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The Lola T330 was a major yet evolutionary improvement over the successful T300 featuring a lower centre of gravity, lower cleaner shape, a more effective wing and an all-new three-quarter monocoque/tube chassis which boasts increased stiffness and strength while weighing less. The T330 started Lola's total domination of F5000 1973 Lola T330. T he Lola T300 was succeeded by the Lola T330. It was a modern and improved Formula 5000 contender with a low center of gravity, modified wing, revised shape, and a monocoque tube chassis. In 1973, it won 11 of 35 races in the three major series. 25 examples were built, using chassis number HU1 to HU26 Lola T330 HU24 history. This page aims to demonstrate the history of this car, using all the available evidence. Some information has been redacted as it would be possible for it to be used to authenticate a rival car Lola T330 specification. Three—quarter monocoque with rear tube sub—frame using engine as a semi—stressed member. Manufactured using L72 and NS4 alloy sheet bonded and rivetted with sub—frame of high quality alloy steel tube argon arc welded. Outer skins of monocoque 16 SWG. Finished in Polished Alloy and Nickel Plate The car was the Lola T330, and Roy Woods Racing had contracted New York native Tony a2z Adamowicz to pilot their new jet black T330 with Carlings Black Label beer sponsorship for the 1973 North American L&M F5000 Series. Adamowicz was no stranger to the open wheeled formula, as he won the North American Championship in 1969 piloting a.

Carling Lola T-330. I did all my early helmet paint jobs myself and they always got photographers busy. The one for Carling was painted black and red to match the Lola, with my wraparound American flag on both sides. Tony at Riverside Raceway Never be beaten by your equipment - Kas Kastner The Penske Lola T330 AMC There were a number of reasons why we went into the Formula A series in 1973, explained Mark Donohue in his autobiography The Unfair Advantage . American Motors was interested in getting into a series where they were more competitive than the Matador was in NASCAR

Lola Cars International Ltd. was a British race car engineering company in operation from 1958 to 2012. The company was founded by Eric Broadley in Bromley, England (then in Kent, now part of Greater London), before moving to new premises in Slough, Buckinghamshire and finally Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, and endured for more than fifty years to become one of the oldest and largest. The Front Bodywork of the Lola T330. Then came the 330. Against strong opposition, particularly from the likes of Graham McRae and Chevron, this is the car that changed F5000, with 25 built during 1973 and '74. The 330 was a far better car. Just as he had with the Surtees Gardner looked for a lower and longer tub, to give the car a lower. 1977 Lola T333 T he Canadian-American Challenge Cup, or Can-Am, began in 1966 and continued to 1987 (however, it did not run in 1975 or 1976). Initially sponsored by Johnson Wax, the SCCA/CASC sports car racing series began as a racing series for group 7 sports racers. Two races were held in Canada (Can) and four races were in the United States of America (AM) 1973 Lola T330 F5000, The large history file for this car traces it back to originally being driven by Tony Settember in the 1974 season. More recent history shows it sold by Joseph Hernandez to Rick Mclean in 1984 then to George Conway through several other hands then notably to Andrew Simpson in 2001 who competed it widely in the US. Rebuilt in 2010 to its current spec including a new Shaver.

The Formula 5000 Carling Lola T330 was considered last on the totem pole. No offense to Poles everywhere. Although Kas and I went back many years to the Triumph days and group 44, he saw the Indy and Can Am series as more important Lola fetishests will know the F5000 T330/332 donated some of its DNA to its F1 brother while the look of the car is very much like the '75 F5000 T400 - with the long-lived T332 the pick of the bunch. (Lola Heritage) Checkout the details of the car in the Lola Heritage site. Lola T332 at Mallory Park, October 2009. The Lola T332 was a race car designed and built by Lola Cars for use in Formula 5000 racing and made its racing debut in 1973. The T332 was successful around the globe with race victories in places such as Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the United States The A51's were fast, but the 'game changing' Lola T330 (and it's 1974 T332 successor) was the greatest F5000 car ever. Full stop. Coupled with the speed of the Lola's and the individual genius of Jody Scheckter in Ron Tauranac's Trojan T101, Team Matich ran into engine problems, the Repco Holden engined cars oil systems not. Lola T-330/332. The Registry. The Lola T330 was the start of Lola's total domination of F5000. 1973 was the formula's most competitive season, with the Chevron B24, McRae GM1 and Trojan T101 winning races and leading championships

