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  1. America's 10 Worst Prisons: Dishonorable Mentions Louisiana): At America's largest prison, Subscribe to the Mother Jones Daily to have our top stories delivered directly to your inbox
  2. Top 10 Worst, Toughest, Deadliest And Most Dangerous Prisons And County Jails In United States Of America (USA) Everything on planet earth come with a different level of classification. Hence the United State Of America has the highest inmate population in the world with more than 2,220,300 adults which were incarcerated in US federal and state.
  3. 10 Shocking Facts About Angola Prison And Its Violent Past. by M David Scott. fact checked by Jamie Frater. The Louisiana State Penitentiary, better known as Angola prison, has earned nicknames such as The Bloodiest Prison in America and Alcatraz of the South.. Angola is the largest maximum-security prison in the United States, and.
  4. So here are my top 10 worst prisons in the United States. 10. The United States Penitentiary Marion Illinois. This US Penitentiary was the nation's highest security prison for about 15 years. Opening in 1963, some of the first guests were transfers from Alcatraz which was closing down the same year
  5. Louisiana State Penitentiary: Angola, Louisiana Louisiana State Penitentiary, known as the Alcatraz of the South, is the largest maximum security prison in the country. With an inmate population of 5,000 the facility is known for widespread violence and inmate abuse
  6. Also known as the Alcatraz of the South, the Louisiana State Penitentiary aka Angola, is the largest maximum security prison in the U.S. holding 5,000 offenders with 2,000 officers watching over them

Louisiana State Penitentiary is the largest correctional facility in the United States by population. In 2010 the prison had 5,100 inmates and 1,700 employees. In 2010, the racial composition of the inmates was 76% black, 24% white. 71% of inmates were serving a life sentence. 1.6% had been sentenced to death 10. Jeanerette. Jeanerette makes it into the top ten worst places to live in Louisiana due to the economic problems in the area. It is in the unfortunate position of having the highest unemployment rate in the state, at 25.8 percent. That means that more than a quarter of Jeanerette's residents are out of work

Attica Correctional Facility. Often considered New York's worst state prison, Attica has seen its share of excitement over the years. Not only has it housed inmates like David Son of Sam Berkowitz and Mark David Chapman, but it was the site of a brutal 1971 riot that led to the deaths of 39 people (including 10 civilians) Top 10 worst prisons in the world 2020. If you get to know what goes on behind bars in certain prisons, you will strive to be on the right side of the law all the time. Anguish and misery are the prisons' normalcy. Here are the top ten worst prisons in the world. 10. La Sante Prison Image: twitter.com, @PeterIntheswim Source: UG America's 10 Worst Prisons: LA County (Los Angeles) Number of prisoners: Subscribe to the Mother Jones Daily to have our top stories delivered directly to your inbox. Close 10. La Sante Prison - Paris, France. Built in 1867, La Sante Prison is one of three main prisons in the Paris area. 124 suicides took place in 1999, the highest rate of all European penitentiaries. Rat infested cells, skin disease, tear gas thrown into cells by guards, and little health care, make suicide attractive You don't want to end up in any of these places! For this list, we'll be looking at infamous prisons that are notorious for their violence and poor living co..

Emulating is an arrangement of the Top 10 Worst Prison in the World. 10.San Quentin Prison. San Quentin Prison was created in 1852 and is the most established jail in the state of California. Despite the fact that the jail has a gas chamber, the main executions performed there are by deadly infusion. Savagery is a constant issue at San Quentin. The 10 Worst Prisons in America. We've compiled this subjective list of America's 10 worst lockups (plus a handful of dishonorable mentions) based on three years of research, correspondence with prisoners, and interviews with reform advocates concerning the penal facilities with the grimmest claims to infamy. (LOS ANGELES) Number of.

