period. Melville chose not to do that so he could continue his rhythm of short, medium, and long sentences Both sound idiomatic and can be used interchangeably, but both can bring more or less confusion without context. Two ways to understand those sentences : I've seen his movie (from the beginning to the end) entirely; I've seen entirely (all of) his movies. (here 電影 is considered as a plural) This confusion can be solved in either way

This sentence works less well in print than Buffalo buffalo, and two entirely different forms (essentially meaning a bad man, and in trouble or in adversity). These sentences end with a period. Many pieces of writing contain numerous declarative sentences in a row (or are made up nearly entirely of declarative sentences) since they're the best sentence type for laying out a story in a clear and understandable way. Examples: Ella was late to the dance The sentence must contain a subject and a verb, otherwise, it will be considered a sentence fragment, not a complete sentence. Two complete sentences cannot be joined without proper punctuation. Such a mistake is called a run-on sentence. Even if you join such complete sentences with a comma, it would be considered a comma splice Object in a sentence Crossword Clue. Daily Clue 24 July 2021 Vox. A completely games oriented website, voxcrossword.com is a website entirely created for sharing simple and basic details about these games. We are not endorsed or affiliates of any crossword creators or publishers. The images and the logos you see in the website are all.

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Sentence spent entirely in solitary confinement. Ernest DesRoches June 14, 1974 November 13, 2020 46 years, 4 months, 29 days Canada: Was convicted of the murders of his neighbours in 1974. He received additional sentences over the years, including for taking a pair of correctional officers hostage 1 - 5 - 3 is the best option. In 5 - 1 - 3, the introductory phrase On the other hand in Sentence 5 doesn't make sense; the transition is unclear and confusing. In 1 - 5 - 3, this transition relates Sentence 5 to Sentence 1 in a logical way, comparing the vastly different amounts of caffeine in black and red teas www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage use girl in a sentence The girl, who had her head on the boy's shoulder, looked around in surprise. The girl staring back at me was angry Now analyze that passage. Just look at how the sentences end. That's what makes the passage so ineffective. I explained to my lawyer-friend the principle of end weight, which to him was entirely. (This is a well-formed sentence!) This introduces an entirely new topic in English grammar called clause-to-phrase reduction. This article will explore clause-to-phrase reduction, explain how and why it happens, and hopefully make the mysterious world of English grammar a little bit less confusing

When Jez Burrows reads example sentences in dictionaries, he feels inspired. He has started a blog where he posts short stories made up entirely of sentences from the New Oxford American Dictionary Reducing Sentences for Those Who Cooperate. Most of us are familiar with the cooperating witness scenario, wherein a person charged with or even convicted of a crime agrees to cooperate with the prosecution, giving information or testimony (or both) to aid in the investigation and prosecution of someone else. These cooperators do so for a price: A reduced charge or light sentence for. There are three basic elements in a good one sentence pitch: The opening conflict (called the Inciting Incident by Robert McKee) The obstacle. The quest. The quest can be a physical or interior journey, but it's what happens to the character (s) between the moment when the plot begins and ends. The opening conflict is the first step in that.

4. Wait for some seconds. It will instantly start giving suggestions according to the sentence or paragraph. 5. Then you use those suggestions to get an entirely new and unique sentence or paragraph. 6. After downloading the final document which is rewritten, you may rewrite another sentence or paragraph by clicking the Try New URL Great sentences: Hand-write 100 great first sentences. Memorize portions of great sales letters. Dissect killer lines. Opening and closing paragraphs: It's arduous to consciously think about each and every sentence you write in a 500-hundred word article. However, you can pour energy into every sentence inside the opening and closing paragraphs Commutation Instructions. 1. Submit the petition to the Office of the Pardon Attorney. To be considered for commutation (reduction) of sentence, an eligible inmate should submit a completed Petition for Commutation of Sentence to the Office of the Pardon Attorney, preferably through the warden in accordance with BOP Program Statement 1330.15 When to Use Between in a Sentence. To put things simply, between should be used while describing a one-to-one relationship having to do with two separate things or a group of things. The main point that you need to keep in mind when you're using between in a blog post or SEO article is that these things need to be distinct Sentence Structure in Email. Good sentence structure is essential to good writing; it adds both clarity and interest. Poor sentence structure can befuddle or weary the audience, making the task of reading more unpleasant than informative. 5.1.1 Sentence Variet

One Sentence With 7 Meanings Unlocks a Mystery of Human Speech Neuroscientists turned to an internet-famous phrase to identify the region of the brain that controls pitch and emphasis in human speech [One kind of transformation that] alters sentence rhythm [is] beginning the sentence with a what clause: What [Alfred Russel] Wallace was never to realize was that the mechanism driving all the geology was, in due course, going to be recognized as the then entirely unimaginable process of plate tectonics The last chapter, Sentences That Are About Themselves (Aren't They All?) summarizes and extends the discussion to works like Ford Maddox Ford's The Good Soldier in which the narrator in telling one story is, as the reader comes to realize, unconsciously telling another story entirely

This also triggers inverted sentences, in which adverbs start the sentence: Example: Also important is the dog's health. This sees also accompanied directly by an adjective and is also entirely correct in its usage. Should you also start a sentence with also I'm not entirely familiar with R so I do not know much. Previously when I only had the long strings and no name attached to them, I did thing1 <- strsplit Browse other questions tagged r words sentence or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog The Overflow #84 and 85: How Dwarf Fortress is built . How writing can advance your career as a.

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Keep in mind, however, that we are not saying to ignore choice A entirely. It will be correct approximately one fifth of the time. That said, we do recommend that you resist the temptation to overanalyze these questions or to assume that there is always a re-written answer choice that is better than the underlined segment presented in the question Diagramming sentences doesn't have to be a difficult process. Learn how to diagram a sentence and better understand its structure with this helpful guide If the Board commutes a person's sentence, the Board will notify the crime's victims by mail as long as they provide a written request and current mailing address. 14. 7. Odds of getting a commutation. Whether the board will commute a person's sentence depends entirely on the case In my 10 years at the Justice Department, I was both a political appointee and a line prosecutor. In the latter role, I sought every kind of sentence, from probation to the death penalty Keep your average sentence length at a maximum of 14 words. A lower average would be better. The examples below have on average 9 words per sentence, making them easy to read. Be concise. Eliminate each redundant word. Conciseness isn't about the length of a sentence. A long sentence can be concise when each word is relevant and adds meaning