1973 Lola T330 F5000 - Restored! For Sale. This advert viewed 1401 times. £119,300 As stated. 1973. Message the seller. £ 119,300 As stated. Message the seller. Price The classic Lola T332, developed from the T330, was F5000's most successful design and among the most successful racing cars of the last fifty years. It dominated the last three seasons of Formula 5000, winning the US series three times and the British and US series once each Lola T330. Purchased by Peter Brennan, the Lola T330 HV 18 came to BRD for a new tub and various fabrication services. Tiga SC83. Derek McDougall's lovely TIGA SC83 Sports 2000 racer came to BRD following a heavy impact with a tyre wall. What started out as a repair quickly evolved into a full restoration as the damaged parts were stripped. It's the 1973 Lola T330 of Brad Hoyt and competed in the 1972 to 1977 Formula 5000 class of the race. Formula 5000 was introduced in 1968 for cars with a maximum capacity of 5,000cc, and the Chevrolet small-block V8 engine quickly became the favoured power unit. The photograph was taken at Britten's chicane

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  1. 7 16 4 Max Stewart Lola T330 5.0 Chevrolet V8 9 1 17.340 4 0 40 8 94 3 Eppie Wietzes Lola T330 5.0 Chevrolet V8 8 1 17.216 15 0 40 9 51 2 Gus Hutchison March 73A 5.0 Chevrolet V8 10 1 17.371 11 0 40 10 77 1 Bob Muir Lola T330 5.0 Chevrolet V8 18 1 18.853 24 0 39 Runnin
  2. 4 16 10 Max Stewart Lola T330 5.0 Chevrolet V8 6 1:37.266 3 0 25 5 3 8 Frank Matich Matich A51 5.0 Holden V8 10 1:39.273 22 0 25 6 73 6 Tony Adamowicz Lola T330 5.0 Chevrolet V8 17 1:41.187 12 0 25 7 94 4 Eppie Wietzes Lola T330 5.0 Chevrolet V8 7 1:38.288 10 0 24 Runnin
  3. ation of F5000 through the T300-T330-T332 family. A large number of T300s were wrecked in accidents: the prototype T242/T300, Graeme Lawrence's HU3, Neil Allen's HU4, Terry Sanger's HU9, Reg Cook's HU16 and, maybe, Eddie.

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Lola T330 Chevrolet V8 #9, other F5000 race cars parked in pits, prerace, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course / race car driver MARK DONOHUE looking pensive, almost nervous while standing in pits; crew pushing Lola T330 AMC V8 #6 / white 1973 Ford Mustang convertible pace car parked near crowd, starting line / young man and woman walking near racetrack / Brian Redman racing Lola T330 Chevy V8 #65. Formula 5000 was originally established in the late 60s as a low(ish) cost form of open wheel racing with the '5000' denomination coming from the maximum 5.0.. This is the Lola T330 Formula 5000 car that dominated the 1793 season Find professional Lola T330 Chevy V8 videos and stock footage available for license in film, television, advertising and corporate uses. Getty Images offers exclusive rights-ready and premium royalty-free analog, HD, and 4K video of the highest quality

Lola T-330 Project. Not mine, but I wish I had the nuts to buy it . There was a Lola T332 at this years BRIC that sustained similar tub damage on a hit that did not look very big. The front of these cars fold up easily with pedals attached to the bulkhead they are real leg breakers, thus the famous Lola Limp WON THE F5000 SERIES IN ENGLAND BY ALLAN JONES.' Not quite - Jones won one race in it, but not the series. Old Racing Cars has a fuller history of the car on their Lola T330 page - scroll down to HU2

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Tony Trimmer - Lola T330 F5000. Photo: Pete Austin My favorite racing days were with John Jordan. John Jordan was a great man, he was a true enthusiast who loved the sport. He was a man of speed, racing on land and water, and he loved flying too. For me, they were the most enjoyable times competing in the National British.. Lola T330 HU24 F5000 ex Jody Scheckter Just had a complete restoration and has Zero miles on it. All the following parts are new, Bahner Tub, all suspension components, Koni Shocks, rod ends(NNB), bodywork, windscreen, wings, Chev Engine, Williams seat belts, Smiths gauges, wheels, exhaust system (sand bent), brake lines, clutch lines, oil lines, m/cylinders, steering rack, fuel cells, fuel.