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Also known as the Alcatraz of the South, the Louisiana State Penitentiary aka Angola is the largest maximum-security prison in the U.S. holding 5,000 offenders with 2,000 officers watching over them. The State of Louisiana's death row for men and the state execution chamber are there. The 18,000-acre complex was once a slave plantation. 7 Top 10 Worst Prisons in the World\r \r →Subscribe for new videos every day! \r →10 Reasons Bruce Lee was a Superhuman: \r \r Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Brand new videos 7 days a week! Videos are published at 6pm EST every day!\r \r Other TopTenz Videos:\r \r Top 10 Crazy Structures Made With Legos \r \r \r Top 10 Strangest Museums Ever \r \r \r Of course. 20. Attica Correctional Facility, New York. This maximum-security prison in Attica, New York has a long history of strife, having experienced multiple riots since it first opened its doors in 1930. One of the worst incidents came in 1971 when 2220 inmates were driven to take 42 staff members hostage after enduring years of appalling conditions Top 5 Best and Worst Prisons in the US. Published July 30th, 2019. There are about 6,125 prisons and correctional facilities in the US. Of these 102 are federal prisons, 3283 local jails, 1719 state prisons, 942 juvenile correctional facilities, and 79 Indian County Jails. In Los Angeles for example, some prisons offer a pay-to-stay. Top 10 Worst Prisons in the World. 20:26 Miscellaneous, scariest prisons in the world, top 10 deadliest prisons, world deadliest jails, La Sabeneta is located in Venezuela and is considered one of the world's worst prisons. It is one of the most brutal correctional facilities in South America which is why inmates want to leave as soon as.

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2021 Top 10 Of The Worst Prisons In The World. 8. Terre Haute, USA. This prison complex in Indiana consists of maximum-security, medium-security and low-security units. Nicknamed Guantanamo North, Terre Haute is home to the federal government's execution chamber. Death row inmates are housed in a Special Confinement Unit where they live. Of course, nobody wants to go to prison, but there are some prisons that you really, really don't want to be imprisoned as an inmate. Being in jail is only part of the problem, staying alive is the bigger issue. Here are the top 10 most dangerous prisons in the world. 10. San Quentin Prison San Quentin, California - In the 1930's, San Quentin was rife with corruption by management, until a new. Here is a glimpse of the prisons in the world that are home to the worst criminals. Read also. Check out the list of the top 10 richest gangsters of all time. 1. Spike Island, Ireland. Image: twitter.com, @donalhassett1. Source: UGC. It is located on the coast of Ireland. It was used as a jail since the 19th century

American Civil War Prison Camps were operated by both the Union and the Confederacy to handle the 409,000 soldiers captured during the war from 1861 to 1865. The Record and Pension Office in 1901 counted 211,000 Northerners who were captured. In 1861-63 most were immediately paroled; after the parole exchange system broke down in 1863, about 195,000 went to prison camps 10 Worst Prisons in America:Song: m00kdatruth - Thought Provokinm00kdatruth's channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/m00kdatru... 1: ADX (federal supermax:. Built in 1920 and operational from 1956 to 2002, it was once the largest prison in South America. It was venue of one of the worst prison massacres ever, when 102 inmates were shot dead following a riot in 1992. Over the 46 years of its history, 1300 inmates have lost their lives. The prison acquired quite notoriety for human rights violations

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Keep in mind, inmates serving time in the top 10 worst prisons could die anytime, get rape or assaulted. So, when you do a crime, make sure you don't do the time in world's worst prisons. The following are the 10 worst prisons in the worldstarting from America's worst prisons Following is a list of the top 10 most violent prisons in the world. 10. San Quentin Prison. San Quentin Prison was established in 1852 and is the oldest prison in the state of California. Although the prison has a gas chamber, the only executions performed there are by lethal injection La-Sabaneta-Prison-Venezuela Worst Prisons La Sabaneta Prison is truly the worst prison in Venezuela but its inhumane torture activities put it in our top 10 worst prisons in the world's list at 5 th position. The jail is famous for its worst, harsh and most brutal torture style on inmates. The prison has the capacity of keeping not mor One of the most brutal prisons in the US was Angola Prison, Louisiana, which was run like a plantation. In the 1930s, hardened prisoners broke down upon learning of their sentence there. At one point, 10% of Angola prisoners were stabbed The supermax prison in New York was home to one of the worst prison riots in history. In 1971, a full-blown fiasco saw 43 people die, including 10 officers/civilians. Violence inside the prison is so bad that the state installed a tear gas system that covers several of the largest areas of the prison, to be used when things get out of hand

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Scandal: New Orleans Shakedown (2004-2010) Money: $500,000 / worth $600,000 today. He became the public face of a battered city after HurricaneKatrina hit New Orleans in 2005 Although many prisons in Texas have become infamous, a few stand out above the rest: Ellis Unit: Located in Huntsville, Texas, this notorious prison was once the site of the Texas men's death row. However, after a prisoner murdered the warden and the prison farm manager in 1981 and a subsequent mass escape attempt, the death row was moved Top 10 Most Dangerous Worst Prisons in the World. 10. La Sabaneta Prison, Venezuela. It is considered to be the most brutal prison in South Africa. Basic tool of torture of this prison is ignorance of the prisoners, no medical aid is provided, and dearth of food is always there. Insanity is so prevalent here that once cholera wiped out 700 inmates

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The missing incarcerated, who did not figure in BC's calculations for the Dishonorable Mentions and Ten Worst list because BC was unable to sort out their states of origin, race or region, are those in federal prisons and jails. The federal gulag held about 170,000 people as of mid-year 2004, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. 5. Reeves County Detention Complex (Pecos) Youtube/aclutx. Speculated to be the largest private prison in America, this enormous detention center is notorious for lack of adequate medical care for inmates. A prisoner actually died after having a seizure because the staff didn't tend to his condition appropriately Prisoners protested the conditions by going on a hunger strike in 2011 that lasted nearly three weeks involving 6,600 inmates and at least 13 prisons. Louisiana State Penitentiary (LSP), Louisiana. An Ex-slave plantation that is still being used as a working farm. The inmates are forced to work on the farm and sexual slavery is commonplace Louisiana Incarceration rate: 680 per 100,000 people Although its prison population decreased by 2.4% between 2018 and 2019, Louisiana still has the highest incarceration rate of any state

The word gang has taken on many meanings throughout the years. Originally, the word was just used to express a group or band of people. You probably have heard someone talk about the local gang of boys or something of that sort. In older times, the word gang didn't have such the negative tone that comes along with it today. As time has gone on, the word gang has grown to be a word that many. From physical abuse and disease to severe overcrowding and gang violence, the following five terrifying pits of chaos and despair are the worst prisons in the world. The aftermath of a prison riot inside the California Institution for Men prison, August 19, 2009. (Photo by Michal Czerwonka/Getty Images Louisiana was ranked as the most corrupt state of 2019 Yikes! Maybe all the political corruption explains why the Bayou state has the 3rd worst Health Care, 2nd worst Education, 2nd worst economy, 5th highest unemployment rate, 4th highest obesity rate, the most corrupt prison system, and ranks absolutely dead last in terms of opportunity Top 15 Scariest And Most Dangerous Prisons In The World. 7. The real hell can be found in this Venezuelan prison. The media sometimes tries to represent Venezuela as a socialist paradise, but it is painfully clear that it is not. Actually, it is quite the opposite, and that is why nobody would be surprised to find a Venezuelan prison in this list Conditions at one of the worst prisons in the world has seen the jail investigated by the General Attorney's office Credit: Getty Images 23 An inmate rests on a cardboard box in the prison in.