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Sep 2, 2014 - The 1973 Lola T330 built on the success of the T300 and was the car to beat in 1973. As a result of this 1973 season, none of Lola's competitors were able to sell more than a handful of cars for 1974 The L&M Formula 5000 Championship; Mid-Ohio, June 3, 1973. Mark Donohue in Roger Penske's Lola T330 with AMC Javelin power, finished third behind the Lolas of Jody Scheckter and Brian Redman 26-May-86 Tony Trimmer Lola T330 Chevrolet 11-Oct-86 Roger Orgee Lyncar 79B BDX 31-Aug-87 Roger Orgee March 85/86B Cosworth DFV 17-Oct-87 Tony Trimmer Lola T332 Chevrolet 29-Aug-88 Tony Trimmer Lola T330 Chevrolet 15-Oct-88 Tony Trimmer Lola T330 Chevrolet 29-May-89 Eddie McLurg March 822 BMW 16-Sep-89 Rob Cox Lola LC8

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The Lola T140 was a very competitive car in the 1968 F/A championship winning many races against the Gurney Eagle cars. Car raced during 1972-1973 in several hill climb races in the Pennsylvania area setting many records A Lola t330 would be very welcome, it is a f5000 with lots of liveries. Anyway, first I would like to see the Lola Hill t372, the Ferrari 312b3 (1974) and the Penske f1(the 1975 first races car). André Acker. I strongly second that would love a lola t330 and a lola hill t372, hint hin lola t330 in a sentence - Use lola t330 in a sentence and its meaning 1. Originally built by Lola Cars as a Lola T330, it featured a 5-litre Chevrolet V8 engine, and was used by Horst Kroll Racing between 1984 and 1987. 2. Donohue is probably best known as the driver of the 1500 + Lola T330, Lotus 20, McLaren M16, Porsche 911, Porsche 917 / 10, Porsche 917 / 30, Shelby Cobra, and Shelby. TheInfoList.com - (Lola T330) Lola Cars International Ltd. was a British race car engineering company in operation from 1958 to 2012. The company was founded by Eric Broadley in Huntingdon, England, and endured for more than fifty years to become one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of racing cars in the world.Lola Cars started by building small front-engined sports cars, and branched.

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Tags: Lola T330 Lola T330 more » Lola Cars Lola F5000 Formula 5000 F5000 Chevrolet Chevy V8 Chevrolet V8 Chevy V8 Derek Bell Trophy Single Seater Oulton Park Gold Cup Oulton Park Gold Cup Historic Historic Motorsport Historic Racing Classic Classic Car Racing Race Racing Car Race Car Race Track Circuit Car Cars Motorspor 3 0 12 Jody Scheckter Lola T330 5.0 Chevrolet V8 2 0:54.832 10 0 45 4 73 10 Tony Adamowicz Lola T330 5.0 Chevrolet V8 6 0:55.516 2 0 45 5 94 8 Eppie Wietzes Lola T330 5.0 Chevrolet V8 9 0:56.062 9 0 45 6 6 6 Mark Donohue Lola T330 5.0AMCV8 8 0:55.818 4 0 4

After the successes of the Lola T332 model which was driven to to two Formula 5000 Championshp victories in the United States by Brian Redman, in the UK by Bob Evans, in Australia with Max Stewart in a year old T330 and loosing only the Tasman Series to Peter Gethin's Chevron B24 and the New Zealand Series to David Oxton in the Begg FM5 in 1974, Lola looked to be the manufacturer to go with. The Lola T330 was the first purpose built Formula 5000 machine made by the Huntingdon marque, making vast improvements from its predecessor the T300. One of the best sounds you'll ever hear Find link is a tool written by Edward Betts.. searching for Lola T332 10 found (80 total) alternate case: lola T332 1977 Australian Grand Prix (267 words. Lola's T330 Lola's F5000 domination started with the '72 model T300, the process completed by the '73 T330, and 332, 332C, single seat Can Am T333 variants of the car built over a decade.It is one of the most successful competition cars ever in terms of race wins and longevity, if not THE most successful 16th John Gunn March 73A [1] - Chevrolet V8. 17th Warren Flickinger Lola T300 [HU14] - Chevrolet V8. 19th Tony Settember McLaren M10/18 - Chevrolet V8. 20th Brett Lunger Lola T330 [HU12] - Chevrolet V8. 21st Tony Dean Chevron B24 [24-73-01] - Chevrolet V8. 22nd Skip Barber March 73A [2] - Chevrolet V8