Last but certainly not least is La Vista Correctional Facility, a women's prison that currently houses the likes of Malaika Griffin (a six-year fugitive on the run for murder from 1999 to 2005). In addition to the main prison, La Vista has a distinct Administrative Segregation tower, where inmates are sent for both orientation and solitary. Worst Prisons in The World: Crime is something to be avoided, not majorly because of the penalty of spending time in jail but just for the comfort of doing right. La Sabaneta is now home to 3,700 prisoners who are guarded by a measly 40 prison guards. top 10 most dangerous prisoners in the world, top 50 worst prisons in the world, worst. Sometimes prison just isn't that bad. Whether you're looking for a good place to self-serve or you're just curious about the conditions of luxurious penitentiaries, here are 50 of the best prisons in the world. 1. Halden Prison (Halden, Norway) With comfortable, fully-furnished cells that include televisions and refrigerators, it's nice to be a criminal [ Inside South America's most dangerous prisons. Inmates in Rio de Janeiro in 2008. A prison guard works in Buenos Aires in 2006. A prisoner in Medellin, Colombia, looks out from behind bars in.

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The Evergreen State takes the top spot again in the U.S. News Best States ranking on the strength of its tech sector and other industries. Levi Pulkkinen March 9, 2021 The 10 Best State Diyarbakir, Turkey Turkish prisons certainly have a shady past, to say the least, and Diyarbakir is no exception. From incarcerating children for lifelong sentences to overcrowding to sewage-flooded hallways, the prison redefines fear and hatred. There is no love lost between guards and prisoners, but a 1996 incident hints at a brutal authoritarian rule that leaves no inmate safe La Sabaneta Prison. and you have a prison in desperate need of reform. The worst part: There are countless violent incidents. One of the most frightening was the death of 108 prisoners as a. Median Home Value: $163,100 (15th worst) More On Louisiana: Photos | Rent. Folks in Louisiana are really singing the blues these days. That's because things aren't going so well for many of them. It's a mess down here, to be honest. Louisiana ranks in the bottom ten in 8 of 11 categories measured

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Another Riverside County desert city cracks the top 10. For those in the know, Hemet is a really challenged city to put it lightly. It has a high crime rate, residents earn far less than they should to live comfortably, and 1 in 10 doesn't have a job at all. Moreover, 1 in 10 homes sits vacant, and there's not a lot to do for fun 10 Most Notorious Prisons on Earth 1. Prisons are society's punishment. <br />While the theory of incarceration remains similar the world over, <br />the methods of enforcement can change drastically. <br />The following is a list of the <br />10 most notorious jails on earth; <br />they are the worst of the worst <br />and the lowest of the low. <br />1<br /> 9. Tara, Y&R. Speaking of bad characters breeding, Tara exists. The idea for Tara was actually a good one. Having Kyle conduct an affair with a married woman that resulted in a child during his time offscreen is soapy. Unfortunately, they cast an actress with the charisma of a napkin. Not even a nice linen napkin As with most prisons around the world, Venezuela's most notorious correctional facility suffers from overpopulation. Originally built to house 700 inmates, La Sabaneta is now home to 3,700 prisoners who are guarded by a measly 40 prison guards. The inmates are forced to string up a slew of hammocks overhead in their overcrowded 8x12 feet.

10 Reasons to Love Louisiana. Laissez les bons temps rouler! That's the saying, meaning Let the good times roll, that rules this state. When you visit Louisiana, be prepared for big personalities and unforgettable times. Sure, Mardi Gras, the yearly street carnival ruled by floats and bead-tossing, embodies the spirit of the state LA Times. Nearly 1,000 infected at Chuckawalla Valley State Prison in worst coronavirus outbreak to hit prison system. Read full article. Dariq Whitehead, a top-10 recruit, had to choose between an offer to play professionally in the G League and an offer to play for Jon Scheyer at Duke Fate Winslow is serving life without parole at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. The prison complex, which sits atop a former slave plantation, is roughly the size of Manhattan and has long been known for severe overcrowding, a notorious reputation that has taken on even more significance as COVID-19 sweeps the country.. Winslow, 52, shares a dorm with dozens of other men, making the.

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While Louisiana tops the prison rankings, it consistently vies with Mississippi -- the state with the second-highest incarceration rate -- for the worst schools, the most poverty, the highest. The last two worst prisons in the top 10 have yet to be released. Maximum security Tutwiler holds 400 inmates and includes death row and formerly housed a segregated area for women with HIV

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Here are 10 of what are considered to be the toughest prisons in the world to break out of. 1. ADX Florence, United States. Colorado's penitentiary, ADX Florence, is perhaps the most secure prison. 10 Alcatraz (California): world's most famous prison. Alcatraz Island, sometimes informally referred to as simply Alcatraz or locally as the Rock, is a small island located in the middle of San Francisco Bay in California, United States. It served as a lighthouse, then a military fortification, then a military prison followed by a federal. Premier LA limo service is a blog on top providers of transportation in SoCal, available 24/7 toll-free at (866) 319-LIMO. We provide various articles on Los Angeles limousine offers as well as bachelor parties, wedding services, LAX sedan transportation, Malibu wine tours, Hollywood party bus nights, and more Bang Kwang Prison a.k.a. The Bangkok Hilton, Thailand. No prison in Thailand is humane by international standards, with new inmates being forced to wear shackles morning, noon, and night for their first months in prison. But Bang Kwang Prison is awful for a number of reasons. First, the facility is extremely overcrowded, housing more than double than the 3,500 it was designed for

La Modelo prison in Botogá, Colombia, is notorious for the free reign that its 11,000 odd inmates enjoy. The prisoners completely run the show, with easy access to guns and grenades, while the. La Modelo in Nicaragua is known as the worst of Latin America's prisons, a byword for violence and brutality. Inmates have their own Facebook page to show the reality of life inside from pictures. The Ten Worst Members of the Worst Congress Ever By. subject any adult selling a joint to a teenager to at least ten years in prison, and incarcerate college kids for failing to narc on their. America's 10 Cushiest Prisons. This article is more than 10 years old. It's looking like a lifetime sentence at one of the nation's cushiest prisons for world-class fraudster Bernard Madoff. The. 6. La Sante Prison. Most of the maximum security prisons are located outside of settlements, to provide better security and limit the access. La Sante, however, is placed smack in the middle of Paris


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1. Tommy Pitera. Crime Family: Bonanno. Status: Life in prison. Pitera began his life as a quiet child who was bullied in school, but would turn out to be one of the most ruthless serial killers in history. A life-long Bruce Lee enthusiast, the David A. Boody I.S. 228 grad began practicing martial arts, winning competitions, and studying karate. Louisiana profile Tweet this Louisiana has an incarceration rate of 1,052 per 100,000 people (including prisons, jails, immigration detention, and juvenile justice facilities), meaning that it locks up a higher percentage of its people than many wealthy democracies do. Read on to learn more about who is incarcerated in Louisiana and why

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04 - Los Zetas. Los Zetas. It is a Mexican origin gang and one of the most powerful drug cartels in the world. Killing people is daily routie for Los Zetas members. As of 2012, Los Zetas has control over 11 states in Mexico, making it the drug cartel with the largest territory in the country The only prison in our top 10 located in a major city. Still no e-mail for inmates: The Bureau of Prisons says this facility won't receive such service until next April. A humid climate is also a. Top 10 Worst Rappers of All-time. The Top Ten. 1 Lil Wayne Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. is an American rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. He was discovered by Brian Baby Birdman Williams at a very young age, and was signed to Cash Money Records, where he would be one quarter of the rap group Hot Boys. In the years to follow, he would go on. By the mid-80s Ross was LA's Godfather of Crack. Jumping into the role of drug lord with a passion he used his sharp mind to organize a criminal operation that franchised crack outlets across the nation like McDonald's. Downfall: He was arrested by the Freeway Ricky Ross Task Force and sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. After winning. These are the ten worst corporate accounting scandals: 10- Tyco International scandal (2002) Tyco International was a security systems company headquartered in New Jersey. In 2002, an SEC investigation found that Tyco's CEO Dennis Kozlowski and CFO Mark Swartz had siphoned off $150 million through unapproved loans that were forgiven 7. Louisiana. Black Louisiana residents make up 32.1% of the state's population, more than twice the national proportion and the second highest of all states after only Mississippi. Despite the relatively large black population, Louisiana is one of the worst states for African Americans