Peter Brennan (Lola T330) 13:23.9508 7. Bill Hemming (Elfin MR 8) 13:25.5566 8. David Banks (Talon MR1) 13:25.9966 9. Russell Greer (Lola T332) 13:28.2046 10. Alfredo Costanzo (McLaren M10B) 13:29. The Lola T330 was a prominent make of Formula 5000 at the height of the category's popularity during the 1970's. This one was captured at the Phillip Island historics. • Millions of unique designs by independent artists. Find your thing McCormack's Elfin MR5 leads Max Stewart's Lola T330 and Frank Matich's Matich-Repco A50. McCormack drove with great verve but was unable to hold McRae and was 30 seconds off the pace at the finish but in a well earned second. Stewart came through to third, while Matich managed to stay as high as fourth, backed up by Walker in fifth, then Sam.

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  1. Lola T330 Racing car. Black and white amateur photograph. Very good condition
  2. Lola: T330 Chevrolet V8 5.0 G: 53 Clive Santo: Shellsport Luxembourg Lola: T330 Chevrolet V8 5.0 F: 54 Guy Edwards: Barclays International Racing Lola: T330 Chevrolet V8 5.0 55 Jock Russell: Privateer: McRae: GM1 Chevrolet V8 5.0 56 Ian Ashley: Henley Forklift Lola: T330 Chevrolet V8 5.0 58 Tony Dean: Anglo American Racers: Chevron B24.
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  4. Formula 5000 Heritage. Formula 5000 (or F5000) was an auto-racing series that ran in the various countries around the world from 1968 to 1982. It was originally intended as a low-cost series aimed at open-wheel racing cars that no longer fit into any particular formula
  5. ated the crowd-pleasing F5000 single-seater category in Europe, the US, South Africa and the Antipodes. Lolas were also pro
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  7. John Jordan's Lola , much campaigned in the 1980s by Tony Trimmer was initially chassis T330-HU6, a 1973 chassis raced by Trevor Twaites and Breden McInnerney in European F5000 and after Jordan aquired it a year later, by Tom Belso in the Shellsport 5000/Group 8 series

1973 LOLA T330 F5000. Tuesday, November 17, 2015. 1973 LOLA F5000 driven by Brian Redman in the states Tons of spares including fresh motor. Own a great piece of history Brian's name still on the car. Claim Lola T330/T332 A major evolution of the successful Lola T300, this is the car that flooded the F5000 market during the category's most fruitful seasons. Jody Scheckter swapped from Trojan to Lola en route to winning the US title in 1973 - and in '74 the subtly upgraded (but visually similar) T332 swept up in Europe and the States, while. Lola T330 Tom Belso Mallory Park Shelsport Gp8 1977 action photo. £4.99 Add to Cart. Lola T330 Tony Adamowitz F5000 Mid Ohio 1973 10x7 action photo. £4.99 Add to Cart. Lola T330(J Gunn)Frisbee(J Morton)Cicale Ralts(Guilder,Evans) Photo Las Vegas Can Am 1981. £4.99 Add to Cart. Formula 500 Race Car - Lola T330. The Shell liveried Epstein 1973 Lola T330 F5000 auto racer car that raced internationally at the hands of Leila Lombardi. 1969 Lola T70 Mark 3b Coupe Race Car. Birds eye view. Lola F5000 racing car at speed. Festival of Motorsport: 1976 Lola T430 F5000 race car competing in a Historics Revival Series.

#4 Tony Settember, Lola T330 Chev #94 Eppie Wietzes, Lola T332 Chev #17 Dan Furey, Lola T192 Chev #72 James Hawes, Lola T330 Chev #98 Larry Harley, Lola T330 Chev #36 Jon Woodner, Talon MR1 Chev. Dominion to Independence Day Sprints, featuring the Player's Ontario Formula Atlantic Championship. Mosport Nov 18, 2017 - Horst Kroll - Frissbee KR3 [T330-HU2] Chevrolet (Lola T330) - Horst Kroll Racing - Budweiser Speed Week - Can-Am Mosport II - 1985 SCCA Can-Am.

23rd September 1973 - Jyllandsringen 1 Ian Ashley Lola T330-Chevrolet 1h09m12.1 2 Teddy Pilette Chevron-Chevrolet 1h09m40.1 3 Gijs van Lennep Lola-Chevrolet 83 laps 4 Tom Belsø Lola T330 83 laps 5 Keith Holland Trojan 83 laps 6 Jac Nelleman McLaren M10 82 laps 7 Brett Lunger Trojan 82 laps 8 Clive Santo Lola T330 79 laps 9 Guy Edwards Lola T330 71 laps 10 Chris Featherstone Lola T190/2 70 lap Description. , Lola T332 HU33 current COD correct Z28 5lt engine DG300 gearbox raced 74 to 77 SCCA F5000 series then converted to CAM AM spec and raced till 86. From 86 till 2009 restored back to F5000 specs and raced twice sold in 2009 and imported to Australia. Total views: 2760 Jun 9, 2015. #1. Gijs van Elderen submitted a new resource: LOLA T280 by PIXSIM - LOLA T280 by PIXSIM. V1.4 is the latest version. - Some graphical bugs are fixed by the community. - Physics are original. The car is a blast and very authentic. rFactor 2: PIXSIM vs ISI - YouTube

Category:Lola T330. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Media in category Lola T330 The following 3 files are in this category, out of 3 total. 1974 Lola-Chevrolet T330-2 (19808804194).jpg. Hogan Racing at 1974 Monza Formula 5000 race.jpg 781 × 797; 329 KB 2009 Neil Glover (Lola T330/332) 2010 Neil Glover (Lola T330/332) 2011 Michael Lyons (Lola T400) 2012 Frank Lyons (Gurney Eagle FA74) 2013 Neil Glover (Lola T330/332) 2014 Jon Finch (Chevron B34) 2015 Richard Evans (March 79B) 2016 Martyn Donn (Lola T760) 2017 Mike Bletsoe-Brown (Chevron B27) 2018 Michael Lyons (Lola T400 Horst Kroll / CDN Lola T330 / T332 34 10 4 + +8 7 +5 ns 17. David Kennedy / IRL Frissbee 30 30 + 18. Mike Freberg / CDN Lola T332 / T330 24 8 + + 9 +3 +4 19. Paul Macey / CDN Lola T294 Ford 20 + 20 20. John Gunn / USA Lola T333 Chevrolet 17 8 8 1 21..

05-abr-2016 - Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1973 #208 SHELL SPORT LUXEMBOURG LOLA T330 INTERNATIONAL TROPHY F5000 STICKER F1 at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products Description: Here is the corret Jody Scheckter chassis, the Lola T330 F5000. No finer restoration, huge list of quality components, redone box and engine, just a spectacular front runner! I have a list, too much to place here, of the build and authentication. HUGE RESTORATION INVESTMENT. This has the proper documentation as the original car Galles Racing Frissbee GR2 (Lola) - Chevrolet.....Al Unser, Jr. Ramsey Solution Lola T530 #HU4 - Chevrolet.....Rex Ramsey: 2L-Storrie Racing Lola T294 #HU75 Jacques Villeneuve, Sr. 2L-Midland CB Ralt RT1 - Hart L4.....John Graham : Newman/Budweiser March 827 #817-2 - Chevrolet.....Danny Sulliva Lola Suspension Parts; Lola T330 Body Parts; Lola T332 Body Parts; McLaren; McRae Parts; Misc; Misc; Other; Second Hand Parts; Stealth Body Panels; Stealth Suspension; Uncategorized; Van Diemen Body Panels; Van Diemen Suspensio

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1973 Lola T330 8' 6.000 1993 Lola Ford T93/06 Ind - 9'3.4 1993 Penske PC22 Chev. Ind - 9'3. Lola T330 / 332 Race Car Exiting Old Hall Corner at Oulton Park Motor Racing Circuit Cheshire England United Kingdom UK A group of Classic Racing cars from different eras and groups, parade around the Silverstone Circuit, for the 2017 Silverstone Classic Media Day. Lola T70 Mk3b Race Car at. #1741 - Lola T330 #1742 - Mercury Capri #1743 - Porsche 510K #1744 - Shadow Can-Am #1745 - Aurora F-1 #1783 - Lotus F-

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Lola T330 Tom Belso Mallory Park Shelsport Gp8 1977 action photo. £4.99 Add to Cart. Lola T330 Tony Adamowitz F5000 Mid Ohio 1973 10x7 action photo. £4.99 Add to Cart. Lola T332. Brian Redman. Photo Long Beach GP F5000 1975. £4.99 Add to Cart. Photo about 1980 s Formula 5000 Lola T332 racing car on the race track at the Hampton Downs Festival of Motor Sport. Image of racing, sport, formula - 1297846 Lola T330 Racing car. Black and white amateur photograph. Very good condition

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BARCLAY INTERNATIONAL GUY EDWARDS FORMULA 5000 LOLA T330 1973 ORIGINAL STICKER. PLEASE SEE PICTURES FOR CONDITION. IT HAS JUST BEEN STORED. These are my husbands collection of stickers he collected as a boy in the 70s and 80s. I will be listing lots of different ones. Thanks for looking 1 Emilio Villota Lyncar-Cosworth 50 laps 2 Keith Holland Lola-Chevrolet T332 50 laps 3 Tony Trimmer Surtees-Cosworth TS19 50 laps 4 Tom Belso Lola-Chevrolet T330 49 laps 5 Val Musetti March-Cosworth 752 48 laps 6 Alo Lawler Lola-BDA T460 48 laps 7 Norman Dickson March-BMW 772 48 laps 8 Andy Barton Chevron-BDA B35 47 laps 9 Iain MacLaren Chevron-BDA B35 46 laps NC Nick May Sana-BDG RD9 43 laps.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for ORIGINAL 1975 MOTOR RACING PHOTOGRAPH. IAN ASHLEY - LOLA T330 - FORMULA 5000 at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products The Lola T70 was a sports car manufactured from 1965 until 1969. The car was built for sports car racing and was developed by Lola Cars. 1 History 2 Technical Details 3 Death of the T70 4 Replicas 5 Gallery It became successful when the driver Walt Hansgen (Mecom Racing Team) won the Monterey Grand Prix at Laguna Seca (October 17, 1965). John Surtees was the champion and Dan Gurney drove the.

Formula 5000. 1974 Lola T332. Formula 5000 (or F5000) was an open wheel, single seater auto-racing formula that ran in different series in various regions around the world from 1968 to 1982. It was originally intended as a low-cost series aimed at open-wheel racing cars that no longer fit into any particular formula The Lola T800 was a single-seater racing car built in 1984 for the CART series. The single-seater was powered by a Cosworth turbo engine and driven by Mario Andretti and Danny Sullivan. From the first victory of Andretti in Meadowlands, he and Sullivan won eight times in a row with Andretti winning five raced and Sullivan winning the other three. At the most important race of the year, the 500. All the texts present on the StatsF1 site are the exclusive property their authors. Any use on another Web site or any other support of diffusion is prohibited except authorization of or the author(s) concerned

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Find lola frame from a vast selection of Collectables. Get great deals on eBay This page was last edited on 25 May 2012, at 18:25. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License; all unstructured text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply Find link is a tool written by Edward Betts.. searching for Lola Cars 15 found (389 total) alternate case: lola Cars Eric Broadley (1,970 words) exact match in snippet view article find links to article was a British entrepreneur, engineer, and founder and chief designer of Lola Cars, the motor racing manufacturer and engineering company.He was arguabl

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F5000 (Formula 5000) was a single seater catregory that evolved in the USA in 1968. The UK adopted the category in 1968 and it ran until 1977/78. The cars used big, powerful V8 engines, mostly Chevrolet, which produced some spectacular cars driven by some very good professional drivers. Here is a selection of photos were taken at several UK races during this period

Formula 5000 Photo Gallery: Phillip Island Classic 2010Lola « Formula 5000 « OldRacingCarsLola T400 car-by-car histories | OldRacingCarsSingle-Seat Can-Am Champions « OldRacingCarsWinning Donohue-Penske Lola - Daytona 69 | Mark Donohue